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Another secret documents special counsel. Has the double standard ended?

Posted by John Reed on

Oh, AG Merrick Garland has appointed a special counsel to investigate Biden’s classified documents. Like the other special counsel he appointed to investigate Trump’s classified documents.
Gee, are we ending the double standard?
That would be nice. More likely, this is a one-off because the two situation are inconveniently similar.
One key difference. Trump was Commander in Chief. Arguably and logically, the CIC has the highest security clearance of anyone on earth. He can declare any and every classified document unclassified and has no obligation to tell anyone he did that.
The Biden documents are from when he was VICE president. The VP canNOT declassify documents. Obama would have had to declassify them then.
Will anything come of either special counsel? No. Classified documents not being handled obsessively is common. Also, most probably should have been declassified. There was probably no harm done. Trump and Biden and about 98% of all handlers of classified documents ought to be more careful, but this is more Simon says that Benedict Arnold.

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