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The ‘Unelected President Michael Medlock’ on deporting illegals

Posted by John Reed on

Have you noticed this phraseology in the media question about what to do about the 11 million illegals who are currently here. “So what’re you gonna do, candidate? Round ’em all up?”

And there are a number of other phrases alluding to kicking in doors in the middle of the night, “separating families,” and so on.

It should be obvious that the questioners who talk like this believe it is impossible to deport 11 million illegals, or want to believe it. These phrases are intended to depict inhuman, Nazi-like tactics and concentration camps and the like.

In a courtroom, I would object that the question was “argumentative.”

My Unelected President “Medlock” would say something like, 

The Unelected President novel

“First, I have no choice as to what to do. The law says they must be deported, period. It is a law-enforcement matter. That’s below my pay grade. We round up cattle, not humans, except in certain crowd situations. If you really want to know the details of how it’s done, I’ll tell the border patrol to let you ride along in a variety of deportations.

“But I don’t think you really want to know. I think are are not a journalist, but a political hack activist advancing a Democrat agenda.

“As far as what time of day a particular person will be apprehended and where, the answer is wherever and whenever is most cost-effective. I believe law enforcement only does the middle-of-the-night arresting in a home when it is the only time they can catch the suspect in question. They prefer to avoid making arrests when innocent people are around, but ultimately they will do it by whatever legal means necessary. Law enforcement is often unpleasant to watch, usually because the suspect is resisting arrest, which is itself illegal.

“As far as families are concerned, the illegals will be deported. If they have family members who are U.S. citizens, like anchor babies, the disposition of the minor U.S. citizens is none of my business. If they remain, local U.S. laws require they have a suitable legal guardian and financial support. If they do, and they want to stay, and their parents want them to stay, fine—and also none of my business like I said.

“Similarly, if the parents want to take minor children U.S. citizens with them when they are deported, they are the boss. Ask Elian Gonzalez.…/Eli%C3%A1n_Gonz%C3%A1lez_custody…

“What is NOT going to happen is some illegal refusing to leave because he or she caused one or more anchor babies to be born in the USA. Illegals will be deported as required by law because of the law. Whether the minor citizens leave with the illegal parents is up to the parents and local government with regard to guardian and support of the child or children.

“As far as defraying the cost of the deportation, I would expect the US marshals would seize and sell property of the illegals in question to defray the cost or their own deportation and the preceding investigation.

“As far as due process is concerned, deportation first and then the illegals can get whatever due process they are entitled to at the US embassy in the country where they ARE legal citizens.

“As far as pursuing illegals at the border, at their job, at their kids’ school, and so on, it goes without saying our law enforcement officials would do all of the above. Whatever worked, was legal, and most cost-effective. I would also ask Congress for a bounty program whereby those providing information leading to a deportation would receive a reward paid for by the sales of the seized assets of the illegal in question. I have no idea whether Congress would approve that or if there is already a law that would allow the bounties.”

“As far as you Democrat political hacks claiming it is impossible to deport 11 million illegals is concerned, I read somewhere that a couple of previous presidents deported that many and it was no big deal when they did. You guys are trying to depict it as a big deal because you see the illegals as undocumented Democrats. Unlike you, I don’t work for the Democrat Party.”

“You have a nice freaking day, y’hear.”

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