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Posted by John Reed on

I got some complaints that my new state-of-the-art website was harder to navigate. ( So I changed the “John’s blogs” page.

It used to have just a list of 8 blogs: my six book subjects plus headline news and military matters. Those take you to a page with the most recent five blog posts for each category.

What I changed was to make that TWO columns. The right column is the same, but the left column gives you a linked list of ALL the articles on that subject. For the headline news and military articles, that takes you essentially to the old pages you were used to. Click on “John’s Blogs” to get to the improved page.

NEW!—Article lists for each book genre

Plus I created similar such pages for the book genres which I never quite had before. With regard to the six book genres, that is a big improvement. There was no convenient way to find them before. You would only happen upon them via links from other pages.

So there are now lists of all the articles on succeeding, self-publishing, football coaching, baseball coaching, real estate investment, and hyperinflation-depression. The lists are the same as you would get if you scrolled through all the pages in the blog in question, only instead of getting just five per page plus a first paragraph of each, you can see all the titles and nothing else. And the titles are LINKED to the article in question.

The word “all” is aspirational at the moment. I am in the process of converting the articles in the old web site—1,567 of them—to the new Shopify format. I also hope to locate all the old WordPress articles that disappeared and move them to the new web site. And I hope to go through all the past Facebook posts and convert them as well. I feel like a middle Ages monk making copies of the Bible by hand.

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