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How to Increase the Value of Real Estate back cover

Don't HOPE your property goes up in value.
MAKE it go up!

Most people hope their property goes up in value. Sometimes it does. Sometimes it does not. Especially in this era of low inflation, oil price declines, layoffs, foreclosures, and tax reform.

But you don't have to rely on hope alone. There are dozens and dozens of ways to make the value of real estate go up. And they are gathered in this book, How To Increase The Value of Real Estate, for the first time.

First book of its kind

Other real estate books have talked about increasing property value by renovation. But that's only one of the many methods covered in How To Increase The Value Of Your Real Estate.

This is the first book to serve as a compendium of the other, less well-known, but equally profitable techniques. As a result of its leave-no-stone-untumed approach, you'll learn how to increase value through:

  • Raising rents without renovation
  • Get a more prestigious address... without moving the building
  • Reduce the expenses income property buyers focus on
  • Cosmetic renovation
  • Changing the property's size or shape to a more valuable one
  • Reducing the "load factor"
  • Moving the building
  • Improving the zoning
  • Decontrolling a rent-controlled apartment or building
  • Acquiring a needed easement
  • Converting apartments to condo or co-op
  • Financing techniques which increase the "cash equivalent" of what you get
  • Clearing up seemingly insurmountable title problems
  • Improving the "tax efficiency" of the property
  • Special marketing techniques for unusual properties

Two ways to make money from this book:

1. Use it as a check list to squeeze profit out of property you already own or buy in the future.
2. Use it as a list of strategies and pick one or two as your specialty.

About the Author

John T. Reed has been investing in real estate since 1969. He is the editor and publisher of the newsletter, John T. Reed's Real Estate lnvestor's Monthly ... and author of the books: Aggressive Tax Avoidance For Real Estate Investors, How To Use Leverage To Maximize Your Real Estate Investment Return, How To Buy An Office Building, and How To Manage Apartments For Maximum Cash Flow And Resale Value. Mr. Reed has been interviewed about real estate investing on 60 Minutes and Good Morning America. He holds a B.S. degree from West Point and an M.B.A. from Harvard Business School.