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The ‘refugee’ crisis in Europe

Posted by John Reed on

I used to respect Europe.

What a bunch of politically-correct morons!

Have they never heard of the Mariel boatlift?

You could caption all the photos from this crisis “Islam,” especially the one of the drowned 3-year old lying dead on the beach.

These refugees are running away from Islamic countries. Why? Apparently because Islamic countries suck. 

Actions speak louder than words. These people who are “migrating” don’t want to live in countries run by Islamists. They remind me of the Lations coming across the Mexican border with the the U.S. They don’t want to live in countries run by native-born Latinos.

They won’t put it that way, but actions speak louder than words. Where are they coming from? Where are they trying to go?

The prosecution rests.

A few are “converting” to Christianity to increase their chance of getting their EU “green” card. That is a death-penalty offense in many of the countries they are coming from.

But the great paradox is that although these people are smart enough to recognize that their old country sucks, they will, upon settling in the West, stick to Islam and elect their own to parliament in the new country. They don’t want to live under the Islamists or Latinos in their old countries, but they will elect them to public office in their new country. Look at the California legislature since Latinos became the majority.

Why smart enough to leave, but not smart enough to see that they are brining that which they left with them if they do not assimilate into the new country’s culture?

In America, the Democrats do their utmost to keep minorities from assimilating in order to keep them in the dependent, victim mindset for as long as possible, so they vote for the party of the dependent victims—the Democrats. The Democrats claim they want to help the poor migrants. Bull! They want them barefoot, pregnant, and thereby voting Democrat forever. Why not? It worked with the blacks.

We are told the “refugees” in Europe are fleeing war. But we also read that many are not fleeing war. They are acquiring false Syrian papers to claim they are fleeing war when they are, in fact, just financial opportunists who are from Afghanistan, Pakistan, or other countries who want a pass to get into Germany and Sweden because they are desirable, affluent countries.

Also, from the pictures, it appears that about 85% of these “refugees” are military-age men. We saw millions of refugees during World War II—long lines of them pulling pathetic wagons with all their possessions moving within their countries away from the front lines. There were virtually no military-aged men in those scenes in WW II.

Military-age men fleeing war are not called “refugees.” They are called draft dodgers, deserters, cowards, traitors, and profoundly bad citizens. Spare me technicalities about their maybe not being on active duty or having received a draft notice when they left.

So this is who Europeans want to be their future citizens?

Not really, but you see, Europe has a Hitler problem. About 80 years ago, he was head of Germany. He did not like Slavs, Jews, gays, cripples, etc. He put them into box cars and shipped them to concentration camps and murdered them.

Bad dude, right?

He’s dead. He committed suicide in April 1945. 

So why are Europeans still acting like he’s alive and we have to prevent him from continuing his murders?

Apparently because Europeans are idiots. The current candidates for being put into some form of mass transport and taken away from where they are today are Muslims. Are they the same as 1930s and 1940s European Jews? Well, on one level, apparently yes. Putting them into busses and taking them back to Syria or Afghanistan or wherever apparently might generate photos and videos that were reminiscent of photos from the 1930s.

Uh, so you guys really can’t tell the difference between 1930-40s Jews in Europe being sent to death camps and some opportunistic jerk from Pakistan who only wants to go to Germany so he can afford a flat-screen TV?

Okay, Europe, if what this is all about is avoiding photos that might remind anyone of 1930s Europe under Nazi occupation, why don’t you give all these deserters and their families first-class cruise ship tickets to Beirut?

You say that might remind people of the MS St. Louis? Jeez!

Okay, how about giving them free BMWs that can only be driven south to Turkey and beyond? It’ll probably cost you less than letting a million, Arabic-speaking Marielitos into your country.

But they’re fleeing the current wars, you protest.

Islamic countries in the MiddleEast and Africa are essentially either always at war or run by a dictator who is murdering his opponents—both fleeable situations.

Here is a table showing the countries with the most war deaths:

Compare it to a map of Muslim countries.

I have zero interest in what the Koran or the Prophet or Allah say about war and peace. The empirical evidence speaks louder than words in books. The Islamic world is at war. They are always at war—with each other and with Israel and the West and with the opponents of the ruling dictator du jour. If Europe is going to fall for that, they will henceforth always have a million war “refugees” smashing their border fences.

They seek “asylum.” That has a definition Article 14 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights states that "Everyone has the right to seek and to enjoy in other countries asylum from persecution." Since virtually all Muslim countries have either dictators or civil wars, all Muslims living in Muslim countries are being persecuted. There are 1.6 billion Muslims on this planet, and by definition in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, probably about a billion of them are entitled to permanent residence permits in other countries. Why don’t they go to Bolivia? I am aware of no persecution of Muslims there.

The definition of refugee is almost the same. Here is Wikipedia’s: A refugee, in contrast to a migrant, is according to the Geneva Convention on Refugees applied to a person who is outside their home country of citizenship because they have well-founded grounds for fear of persecution because of their race, religion, nationality, membership of a particular social group or political opinion, and is unable to obtain sanctuary from their home country or, owing to such fear, is unwilling to avail themselves of the protection of that country.

These international promises to grant residence permits to refugees seeking asylum enable maybe two billion people to become residents of whatever country is eager to be seen as “humane.”

