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How to Increase the Value of Real Estate reader comments

I have been completely satisfied by all the books I've ordered previously from John Reed and am looking forward eagerly to reading his latest on protecting oneself from the coming financial crisis.

John Whiteheart

I first encountered your books about 15 years ago when we first got started buying rental real estate. Yours has been amongst the finest advice we've received. Your words ring in my ears to this day and I'm looking forward to reading more. THANKS!!!

Jan Webb

You've made me lots of money over the years. Aggressive tax avoidance was a beautiful read. How to Manage Real Estate For Maximum Profit wound it's way into my mind. I've used it consciously at first & increased income & the value of my property. The style of analysis you apply to real estate helps me get in that groove and make better decisions. I'd have to sit down and think of specifics, but you're books have helped me make tens of thousands of extra dollars over the years. I'm a smart guy, you are too. I would have made money. But I've found little ideas and broad themes where I said aha! For a $20 book (at the time), I increased the income from, as well as the value of, my property by $15,000 using the idea of converting underutilized space into an extra bedroom. Didn't make two tiny bedrooms. The guys that built this duplex, made one giant weird looking bedroom. $50 worth of sheet rock, $100 of lumber, a door, and voila-more or less, and I have converted a two bedroom that rented for $425 into a three bedroom that rents for $500. Just have completed splitting the water service to this duplex as well, which will allow me to let the tenants pay for their own water. That's another $5000 in added value + less hassle time paying the bill. If they ever get pissed off and flood my duplex, they'll do it on their nickel. Thanks So Much!
Thanks So Much!
All The Best,
Gary Scarborough

All The Best, Gary S.

Thanks John!  Your books and newsletter are the best in the industry. Keep up the great work. I have quite a few of your books, and a lot of books by many others. Yet I only ever reread and refer back to your books. Your books have substance, specifics and details where others are general and wanting.

Best Regards,


Hi John,
About 6 or 7 months ago I came across your website and have been hooked ever since.  I have bought four of your books and thoroughly enjoyed each one (Fixers, How to buy for 20% under value, How to buy with little to no money down, and How to increase value) .  I plan to buy more of them in the future...I went through a guru's home self-study course and everything you said on your website is pretty much spot on.  I definitely was an ambitious novice who was over-sold on basic information.  We made our tuition money back and then some; but, I think it was do or die with me.  I was hell bent on making back that money so I came into it with extremely high motivation.  However, since then I've discovered that it takes inordinately more work than they claimed and my expectations as to how easy it is to make money in real estate have become realistic.  Anyone that tries to persuade you othewise is lying. It takes a lot of work and know-how.  Figuring out the "how-to" part doesn't occur overnight.  
I think it's possible to learn investing the correct way - that is doing it ethically, legally, and without a bunch of unrealistic expectations -  and do so for a much more reasonable cost.  Let future newbies be informed.
Jeff Henn
Baltimore, MD

“Every real estate investor would profit from reading your books and newsletter. You challenge a lot of commonly held investment and management assumptions and business practices. You are the most practical, down-to-earth, no nonsense, humble real estate investment advisor in the country, a unique voice of reason in an industry filled with both accidental and deliberate mis-information.

Your primary weapons are a heavy dose of common sense, creative problem-solving, logic, a unique ability to share both your personal successes and errors. I doubt many investors manage to do everything you recommend, but when I look at the successful investors I have known over the past 25 years, it's clear their business plans follow much of the same advice you give readers every month.

I have enjoyed reading your articles for the past twenty or more years, and although I prefer to give myself credit for my successes, I am sure your reasoning, month after month, has shaped my own investment strategy. Thank you.” Mike Scott Dupre + Scott Apartment Advisors

"Your book is the most outstanding book that I've read on the subject." Ron Starr, Oakland, CA

"This book is a welcome addition to any Real Estate investors library. It's honest and practical insights will increase returns and safegaurd against possible loss." Jerry Meyers, West Seneca, NY