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Immigration policy

Posted by John Reed on

Regarding a wall on the Mexican border

All Republican candidates are in favor of a wall.

During my active-duty Army days, one of the best practices or required practices on perimeter defense was that although inanimate devices like berms, Claymore mines, contact mines, trip wire mines, and concertina wire, were useful and good to have, the core of all perimeter defense was human, armed guards observing every inch of the perimeter 24 hours a day. The inanimate things were only to be used as supplements to the human sentinels.

All this talk of a wall is just putting our nation of draft dodgers’ ignorance of military practices on display.

My Unelected President does not deal with this issue in my forthcoming novel because it is set in 2013 which is a little before this became so prominent. But he would probably bring the troops home from our overseas Army bases and put them on the border.

The use of obstacles like wall and barbed wire and so forth would be left to the local commander because of terrain differences and so on.

I would arm them with a whole lot of non-lethal weapons normally used by police or cruise ships. But they would be required to stop the invasion of illegals by whatever means necessary, not accomplish any public-relations goals. No illegals would be taken into custody, rather they would be driven back into Mexico on the spot at the time they crossed.

Impossible to deport 12 million?

I’m real tired of the “it’s impossible to deport 12 million illegal aliens” routine. Hoover deported 121,000 in 4 years; Truman, 3.4 million in eight years; and Eisenhower, 2.1 million in eight years.

In World War II, we shipped about 12 million military personnel, plus a whole hell of a lot of equipment and supplies much farther than into Mexico. They went to Europe and the Pacific in World War II.

Just do it. it’s the law of the land. There is no legal option but to do it or change the law.

Some say the courts won’t allow it. It’s the law. Some say court delays will make it impossible. So make the illegals go back home and get their due process from there.

It is absurd to let people stay illegally on the grounds that they are entitled to due process. Can a car thief keep driving your car until he has exhausted all appeals? Can a trespasser stay in your house until after his trial and the Supreme Court’s refusal to grant cert?

If the courts allow a person to stay here while waiting for due process, they have turned the due process clause of the Constitution into a nullification of the immigration laws. Call it a due process residence permit which is automatically granted to all immigration law breakers as a reward for breaking the law. It has been said “The law is a ass.” Just so if we let illegal immigrants stay here while awaiting due process. 

It might take legislation, but put a bounty on the illegals. And seize their assets to pay for the cost of deportation. They would get the excess proceeds of the sale of their assets after the costs of the bounty and investigating and processing their crime were deducted. And don’t put them on any planes. Just take them back to where they entered: the Mexican border. “Get off the bus and walk across that pavement change—now!”

No families will be separated by the U.S. government. All illegals will be allowed to take all U.S. citizen minors with them. Indeed, no U.S. citizen minor can stay unless he has a legal foster parent or other legal person who is legally their guardian.

Megyn Kelly’s question about a ‘deportation force’

After debates, Fox’s Megyn Kelly was asking a focus group if they were in favor of a “deportation force?”

Uh, I can help you with that Megyn. All countries have laws that require non-citizens to have written permission from the federal government to be in the country. It’s called a visa or residence permit.

Are you following this so far?

Okay, and if a country has a law, it needs to have people whose job it is to enforce the law.

Am I getting to complicated for you here? I mean you did graduate from law school and practice law. Sort of surprising that you did not already know that laws imply law enforcement which requires law enforcement personnel.

Okay, so Megyn, we are NOT going to create a “deportation force.” We already have one. We have always had one. Our first immigration law was signed by President Washington in 1790. The number of years of legal residence required to become a citizen—five—is actually still the same as then.

The police who enforce that law change their name a lot. They are currently called the US Border Patrol. They are a part of the Customs and Border Protection agency which is a part of the Department of Homeland Security. There is also Immigration and Customs Enforcement known as ICE. They used to be called the Immigration and Naturalization Service or INS.

I suspect you are not keeping up with your continuing education of the bar courses if you do not know that America already has police in charge of enforcing US immigration laws.

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