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Biden will get the nomination unless they figure out that he is demented

Posted by John T. Reed on

I explained here recently with delegate numbers why it is over for Bernie, absent some major game-changing event.
Let me say it in words.
Bernie can’t win because support for a crazy communist is only about a third or less of Democrats. Biden now gets all the non-Bernie Democrat vote. He also gets all the super delegates (771) if Bernie cannot win on the first ballot.
End of discussion. Why are media still talking is if it were still undecided? They want ratings. The only suspense is whether Biden wins on the first ballot or the second if no one wins a majority on the first.
Bernie, oddly, in 2016 and 2020, seems to not go for the jugular when he has a chance. He did not go after Hillary as hard as he could in 2016 and he is doing it again no with Biden.

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