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Football Clock Management changes

When I make improvements to my book Football Clock Management, I will list them here.

Change Date
failed Hail Mary Oregon-UCLA 1970 8/01
ditto KY-Vanderbilt 1971 8/01
LSU clock operator cheats his team to victory over MS 1972 8/01
refusal to unpile Ohio State-Michigan State 1974 8/01
deliberate fumble out of bounds Pitt-WV 1975 8/01
almost sweep slide William & Mary-VA Tech 1978 8/01
10-men-on-field time out Duke-UNC 1978 9/01
MI-IN deliberate lateral out of bounds, 1979 9/01
losing by penalty KY-Tulane 1980 9/01
noise time out request denied AL-Mississippi State 1980 9/01
time-out violations by Miami Dolphins almost cost game 9/23/01 slowdown violations do cost Oakland that game 9/26/01
1954 OK-TCU last-second act of integrity by TCU 10/11/01
botched intentional safety 1953 TX-OK game 10/11/01
failed 1954 OK attempt to stop punt by sending 12th man out 10/11/01
OK go-go-tempo teams 10/11/01
Notre Dame passing late in 1957 OK game when ahead 10/11/01
“The Miracle at Lubbock” 10/13/01
Only 9 on the field for Cal five-lateral TD 10/13/01
USC-UCLA 11/20/82 wait til :03 to snap 10/13/01
broaden Rule 1.21 to include touchdown attempts 10/13/01
Clemson-Georgia temrmial zigging 9/22/84 10/13/01
Principia-Ilinois College double-Hail Mary ending 10/13/01
South Carolina failure to sweep-slide cost them game 10/13/01
Florida excessive celebration vs. Auburn 1986 10/13/01
St. John’s anti-retaliation 10/13/01
subheads added to slowdown rules 10/13/01
Kyle Turley final-minute tantrum that cost Saints a game 11/6/01
Randy Sanders’ re calling plays from sideline versus booth 11/7/01
R.C. Slocum policy on video games 11/7/01
David Carr comment on video games 11/7/01
Michigan-Michigan State, 2001 clock operator 11/8/01
firing of Navy’s Charlie Weatherbie 11/8/01
clock operator at 11/23/68 Harvard-Yale game 11/12/01
intentional safety in Penn-Harvard game, 1963 11/12/01
fast snap to prevent NFL appeal 11/12/01
mildly-injured NFL player get off field fast to prevent time out 11/12/01
take advantage of illegal defensive alignment 11/12/01
take advantage of fewer than eleven defenders on field 11/12/01
take a knee on P.A.T. sometimes in NCAA 11/16/01
Princeton-Holy Cross 9/25/88 11/16/01
Colorado-Missouri take-a-knee on P.A.T. 10/6/90 11/16/01
decisive celebration penalty in 1990 Copper Bowl 11/16/01
clock operator during Rocket Ismail clipping punt return 1/1/91 11/16/01
failure to use sweep-slide play Northeast LA-Eastern KY, 9/19/92 11/16/01
Bears failure to sweep-slide almost throws game into OT 11/18/01 11/19/01
Miami-Notre Dame 10/15/88 11/19/01
SMU failure to run sweep-slide play in 1980 Holiday Bowl vs. BYU 11/22/01
Appalachian State-James Madison Hail Mary 11/22/01
change down criterion for prefer run to pass to “on the first three downs of a series” 11/24/01
Notre Dame celebration penalty against Penn State, 11/14/92 11/26/01
Georgia refusing to unpile vs. South Carolina, 9/4/93 11/26/01
Michigan intentional non-catch to stop clock vs. VA, 8/26/95 11/26/01
Colorado State-Air Force 11/2/96 celebration penalty 12/4/01
Wisconsin-Indiana, 9/27/97 celebration injury 12/4/01
Carthage-Millikin, 10/25/97 overly fast intentional safety 12/4/01
Williams-Amherst, 11/8/97 late hit 12/5/01
add how to take safety in slowdown and hurry-up tempos 12/5/01
fake time outs by Rams and Steelers 12/2 & 12/9/01 12/10/01
Illinois-Michigan, 10/23/93 celebration penalty and decisive waste of time out 12/14/01
Virginia Tech-Syracuse, 11/14/98 failure to take knee on P.A.T. almost loses game 12/14/01
Cleveland-Jacksonville, 12/16/01 failed spike to prevent instant-replay review 12/17/01
Gramatica celebration injury, 12/15/01 12/18/01
Louisana Tech-Alabama, 9/18/99 violation rule 1.21 risks game 12/19/01
Minnesota-Penn State, 11/6/99 use of time outs at end of 2-point game 12/23/01
slowdown to let NFL officials call for replay in last two minutes 12/24/01
delay penalty after incomplete pass play costs Iowa State 2001 Independence Bowl 12/28/01
Giants get 60 yards out of last-play lateral, but fail to lateral again, lose, 12/30/01 12/30/01
Calling time out after a failed 4th-&-short hard count 12/31/01
Raiders violate slowdown rules 22 times in 2nd half of division playoff loss to Patriots, who tie with :32 left, then win in OT 1/21/02
Better all-weather device for sending in play numbers 1/31/02
Super Bowl XXXVI Pats violate Clock Management Rule 1.21, but still end game on field-goal play because clock operator incompetent 2/3/02
Last play victory in the movie Little Giants comes on fumblerooski combined with two downfield laterals 3/24/02
