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Letter of commendation from the IRS following TCMP audit of John T. Reed's 1988 federal income tax return

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District Director

Date: 10 APR 1991 Tax Return:




Person to Contact:

John T. Reed and Margaret 0. Tunnell Contact Phone Number

342 Bryan Drive

Danville, CA 94526

Dear Taxpayers:

We are pleased to tell you that our Taxpayer Compliance Measurement Program (TCMP) examination of your tax return for the period above shows no change is necessary in your reported tax. Even though our examination may not reflect the results of examinations of flow-through entities (Forms 1065-Partnership, 112OS-S Corporation, 1041-Fiduciary) in which you may have an interest, we still wish to commend you for the high level of tax compliance reflected in our review of every item on your return. We also wish to take this opportunity to thank you for your cooperation during the examination and to reaffirm the importance of TCMP examinations to our overall enforcement strategy.

We realize that a TCMP examination requires that you make available more records than may be required during a regular tax examination, and that at times you may be inconvenienced by such a detailed examination. However, the information obtained from a TCMP examination is invaluable in analyzing taxpayer compliance. The information is used to determine the accuracy of tax information reported to the Internal Revenue Service and identify those returns which should be examined. Overall, TCMP makes a major contribution toward improving our tax system. Also, the random method of selecting returns for examination ensures that all returns have an equal chance of being examined.

If you have any questions about the examination, please write to the person whose name is shown at the top of this letter or you may call that person at the telephone number shown. If the number is outside your calling area, there will be a long-distance charge to you.

If you write to us, please provide your phone number and the most convenient time for us to call in case we need more information. Please attach this letter to any correspondence to help us identify your case. Keep the copy for your records.

Again, thank you for your cooperation.

Sincerely yours,


District Director


Copy of this letter

P.O. Box 2900, Sacramento, CA 95812 Letter 2472(DO) (Rev. 10-89)