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Errata for Single Wing Offense for Youth Football

Russell Ackoff comment

Russell Ackoff is a business management guru who died 10/29/09. He made a famous comment which is similar to my comments “It’s more imporant to block the right man than the right way” and “It’s more important to know whom to block than how to block.” Ackoff said,

It’s much better to do the right thing wronger than the wrong thing righter.

Order of selection typo

In books printed before 10/22/01, the diagram on page 30 showing the order of selection is correct, but the order-of-selection list has positions 7 and 8 reversed. It should read that the 8th pick is the inside tackle and he has a card value of 7 and the 9th pick is the short guard and he has a card value of 6.

New single-wing book by Ken Keuffel

Ken Keuffel who wrote Simplified Single-Wing Football many years ago has written a new book on the subject called Winning Single-Wing Football. I recommend it highly.

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