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Reader comments on Best Practices for the Intelligent Real Estate Investor

Hi John,
I re-read your "Best Practices for the Intelligent Real Estate Investor" while working in Bangladesh and then visiting Beijing, China. I originally read it in 2009, I think. It's funny; in instances when I didn't follow your advice, I later wished I did! Even though world events are occurring quickly, the principles in your book apply today as they did in 12/08 when you wrote it. As always, I appreciate your wit, your direct and no-nonsense writing style and your use of logic, science, math and ethics. Thanks again for writing your books; I've also read "...Hyperinflation and Depression" and "How to Manage Residential Real Estate..." I've allowed trusted friends and family to also read them, as they have guided many of us in our investment activities. The advice from your books helped me successfully navigate through a rough couple of years as a landlord. So thanks again!

From Beijing, China

Jason Jones

Thanks again for what you do, John. Thanks for helping me to see deeper.

Regards, Bryan Rush

Liked your [Best Practices for the Intelligent Real Estate Investor] about real estate investing. (I've read 64 total [real estate investment books]). I outlined the whole book, then cautiously bought some more property. Your book, I must say, was the most realistic I've read. Also very helpful. I had to "unlearn" some of the weird concepts I had learned from the other books though. Good stuff. Loved your analysis of the "gurus" as well. You really do dig deep and are actually based in reality!"

Gregg Petty from Facebook

I have been completely satisfied by all the books I've ordered previously from John Reed and am looking forward eagerly to reading his latest on protecting oneself from the coming financial crisis.

John Whiteheart

I first encountered your books about 15 years ago when we first got started buying rental real estate. Yours has been amongst the finest advice we've received. Your words ring in my ears to this day and I'm looking forward to reading more. THANKS!!!

Jan Webb

I am Jimmy Hill from North Carolina. I read some of your books. I loved them, man. You really are doing everyone a service by your non-B.S. way of life.

I bought the Succeeding book and loved it. Actually I read your first book How to get started in real estate. And the second one was best practices for the intelligent real estate investor.

When I started studying real estate, I was an idiot. I believed all that Kiyosaki B.S. You could by a property for little to nothing down and the rent would more than cover the expenses etc. I found out that was a load of bull in a hurry.

But after wasting years of studying this nonsense I finally started reading your books. Now I laugh at the advice those real estate books at the local bookstore give. I realized how little I really did know and fell for a sales pitch.

I also come from a family that does not motivate anyone to get an education. It's like they believe education wasn't important. I use to believe that, until I found out the hard way. Once I started getting a job, I found out that the ones who were telling me what to do and making the money were the college graduates. And that is true at every place I have ever worked.

Just wanting to let you know that I am supporting you 100% and thank you for putting me on the right track with real estate. I also like your new military page. Terrific.

Best of luck to you.
Jimmy Hill from Facebook

You've made me lots of money over the years. Aggressive tax avoidance was a beautiful read. How to Manage Real Estate For Maximum Profit wound it's way into my mind. I've used it consciously at first & increased income & the value of my property. The style of analysis you apply to real estate helps me get in that groove and make better decisions. I'd have to sit down and think of specifics, but you're books have helped me make tens of thousands of extra dollars over the years. I'm a smart guy, you are too. I would have made money. But I've found little ideas and broad themes where I said aha! For a $20 book (at the time), I increased the income from, as well as the value of, my property by $15,000 using the idea of converting underutilized space into an extra bedroom. Didn't make two tiny bedrooms. The guys that built this duplex, made one giant weird looking bedroom. $50 worth of sheet rock, $100 of lumber, a door, and voila-more or less, and I have converted a two bedroom that rented for $425 into a three bedroom that rents for $500. Just have completed splitting the water service to this duplex as well, which will allow me to let the tenants pay for their own water. That's another $5000 in added value + less hassle time paying the bill. If they ever get pissed off and flood my duplex, they'll do it on their nickel. Thanks So Much!
Thanks So Much!
All The Best,
Gary Scarborough

All The Best, Gary S.

Thanks John!  Your books and newsletter are the best in the industry. Keep up the great work. I have quite a few of your books, and a lot of books by many others. Yet I only ever reread and refer back to your books. Your books have substance, specifics and details where others are general and wanting.

Best Regards,


"Best Practices," is a financial book for grown ups. If you are looking for popular motivational "pie in the sky" financial   books don't look here. John T. Reed's books are serious studies on personal business and investing. This book is complete in the sense that John looks at investing from all perspectives...risk, negotiations, historical probabilities, protecting yourself from lawsuits, gaining honest returns, and most importantly, ethics. John T. Reeds books should be read with a highlighter near by.

Some highlights of this book are:

The chapter on negotiation: John confirmed what I have always believed. Reading this chapter was a relief that  had me laughing. He nails this one!

The chapter on risk: Anyone who wants to have a shot at a great financial future should study this information. Investing without taking risk into account is just stupid. This one chapter is worth the price of the book, and perhaps your economic future.

The chapter on "enough:" Financial "expects" often promote the idea of staying in debt  for most of your life (dumping money into the stock market while maxing out your mortgage debt) so that when you turn 90 you will have a big pot of money in the stock market. This idiotic advise caused millions to lose their collective shirts in 2008. After reading this book you will understand how to set limits.

Most importantly, this book will give you the understanding needed to spot and protect yourself from scam artists and infomercial hucksters.   

This book is the rich in information and worth far more then it's price.

R Turner
Walnut Creek, Ca.