Dwayne Rudd helmet removal celebration penalty lets Chiefs win game 9/8/02
Texans execute take-a-knee play on the fly vs. Cowboys 9/8/02
Chiefs QB complies with my lateral rule leading to win in spite of lineman violation of same rule 9/15/02
Notre Dame interceptor slides immediately because in take-a-knee period 9/15/02
On final play, Denver laterals once but recipient allows himself to be tackled ending game in loss to Miami 10/13/02
My son Dan lateraled out of bounds in the Dartmouth and Yale games in 2002 to stop the clock while playing for Columbia 11/02
Lynden Christian H.S. (Tacoma) runs into own end zone as time expires but drops ball thinking crossing goal line is a safety and ends game. Opposing team gets possession and thereby the game-winning TD 12/7/02
Falcons call time at :28. Should have waited to :03 in fourth and goal when down by 8 12/29/02
Cleveland ball carrier fails to get out of bounds or lateral out of bounds and Wildcard Playoff game ends 1/5/03
Giants lose Wildcard Playoff to 49ers when they attempt pass on final play botched long snap. Refs blow no-call for holding against 49ers. Observers erroneously say he should have spiked ball. 1/5/03
Cal safety by passing back into own end zone 6/9/03
Niners-Rams terminal zigging 9/14/03
Officials improperly let clock stop unil snap in Ravens-Seahawks game 11/23/03
Ravens player celebrating gives official a concussion 11/30/03
Hawaii fails to run out clock and loses to Houston in Hawaii Bowl 12/26/03
Lateral in non-kicking P.A.T. in high school and NFL rather than get tackled or go out of bounds 12/26/03
Georgia’s failure to use the sweep-slide play to run out the clock in the Capital One Bowl against Purdue 1/1/04
LSU’s failure to run the sweep-slide play at the end of the BCS Championship Sugar Bowl 1/4/04
Oklahoma’s failure to return the punt on the final play of the BCS Championship Sugar Bowl 1/4/04
Delay of game penalty against Carolina in divisional playoff game against Rams 1/10/04
Super Bowl 2004 Tom Brady makes Elway/Stanford/Cal mistake at end of game calling timeout with clock at :08 instead of waiting until :03; Carolina fails to lateral on ensuing kickoff 2/1/04
Tucson High basketball player Joe Kay torn artery in dog pile celebration, stroke 2/11/04
Tampa Bay used two late personal fouls and an unsportsmanlike conduct penalty to lose to the Colts in overtime 10/6/03 7/29/04
Patriot deliberate safety while trailing against Denver 11/3/03 7/29/04
Houston game-ending safety against Buffalo 11/16/03 7/29/03
Detroit cannot stop clock before half against San Diego 12/7/03 7/30/04
Ditto Bengals v. Browns 12/28/03 7/30/04
Rams settling for tie in regulation leads to Division playoff loss 1/10/04 7/30/04
LSU blows game with personal foul 9/18/04 9/19/04
Added rule 1.20(t) Kick return before two-minute warning in NFL 12/22/04
Added to Rule 2.02 pertaining to team trailing by one or two points and within field goal range regarding take-a-knee period 12/22/04
Vikings-Lions 12/19/04 game failure of Vikings to take a knee leading to field goal rather than score TD 12/22/04
More detail on Niners free kick field goal attempt after a fair catch vs. MN in 1988 8/1/05
Green Bay late spike v. Giants 10/3/04 8/7/05
:04 field goal by Green Bay 11/21/04 8/7/05
Premature mourning of loss by Wiggins of Vikings causes loss 12/12/04 8/7/05
Fake spike by Delhomme 1/2/05 8/7/05
Marshall celebration blocks play signals and costs them game 9/10/05 9/12/05
Acalanes HS premature celebration gives victory to College Park HS 9/23/05 9/28/05
Michigan knocks Minnesota out of bounds and loses on field goal with with :01 left 10/9/05
Ravens players assume fumble is incomplete pass. Detroit advances to 2-yard line. 10/9/05
Nebraska nose intercepts pass then gets stripped leading to game-winning TD for Texas Tech 10/8/05
MN loses to WI probably as a result of not taking an intentional safety, FCM Rule 1.20(0) expanded to reflect other than final-play situations 10/16/05
AL timeout at :03 left to kick game-winning field goal against MS 10/16/05
MI gets :02 added back to clock and beats Penn State with play that started with :01 left—add Clock Management Rules 1.20(u) and 4.00(u) re prompt protest of adverse clock-operator error or malfeasance 10/16/05
Add exception (d) regarding prevention of video review to Rule 1.10 10/16/05
Clarify Rule 1.21 regarding start time of fourth-down run or pass at end of half 10/16/05
49ers coach Mike Nolan leads NFL into new clock management era: his 310-pound offensive tackle Kwame Harris not only is first on the team to call time with :02 left in half, thereby enabling SF to kick a field goal, he also beats chest proudly after referee identifies #77 as the player who got the clock stopped—presumably the first time in NFL history that a player celebrated his own football intellect (i.e., clock-management knowledge) on the field 10/31/05
