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Coaching Youth Football changes from prior editions

This is a list of differences between the 3rd and 4th editions of Coaching Youth Football by John T. Reed so that owners of the third edition can decide whether they want to buy the fourth edition. The 3rd edition had 254 pages. The 4th edition has 267.

    1. Overview chapter

      - expanded by six pages; new material includes subheads The nature of coaching; Motivation; Who are the bad kids?; Nothing but frustration; Cut the kids who can’t or won’t; Garbage in, garbage out; universal use of wrist coaches for offensive players; How to teach assignments; First step drills; Bird-dog drills; video practice scrimmages;
    2. Special teams - added discussion of the place-kick punt
    3. Kickoff Team - Expanded by one page including subheads about kicker’s approach; value of using rubber footballs for kickoffs only; kickoff zone diagram
    4. 4 Kick-return team - Expanded by seven pages including subheads on Few deep kicks against us; NCAA and NFL kick-return stats; blocking; schemes; grade your game film; coaching points; our kick-return playbook; wall-left kick return; improved three-man backfield double fake including coaching points; huddle or dribble kickoff counter tactics; our 85-yard backward pass kick return; 5 Punt team - added discussion of the
place-kick punt
      ; expanded practice time for this unit 6 Punt block/return team - subhead Youth kicking teams are awful; different technique for blocking than 3rd edition 7 PAT/FG kick team - added subhead on holder curling his toes in his stance; added discussion of the
place-kick punt
    ; fake P.A.T./field goal plays; the drop kick on artificial surfaces; pertinent rules 8 Scrimmage-kick defense - no change 9 Defense - added discussion of dive play defense; stop the trap play; triple option defense 10 Offense - added discussion on value of adding at least one option play to your offense; use of twins formation to open up the slant pass Appendix A Bibliography - 249 Appendix B Practice schedules - 253 Index - 257