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A bunch of lawyer parents suing each other over Little League cheating.

Posted by John Reed on

Today’s WSJ has a front-page story about Little League cheating. My book Youth Baseball Coaching that explains how Little League coaches cheat—mainly by recruiting the fathers of first-round draft picks as assistant coaches thereby removing those players from the draft in leagues where that is allowed. Furthermore, I believe my book is the ONLY one that discusses cheating
The WSJ article makes it sound like maybe there was no cheating.
Bull! 1. The Little League rules are designed to insure parity of all regular season teams and parity among league post-season all-star teams. This is to be accomplished by drafts for each team within the league’ players.
2. The post season all-star team must be drawn from the league. The cheating managers do what I said above. The cheating leagues have too many players in their league.
My local Little League was in the World Series finals too many times. So was Tom’s River. We did it (not me) by allowing our league to get really big and ignoring orders from the LL baseball to split our league into two leagues and therefore two different all-star teams.
The jerk in charge was finally forced out and went to Pony where he promptly went to the Pony League world Series repeatedly. One year when I coached 13-year olds in youth football, two of my players arrived late because of the Pony Series.
So there is not a snowball’s chance in La Jolla that the Northwest Washington, DC Little Grays team is not cheating their asses off. The investigators DID find that two of the Grays’ players lived outside their league boundaries. They win every game by 15 runs or more or mercy rule—in a worldwide league where the rules insist on parity both within and among leagues.
Can the same team go to the World Series two years in a row? Yes, because it has a former MLB all-star coach and his son on both teams (Burroughs). Three years in a row? That is probably cheating. San Ramon Valley or Tom’s River going year after year? Obvious cheating.

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