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Rubio’s resume is Obama circa 2008—LITE

Posted by John Reed on

Rubio’s stock seems to rise with every debate. Not with me. My opinion of him goes down the more I see him. He is totally scripted. He actually has less of a resume than Barack Obama in 2008, if that’s possible.

Obama worked for an international business newsletter for one year after college. Then he got some Democrat do-gooder job in NYC for another year. Then he went to Chicago where he claimed to have worked as a “community organizer,” if there really is such a job. Obama also was listed as a law firm employee, but seemed to mainly have spent his time writing his autobiography, which flopped until he made the keynote speech at the 2004 Democrat convention that nominated Kerry.

In contrast, Rubio has been a city commissioner—not sure if that’s elective office, then a politician or assistant to a politician, his whole life.

In addition to being too young, he is far less experienced than the two others who became president this young: Teddy Roosevelt and John Kennedy. They were both military war commanders on the front lines. Kennedy was a Congressman and Senator for 14 years. Roosevelt was a successful author (not autobiography) and historian. A rancher. He was a state legislator, then Assistant Secretary of the Navy and a commander in the Rough Riders in the Spanish-American War. Then governor of New York and Vice President of the U.S. Only after all that did he become president as a result of the assassination of President McKinley.

Rubio, like Obama, hid from adult life. He could have served in the military he now wants to be commander in chief of, like Kennedy and Roosevelt. He, in effect, could not be bothered.

Not ready to be given the keys to his father’s car

He made his parent’s story more dramatic than it was with regard to leaving Cuba. And his personal finances are an embarrassment compared to the average 44-year old. The problem is not that that means he can’t manage the finances of the U.S. He would have help with that. The problem is lack of basic competence to be a grown-up in the U.S. His finances include not only a mess and failing to set aside enough to pay his taxes after he got $800,000 for his celebrity autobiography, but also buying an $80,000 boat amidst the financial troubles. This is adolescent level judgment.

My  Succeeding book has an extremely thorough description of competent adult behavior.

The guy is good with his mouth, period. Whenever anyone points out his deficiencies, he counterattacks ferociously with the usual intellectually-dishonest debate tactics: changing the subject, lying, i.e., claiming that has been discredited when it has not, questioning the motives of those who previously accused him of that—even though both the prior and current accusations were accurate. When confronted with evidence of his mistakes or inadequacies, he turns Clintonesque.

He is a fake-it-til-you-make-it young man in a hurry to be famous for reaching high office at a young age. He has not done his homework or paid his dues. Roosevelt was three years younger, but had accomplished far more than Rubio ever will even if he becomes president.

Rubio talks a good game, but has never done anything in his life other than get bachelor’s and law degrees. His empty record in the U.S. Senate is about the same as Obama’s. Rubio is an empty suit trying to get the most important, difficult job in the world by dint of his affirmative-action Latino-ness and his public-speaking ability. There is more to the job than speaking as Obama has well demonstrated. And I really do not like his intimidating people out of criticizing him with his sharp tongue and menacing counterattacks.

He took a legal “bribe” from the sugar industry in return for voting in favor of continuation of the sugar tariff which makes sugar more expensive here than anywhere in the world. The Wall Street Journal was so mad about that that they printed the names of the senators who voted for it.

If he is so eager to do great things as president, why has he never done anything in more than two decades of adult life?

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