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Real Estate Investor’s Monthly subscriber comments

From Facebook:

Jason Jones During the years I was a subscriber, I gained much from the JTR monthly newsletters. I found the subjects timely and the information useful, helpful and practical. In fact, specific advice from several of the newsletters (and JTR books) helped me avoid catastrophic losses and insolvency during the last downturn. I would not be where I am today without the wisdom and words of John T. Reed. Thank you, sir!

Here is a letter from one of the subscribers to my newsletter:

Dear Mr. Reed,

Congratulations on your decision to retire from the newsletter business. It is with great reservation I am writing what will be my last check to you for your valuable monthly insight on real-estate matters.

I would like to personally thank you fro your guidance in my career, I have looked froward each month for the arrival of your collection of your valuable thoughts.

I will continue to recommend your fabulous books in the future to novices and professionals alike. The title that began my journey with your publications was purchased at a book store 25 years or more ago helped me understand the real estate business was Aggressive Tax Avoidance for Real Estate Investors. My accountant suggested it and I was hooked on your style and knowledge. I purchased many other titles over the years including your newsletter.

Aggressive Tax Avoidance for Real Estate Investors, 19th edition book

One nugget that has really stayed with me over the years Net Annual Constant. I have never met anyone in my area including bankers who have even heard of this term or concept.

Thank you again for the service you have provided over the years.

Best to you and your family,


Russell R. Livingston

The annual constant is the mortgage payment divided by the loan balance. This goes up every month in a long-term, fixed-rate, self-amortizing mortgage, which is the most common type of mortgage. Since only the interest portion of it is deductible, the rise in this reduces after tax cash flow geometrically over time.

Refinancing knocks the mortgage payment back down as a percentage of the loan amount. Exchanging the property tax free and acquiring another also has the effect of keeping your loan-to-value ratio high (leverage which multiplies return on equity) and your after-tax cash flow higher because almost all of the mortgage payment is deductible.

Whenever I get your newsletter it goes right to the top of my large stack of things to read!

Craig Fairbanks

A wonderful resource. This newsletter touches on all the major issues in real estate. And over time, has introduced me to a whole buffet of ideas and information related to real estate and investing. Many of those ideas would never been on my radar without John's excellent newsletter.

Gary Scarborough

Love your newsletter. Thanks to you, my rental properties have been a good investment. I'd like to add you to my professional network.

Harry Zechman (From Linkedin)

The following is from a note about a missed issue of Real Estate Investor’s Monthly:

I definitely notice when it's not here as it's my favorite letter. …I appreciate that your articles are based on research, analysis and conclusion of FACTS. There appears to be an absence of real, well researched facts attached to much of what passes for the "truth" today. I have also learned a tremendous amount of broader economic knowledge. Thank you.

John Yamnicky, Woodbridge, VA

Thanks John!  Your books and newsletter are the best in the industry. Keep up the great work. I have quite a few of your books, and a lot of books by many others. Yet I only ever reread and refer back to your books. Your books have substance, specifics and details where others are general and wanting.

Best Regards,


I give your newsletter first priority when it arrives each month. Thanks for sharing your great wisdom.

Darrell Woodruf


I very much have enjoyed the books and newsletter. You've definitely 

saved me from making some bad mistakes and easily saved me the cost of all the
books I've purchased. Thanks again!

David Dutton

Hello Sir! I have  been a subscriber to your news letter for 10+ years, and have purchased many  of your books.

I have found your writings to be marvelously helpful and entertaining reading. You are a real straight shooter.
Based on what I learned from you, I did 1031 exchanges [in]  Haddonfield[, NJ] into [an apartment] complex in Burlington, VT.
I have also developed two commercial facilities in  Vermont, and used your arguments and court cases to support component depreciation of 15 years rather than [39] years for landscaping depreciable life on these. Since one of these properties was built on enormous landfill, this was a huge  difference in tax deferral. Any one of the things I did above would have paid for your newsletter subscription and books many, many times  over.
Sincerely, Larry Kruse