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The various Hillary legal scenarios

Posted by John Reed on

A couple of thoughts on Hillary the felon.

It is possible she could become toxic due to an indictment or leaks before the convention, and that the Democrats might change the rules to let them nominate some non-Bernie Sanders bright young star who has not been damaged by a tough primary fight and that person could win over the damaged-by-the primaries Republican nominee in November.

It appears that Obama will prevent Attorney General Lynch and FBI Director Comey from doing their jobs and will give Hillary a pass. But she’d better win if they do, hadn’t she?

Because on January 20, 2017, if she does NOT win, Obama and Lynch will be out of a job and no longer able to protect her from justice. FBI director Comey’s term does not end until 2023, but my fictional Unelected President “Mike Medlock” would fire him for cause if he failed to do the right thing with regard to Hillary.… A real life Republican president could do the same if he wanted.

The Unelected President novel

If there is a new Republican president on January 20, 2017, and a new Attorney General shortly thereafter, Hillary’s indictment will likely only have been postponed, not avoided.

A number of lawyers and former judges have pronounced Hillary’s legal situation “grave.” Furthermore, she has been advised by them publicly, and no doubt by others privately, to seek top-notch criminal defense counsel. It appears she has NOT done that.

If she had, that defense lawyer would have told her to shut up, which is not a viable plan for a presidential candidate. Indeed, she keeps making false or misleading statements about the emails and security issues. She apparently believes that like her husband, she can talk her way out of anything, and that she is Teflon like him because her last name is Clinton.

Nixon’s Attorney General went to prison. About all it would take for Obama’s Secretary of State to do the same would be a nod from Obama or a devastating leak from an unhappy, idealistic FBI agent. Even if she won the presidency, she would still have to hold the current, vast, left-wing conspiracy of Omerta together until the statutes of limitations ran out.

This is fact-stranger-than-fiction, you-can’t-make-this-stuff-up, dramatic dynamite, like a building full of leaked natural gas and air waiting for a spark.

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