Vanderbilt excessive celebration probably costs them big upset over FL 11/5/05 11/11/05
SI article on Carolina Panthers “bleeding clock” in fourth quarter 11/17/05
Joe Paterno’s Penn State misses undefeated season by one second. Would slightly better clock management have given them that undefeated season? Yes. It was a pace-graph mistake. 11/19/05
Nebraska premature celebration on final play of 2005 Alamo Bowl 12/30/05
Michigan ball carrier catches fifth lateral of play but fails to lateral ending game in a loss at 2005 Alamo Bowl 12/30/05
Steelers did not make a clock mistake giving the ball to Bettis with 1:20 left in the playoff game against Colts, but did err in stopping the clock by throwing incomplete pass at 2:47; Colts also erred big time in not using two of their timeouts during that Steelers’ possession 1/16/06
Lindsey Jacobellis’ Leon Lett-like blowing of the snowboarding gold medal by showboating in the final second of her 2006 Turin, Italy Olympic race 2/18/06
11/25/50 Michigan-Ohio State failure to take knee at end of first half probably cost Buckeyes the game and their coach his job 2/26/06
Former Raider Robert Jenkins tells me how they avoided false starts while running a slowdown in a deafeningly noisy domed stadium 4/27/06
Woody Hayes Gator Bowl punch added to celebration chapter 5/15/06
Correct NCAA rule about deliberately lateraling the ball out of bounds to stop the clock thanks to referee Mike Wise 6/5/06
Eagle Trent Cole kicks Giant Kareem McKenzie thereby moving New York into field goal range and one of the greatest comeback victories in NFL history. 9/19/06
Titan face mask tackle on last play moves Texans into tying field-goal range and gives them one more play. 9/24/06
Jets’ 6-lateral keep-hope-alive play in 10/1/06 loss to Colts 10/2/06
Dawg Pound incitement of Mark Gastineau to commit key roughing the passer penalty leading to Browns win in 1987 playoff game 11/4/06
Monte Vista High School (where Football Clock Management author John T. Reed coached freshmen from 2003 through 2005) loses to arch rival San Ramon Valley High School in last 14 seconds on fake-spike play 11/9/06 11/11/06
Shawn Crable late hit helps Ohio State win “Game of the Century” vs. Michigan 11/19/06
Add snapping the ball to Clock Management Rule 1.20(b) NFL two-minute warning exceptions 11/26/06
Charger receiver Vincent Jackson’s celebratory spinning discard of a live ball while trailing in the fourth quarter 11/27/06
Ted Ginn, Jr.’s disastrous celebration after the first play of the game at the BCS national championship game, 1/8/07 1/11/07
High school team declines defensive pass interference on touchdown play and loses game as a result, 10/07, add new Clock Management Rules 1.20(v) and 4.00(v) 10/27/07
4th edition 4/5/10
Bronco Brandon Stokely running sideways along the one-yard line in 2009 game against Bengals 4/5/10
Maurice Jones-Drew taking a knee at the one instead of scoring a touchdown against the Jets in 2009 4/5/10
added getting into field-goal range as a situation where you get into the take-a-knee situation on the fly 4/5/10
rules change made the NCAA play clock the same as the NFL play clock 4/5/10
added a discussion of the longest drive, in terms of time-consumption, in NCAA history—a Navy drive against New Mexico in the 2004 Emerald Bowl 4/5/10
made changes to the following Reed’s Rules of Football Clock Management: 4.00(b)(2), 1.21, 3.02 4/5/10
remove the reference to the scrimmage kick formation exception in high school rules 4/5/10
coaches can now call timeout 4/5/10
Added to the final play TD chapter referral to the great documentary theatrical movie Harvard Beats Yale 29-29 4/5/10
Added discussion of my fake field goal speed option play experience to the Final Play Field Goal chapter. 4/5/10
Added the ability to use timeout on offense to use a diagram to explain a complex play to the offense. 4/5/10
two tables on how much time timeouts are saved by timeouts in various situations have been changed to reflect the new NCAA play clock rules 4/5/10
Added criticism of offensive coordinators who run a whole-game, no-huddle hurry-up, even when they are ahead, in order to pad their own, personal, total-offense-per-game stats 4/5/10
changed the run-pass play for a touchdown rule to say snap on any down when there is :07 or less left. 4/5/10
new NCAA take-a-knee and quarterback sweep-slide tables 4/5/10
added worst case HS/NCAA take-a-knee and sweep-slide tables to reflect the unlikely event of an official’s timeout after every play for whatever reasons 4/5/10