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Russian and Chinese buzzing of U.S. planes and warships

Posted by John Reed on

On the Russian and Chinese planes buzzing U.S. ships and unarmed planes. First, Obama and the U.S. military should not mention it. If a tree falls in the forest and no hears it, does it make a sound? And if a Russian or Chinese plane buzzes a U.S. plane or warship, and no one knows but those physically present, who cares?
The enemy does this to show they can push the U.S. around and get away with it and to piss us off. Accordingly, don’t mention it. Don’t whine about it. Don’t tell about it. Don’t run to your mommy, or the world, and say, “He buzzed me.”
Force Russia or China to brag about it to get “credit” for it.
Also, our planes were reconnaissance planes. We don’t need pilots for recon. Use drones.
I doubt it’s much fun to buzz a drone. It’s not fun to annoy a machine that has no interest in you and maybe even no ability to perceive your presence or nearness. Secondly, buzzing a drone endangers the enemy pilot, but none of ours.
With regard to enemy planes zooming at U.S. warship, issue laser pointers to all the ship’s crew and have those on deck direct them at the windshield of the incoming plane. Those have very short ranges and the plane has no business being within that range.
If elementary school kids react when teased, they get teased more. Out Commander in Chief has not yet learned that, at age 55. He should learn it now.

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