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How to Increase the Value of Real Estate changes

There have been four versions of this book:

  • 1986 first edition
  • 2002 second edition
  • 2010 revised second edition
  • 2013 expanded and revised again second edition

What’s new in the 2013 expanded and revised edition?

• 182 pages as compared to 172 in the 2010 revised second edition
• whole new chapter on gentrification
• additional case history about Gay Court raising its property values by changing its name to High Eagle Court inthe Name or Address Change chapter
• addition of discussion of tenants who are exempt from onerous laws as a way to increase building value
• addition of discussion on ways to deal with inability to get a zoning variance
• additional discussion of adding value by increasing the building size or acquiring adjacent land
• additional discussion of current costs of house moving
• additional discussion of long-distance moves using navvigable waterways and cutting buildings onto pieces then reassembling them at the new site
• additional discussion of changes to the Wetlands Act
• New case history on adding value by clearing title