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Improvements and updates to recent editions of Aggressive Tax Avoidance for Real Estate Investors

Below is a list of improvements and updates to the 20th edition of Aggressive Tax Avoidance for Real Estate Investors since the 19th edition

• Inclusion of the Trump Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017

• New Trump tax act tax brackets

• New Trump limits on itemized deductions

• New Trump higher estate tax triggers

• New Trump bonus depreciation limits

• New Trump First-Year Expensing limits

• Reconsideration of advantages of S corporations, LLCs and C corporations

• New Trump law change in personal exemption

• New higher Trump standard deductions

• New Trump 20% discount for net business income of sole proprietorships and pass-through entities

• Whole new chapter on your personal residence

Improvement or updates to the 19th edition (2009)

Includes Obama’s American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009

Includes Obama’s Small Busiess and Jobs Credit act of 2010

Includes Obama’s Tax Relief, Unemployment Insurance Reauthorization, and Job Creation Act of 2010

Vehicle sales tax deduction

"First-time" home buyer credit (technically not just for first-timers)

Additional first-year depreciation

Section 179 first-year expensing

Debt-forgiveness income

Improvement or update since the 18th edition (2004)

Update of the American Bar Association Code of Professional Conduct regarding lawyer fees

Updated recommended tax advisors list and Best Lawyers in America source

Bakersfield Energy Partners and Grapevine Imports decisions in which court refused to apply six-year statute of limitations to 25% understatement of tax owed

Updated list of states that authorize Limited Liability Companies

Updated discussion of the rules pertaining to changing your place of employment, health, or other unforeseen circumstances with regard to the $250,000 per spose homeowner long-term capital gains exclusion

2007 law establishing deductibility of mortgage insurance premiums on principal and second residences

Discharge of indebtedness income rules from the Omnibus Revenue Reconciliation Act of 1993 and Mortgage Forgiveness Debt Relief Act of 2007

Improvement or update since the 17th edition (2002)

  • Revenue Procedure 2002-22 regarding conversion to tenancies in common - 5/02
  • IRS guidelines on unforseen home sales - 9/02
  • Deduction of roof replacement - 10/02
  • Jack Chien Ching Huang decision on home office - 12/02
  • Regs TD 9030 and 9031 regarding prorating less than 2 years occupancy - 1/03
  • Regs TD 9030 and 9031 regarding land around home - 11/03
  • Letter Ruling 200303023 re partition out of tenancy in common - 2/03
  • Jobs and Growth Tax Relief Reconcilation Act of 2003 - 6/03
Improvements or updates since the 16th edition (1/98)

Additional case histories of exchange intermediary embezzlers - 5/30/01

Back-dated exchange documents court decision - 5/30/01

Tenants-in-common exchange letter ruling - 5/30/01

More details on $250,000-per-person home-gain exclusion - 5/30/01

Corrected error regarding first-year expensing in depreciation example chapter - 5/30/01

Update discussion of computer software for doing taxes - 5/30/01

More details on interplay between $250,000-per-person home-gain exclusion and depreciation where home was converted to or from rental - 5/30/01

Conversion of ownership entity for exchange purposes letter ruling - 5/30/01

New, free online resources for tax research - 5/30/01

Use of special IRS procedure to claim back depreciation - 5/30/01

Interplay between IRC §1031 and IRC §1033 when threat of condemnation - 5/30/01

New home-office-deduction rules - 5/30/01

Details on interplay between overseas employment and $250,000-per-person home-gain exclusion - 5/30/01

New, shorter depreciation lives for personal property - 5/30/01

The serial-home-selling strategy - 5/30/01

Tax Relief Extension Act of 1999 - 5/30/01

Ticket to Work and Work Incentives Improvement Act of 1999 - 5/30/01

New rules regarding recovery period after exchange - 5/30/01

Installment Sale Correction Act of 2000 - 5/30/01

Taking cash early when exchange falls through - 5/30/01

Tax-free dissoloution of group ownership - 5/30/01

New IRS approval of reverse-exchange “safe harbor” - 5/30/01

New IRS incidence of audit rates - 5/30/01

New lower long-term captial gains tax rates - 5/30/01

Effect on $250,000-per-person home-gain exclusion of use of living trusts - 5/30/01

Economic Growth and Tax Relief Reconciliation Act of 2001 - 6/13/01

Correct entertainment expense percentage deductibel from 80% to 50% - 2/4/02

Add article on limited liability companies to take-title chapter - 2/4/02

Allocation of land value in condominiums - 3/4/02

30% Bonus depreciation added by Job Creation and Workers Assistance Act of 2002 - 4/9/02

Increase in car depreciation added by Job Creation and Workers Assistance Act of 2002 - 4/9/02

Depreciation limits for electric cars and vehicles over 6,000 pounds - 4/10/02

Depreciation limits for 2001 on vehicles - 4/10/02

150% declining balance depretiation percentages on 5-year property - 4/10/02

Vehicle limits on first-year expensing - 4/10/02

Rules regarding first-year vehicle decisions and changes in percentage of business use in subsequent years - 4/10/02

Replace offshore trusts with bankruptcy and pension planning as asset protection measures - 5/21/02

Clarify deductibility of interest when live off refinancing - 5/22/02

Tax-free selling of rental property when suspended losses cover gain - 5/22/02