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I Robot, I Rubio

Posted by John Reed on

Rubio really bothers me. He is a fast-talker, as in fast-talking salesman who gives you a verbal bum’s rush because he’s scared that if he leaves you even a single second to think for yourself you’ll realize that he is nothing but a B.S. artist who never accomplished any non-politician thing in his brief life.

The Wall Street Journal said he speaks with unrelenting tenseness about everything. That’s fundamentally dishonest. Obama’s every word is never-let-’em-see-you-sweat cool. That’s dishonest in that authentic human beings sometimes sweat. Sometimes we are happy; sometimes, angry; sometimes afraid, etc. Not Obama. He’s cool 24/7 since birth, if you’re dumb enough to believe it.

Same with Rubio. He would have us believe he’s not human—never uncertain, never unsure, never happy, never relaxed. He endlessly talks like a local news anchor breathlessly trying to hype every single story on a slow news day. I think if you asked Rubio which direction the sun rises you would get an answer along these lines: ItrisesintheeastandI’lltellyouwhyMysaviorJesusChristcreatedthesun...

Every word, every subject, every hour, every day is spoken in the exact same, most tense, conspiratorial, stage whisper, EMT-treating-a-heart-attack-victim, double-parked, bladder-about-to-burst voice. Jesus H. Christ, Marco! Lay off the caffeine!

This guy is not flesh and blood. He is ambition and ambition. He has never shown the slightest interest in any job remotely resembling that of president of the United States. He never sought to command anyone. Now he claims he wants to be commander in chief. He never had an economic thought in his life but now he claims he wants to run the US economy and is the best qualified to do it. Other than Congressional junkets, he has never shown the slightest interest in foreign policy, yet now he claims he wants to run U.S. foreign policy and is better than anyone else to do it.

I don’t believe he has the slightest interest in doing the job of president. I think he is only eager to have the TITLE, the résumé entry, like Obama. All he wants is to become the world’s biggest big shot. He figures he’ll get “people” to actually do the job and play it by ear. He’ll just bask in the adulation, like Obama.

Is Cruz any better? Slightly. He opposes ethanol mandates. Rubio sucks up to the ethanol welfare queens and takes bribes disguised as campaign contributions from Florida sugar growers. He would have integrity if he thought it might help him get votes, but he does not think that so he does not have any integrity. Cruz would have us believe he has human emotions, unlike Rubio. But I think he is acting, not being himself. 100% ambition, only interested in the HONOR of president, not the JOB of it.

Trump is all ego, as is his desire to be president. He at least knows how to get things done, but the problem with such people is they may not direct that ability to getting the RIGHT things done. Hitler got things done. Most were things Germany would rather he did not do in retrospect. FDR got things done. I wish he had not gotten most of them done.

Will Trump get good things done? We have no idea in hell. He has been on all sides of every issue at various times. He is an unprincipled opportunist and egoist. He cannot be trusted.

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