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Coaching Teenage and Adult Baseball front matter

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About the author
John T. Reed has coached 15 baseball teams from tee ball to semi-pro. During most of his baseball coaching years, he was also playing adult baseball or semi-pro baseball.
He is a member of the American Baseball Coaches Association, the California Coaches Association, The National Federation of Interscholastic Coaches Association, the American Football Coaches Association, The Football Writers Association of American, and the Professional Football Researchers Association. Reed is a West Point graduate and a Harvard MBA.

Thanks to…
“Mr. Baseball” (Dick Steiner) my college and army roommate and the “Unofficial Magician” of the Baltimore Orioles…Norm Osborn, who let me help coach my oldest son’s tee-ball team…Oscar Miller, who taught me hitting mechanics…Fellow coaches Jim Bradfield, Bruce Burrows, Len Swec, Mark Friedman, Ray Hilsinger…Parents who helped, especially the parents of my 1993 tee-ball Dodgers: John Callahan, Dave Greiner, Jerry Hokanson, Rich and Marie Imes, Paul Lopez, Kurt Sinz, and Nick Vergis…my adult and semi-pro baseball teammates…Former pros who gave advice: Rob Andrews, Duane Anderson, and Dan Meyer…Pro outfield instructor Sam Suplizio…Cardinals manager and neighbor Tony LaRussa…authors Pete Palmer and Cliff Petrak.