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Coaching Youth Flag Football front matter

Coaching Youth Flag
by John T. Reed

John T. Reed
342 Bryan Drive
Alamo, CA 94507
Fax: 925-820-1259
Copyright 1999 by John T. Reed
ISBN: 0-939224-43-7

Dedicated to my son Michael and his teammates on the 1998 MOL Eagles

About the author

John T. "Jack" Reed coached youth tackle football for seven years, high school football for three years, and flag football for one year.
Altogether, Reed has coached over 25 teams including baseball (tee ball to semi-pro), volleyball (high school boys varsity and junior varsity), and youth soccer. He is a member of the American Football Coaches Association, California Coaches Association, National Youth Sports Coaches Association, the National Federation Interscholastic Coaches Association, the Football Writers Association of America, the Professional Football Researchers Association, and the American Baseball Coaches Association.
He holds a bachelor of science degree from West Point and a master of business administration degree from Harvard Business School.

Thanks to
My sons, Daniel, Steven, and Mike for agreeing to my recommendation that they try football for a year before deciding whether they wanted to play soccer or wife for being a football widow to an extent during coaches meetings, scouting trips, practice, and games...the San Ramon Bears for taking my oldest son in after he was cut by another team and for giving me the opportunity to coach...Pat Elliott...Steve Noon...Jim Monroe for his expert advice...Kathryn Steele, Bears trainer, and Shannon Pablo, Miramonte trainer, for their counsel on injury prevention and fellow coaches for putting up with my foibles and faults...our cameramen without whose videotaping of games we coaches wouldn't know what the heck happened out players, who also put up with my faults and foibles as we struggled together through their early years as players and my early years as coach...Miramonte High School coaches Richard Blaisdell, Floyd Burnsed, Paul Yriberri, Vince Dell'Aquilla and Granada High School coaches Aaron Gingery, Bob Turnbeaugh, Ken Nelson, Brad Morosoli, Hank Stephens, T.J. Thomas, John Glover, and Doug Pederson for their instruction and encouragement...Roger Theder, NFL and college coach, for his advice and encouragement...Dana Bible, Stanford offensive coordinator for sharing his thoughts and experiences with me...Holly Newman, referee for reading the book and straightening me out on high school rules...Ace Cacchiotti of NFL Films for his generous assistance...NFL team public relations men: Bob Moore of the Chiefs, Harvey Greene and Neal Gulkis of the Dolphins, Frank Ramos of the Jets, Greg Gladysiewski of the Cardinals, Rich Dalrymple of the Cowboys, Lee Remmel of the Packers, Pat Hanlon of the Giants, Todd Starowitz of the Eagles...John Aldrich, Erv Hatzenbuhler, Ken Keuffel, and Ed Racely for consulting with me and helping me design my single-wing offense...Hugh Wyatt for helping me design my double-wing offense...Bruce Burroughs for helping me become a flag coach...Barry Terranova for hiring me as clock management columnist for American Football Coach magazine and as a member of the American Football Quarterly University "faculty."