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The Unelected President novel advertising flyer

The Unelected President by John T. Reed

 Read a new novel that tells the surprisingly plausible story of what a courageous, libertarian president could do to cut spending, increase liberty, and win our wars.

Mike Medlock, a libertarian, non-politician accidentally becomes president of the United States while serving out a dead senator’s term. He is neither a Democrat nor a Republican so Congress easily overrides his vetoes. But when he scrutinizes the Constitution and other laws, he finds he can legally do astonishing things without Congress.

 And Medlock does, both domestically and in foreign affairs. In the process, almost everyone in the U.S. and around the world is alternately delighted and outraged by his various actions. But ultimately, neither the political class nor the special interests have done all they have done throughout their lives to have their status quo overturned by some fluke president who refuses to kow tow to them.

 All hell breaks loose at home and abroad. Medlock, who has been a solitary writer since he got back from an Army tour in Vietnam, suddenly has to supervise four million employees and ensure benefits get to tens of millions of vets, seniors, and others. It is—to say the least—an adjustment for both Medlock and the nation. And in foreign policy—well, let’s just say Medlock does not conduct wars the way the one he served in—Vietnam—was conducted.

 The Constitution, after all, was not designed to stop those who wanted to cut government, only those who wanted to expand its size and power. There are also surprising laws like the Administrative Procedure Act of 1946 that gives the president the power to issue, rescind, or modify the entire Code of Federal Regulations  as long as he doesn’t go beyond the Constitution or pertinent statutes.

 There’s a new sheriff in town, and the North Koreans, Iranian mullahs and Revolutionary Guard Corps, Chinese, and Russians are very unhappy about that.

 What might the first libertarian President accomplish?

Read The Unelected President to find out.

 A plausible, fictional account of a libertarian President in today’s America – how politics and life in America could have been different from Obama’s last three years. The real events and people of January through April 2013 are intermingled with the fictional events and people of the Mike Medlock Administration

Imagine rescinding almost all federal regulations in the Federal Register with one signature, overnight. “Free men decide. Unfree men comply.”

Many past executive orders are rescinded: for example, JFK’s affirmative action executive order

Medlock makes a huge push to force the Congress to approve vouchers for veteran care and a Constitutional amendment to end deficit spending.

Imagine a libertarian President who actually fulfills promises abadoned by Republicans.

Read about the increased presidential power that stems simply from not being a politician.

At every turn, Medlock tries to get government out of the public’s way.

He, in effect, reduces the number of cabinet department heads from fifteen to five.

He manages to find real spending cuts in spite of political resistance

President Medlock’s national debt plan would reduce it to zero, gradually over 60 years.

He acts like Reagan did in the air traffic controllers firing, but far more broadly.

He is a West Point graduate, airborne ranger, Vietnam veteran President who is determined to reform the U.S. military into a lean, war-winning, low-cost, low-casualty, non-chickenpoop organization.

His tax plan is flatter than the Flat Tax and fairer than the Fair Tax.

Medlock says winning our wars is not impossible; it’s illegal because of rules of engagement drawn up by haters of the military.

Finally, a President willing to cut foreign aid

Medlock hires successful businessmen rather than political hacks for top government jobs.

President Medlock is asked if he agrees with Teddy Roosevelt’s policy of “speak softly and carry a big stick.” He says, “Teddy talked too much.”

 This new novel comes off the press in September 2016. It is available only at the author’s website: Hard cover 6” x 9 1/4” $23.95 plus shipping (and sales tax on orders in CA)