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Coaching Youth Football news release

Third edition of Coaching Youth Football released
Alamo, CA, October 17, 2000—The third edition of Coaching Youth Football by John T. Reed is now available. ($25.95, 256 pages, ISBN 0-939224-45-3) All chapters of the book have been revised and improved. The most extensive changes are in the overview, defense, and offense chapters. The defense chapter now reflects Reed’s new gap-air-mirror terminology in place of the outmoded and confusing-to-many “gap-8” and “10-1” terms. The new defense chapter offers a much improved explanation of how to run a youth-football defense, including a detailed section on how to read the many tip-offs offensive players and coaches provide that reveal which play is coming. The offense chapter was rewritten from scratch. It now gives much more information on the passing game and clock management.
The first two editions of Coaching Youth Football were extremely successful. Dozens of glowing emails from youth coaches can be read at Reed’s Web site ( comments.html). In fact the book was so successful, it appears to have inspired two other publishers to change the names of their pre-existing books to Coaching Youth Football. American Sports Education Program changed the name of its Rookie Coaches Guide Football to Coaching Youth Football. Betterway changed the name of its Parent’s Guide to Coaching Football to Parent’s Guide to Coaching Youth Football [emphasis added], but they leave the phrase “Parent’s Guide” off the front cover and spine. They just say “Coaching Youth Football.”
Reed’s book is practical, real world advice that works. Some competing books are written by famous college or pro coaches who know football, but not youth football. Other youth football coaching books are written by youth coaches, but they are more politically correct than useful.
Reed’s other coaching books are: Youth Baseball Coaching, Coaching Youth Football Defense, Coaching Youth Flag Football, Gap-Air-Mirror Defense for Youth Football, and Football Clock Management. Reed is a West Point graduate and a Harvard MBA. He and his wife have three teenage sons.
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