Has no on ever done the math on this? There are about 200 countries in the world. What’s to stop the “gee they’re poor” 180 from immigrating to the G-20? They don’t even have to lie about war or such in many cases. Their country truly, objectively sucks because of civil war or corruption or a dictator who persecutes anyone. Most of the world is now entitled to move to Germany and get free government housing and other bennies and most of the world has finally figured that out and they’re on the way.

This is how the Mariel Boatlift happened. It’s also how a zillion Latin American children ended up on the roofs of boxcars—not inside, God forbid, that would look Hitleresque—enroute to  the U.S. because of some tweet or something Obama made. If you give them the slightest inch—a mere word or sentence—they will take a yard of barging into your country.

All the desirable countries in the world need to militarize their borders that are subject to invasion—defined as persons barging in without permission and without intention to assimilate. Having militarized their borders, they need to do whatever it takes in terms of fences, heat ray guns, sound-blasting devices, surveillance and police or military action to stop the invasion.  Escalate until the desired result is achieved. The rule of engagement will ultimately be defined by the invaders’ behavior and persistence, not by some artificial public-relations limit.

I would argue that illegals in the U.S. are entitled to due process if they have a reasonable claim to a residence permit, but that they must go back home to their country of citizenship to get their due process, not stay here.

I mean how obvious is it that you don’t default to giving law violators exactly what they want on the basis of a right to due process designed to determine whether they are entitled to permanent residence. I would also not send Mexican-border illegals anywhere but back to the Mexican border whence they came. If they are from Guatemala or some other central American country, Mexico can take them there. They are the ones who let them come across their southern border and their country to the US. I would have the illegals pay for their prosecution and transportation out of their assets and savings accounts via U.S. Marshal seizures if that’s legal.

The reaction to the illegals in the US and in Europe is idiotic. In the process of falling all over themselves to avoid looking like Hitler, they are liable to elect another Hitler. Nationalist parties are rising in many European countries based on anger against government acquiescence to hordes of “hostile to the culture of the destination country,” financial immigrants.

Common sense is an uncommon virtue in America and Europe when it comes to illegal immigration.

This line about it being impossible to get rid of 12 million illegal is bull. Attack the border and the employer-employee relationship. You need probable cause to search. Fine, get it. Skin color and foreign accents are not the only reasons to search. You do not need to only do searches that require warrants. Look at public records. False IDs are probable cause. Check everyone’s citizenship claims more carefully on college aid, employment applications, passport applications. Start recording who comes into the country legally and recording their departure, to make sure it was timely. Look for those who did not leave on time. Stop granting student visas to universities whose students overstay disproportionately. Make a list of everything that might work and do it. Make mid-course corrections. Get it done.

I was wondering what happened to countries that allowed such migrations into their country. I cannot think of any. Until the 21st century, no countries have been so dumb.

I am flabbergasted as the geographical demands of these “refugees.” They say they are fleeing war in Syria. Okay, but the first border they crossed was into Turkey. Turkey’s not having a civil war. So why, if they are fleeing war in Syria, did they not stop fleeing when they got to Turkey?

Because the fleeing-war line is a con. They might have been fleeing war when they fled Syria. What were they fleeing when they left Turkey? Another Muslim country that sucks.

Then they get to Bulgaria and Macedonia. Not good enough they scream. Then they go north into Serbia. Not good enough they scream. Then Hungary. Not good enough they scream.

They don’t even accept Austria. No. It’s got to be Germany or Sweden, two of the richest countries in Europe. You gotta be kidding me.

Will the Latinos start demanding nothing less than Newport Beach, Malibu, or Beverly Hills? No Arizona or New Mexico. Not even San Ysidro, baby. We’re gonna smash every fence and throw rocks at every cop who dares stand between us and Carbon Beach. And if you do anything to stop us, you’re not “humane”—a magic word that causes border guards to stand aside and let invaders in. You are a war criminal. You’re the second coming of Adolf Hitler.

And the governments stutter and stammer and say let them go.


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  • I’m a legal immigrant in UK working as a doctor.
    I read ur article and really loved it. Europe is willfully bringing war in it’s continent. I really can’t understand why and why, Europeans are behaving like dumb in this immigration crisis. Why they are allowing and rather inviting millions of Muslims who can’t and don’t want to assimilate in Europe.
    U would wonder how am I saying all this despite being a Muslim? Yes I am saying all that because it’s a reality. I’m living here and loyal to UK. And I know Muslim’s behavior more than Europeans. No matter whatever good Europeans do, in Muslim’s eye they are bloody infidels. I wish Europeans should take the strict military action to stop that wave of migrants. Why don’t these refugees get settled I. Rich Gulf Muslims countries??

    Muhammad Ali on
  • John,
    Gutsy article! Normally, I favor liberal immigration laws because immigrants take jobs Americans don’t want or can’t do, they help keep our population pyramid relatively triangular, and it gives the world a reason to like us. However, this article is making me reconsider my position. Perhaps you can expand, or follow up on, this article by discussing how we can still meet the needs I just mentioned while holding immigrants and refugees to the standards you advocate.
    By the way, thank you for the writing you’ve done on population pyramids. I hate to admit it, but I was ignorant of this topic before I found the references on your web site. I plan teach it to my students this year. That is why I keep visiting your web site even though we differ on macroeconomics, unions, and public schools.


    Larry D'Amico on

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