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Back Cover of Coaching Youth Football

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Most successful offense in years

The Contrarian approach · The Keep-It-Simple Principle

The Warp-Speed, No-Huddle · The Strength-Against-Weakness Principle

The Oomph Principle · Decoys

The right "Order of Selection" · Double-Team and Trap Blocking


One of the best defenses in the league

In his first two years as a defensive coordinator, Coach Reed's defenses held their opponents to an average of 5.76 points per game and scored an average of 2.57 points per game. In '91, they shut out 7 opponents and held 4 to negative yardage using:

 · The (almost) Sweep-Proof Defense

 · The 8-2-1 and 10-1 Defenses

 · The "Coffee Table Defense"

 · The (almost) Reverse-Proof Defense

 · The Goal-Line Everywhere Mentality

 · "The Drill" and Remedial Tackling

 · The Pick-It-Up-And-Run Habit

 · "Coach Hustle"

Special Teams that work

  • The kickoff that was recovered by Reed's team 30% of the time.
  • The kick return team that got everyone blocking until the whistle.
  • The punt that goes twice as far as normal because the defense has no one back.
  • The punt block team that knows not to fall on the ball.
  • The PAT kick technique that enables players as young as eleven to succeed.

What readers have said

Here are some comments about the first edition of Coaching Youth Football.

We're averaging 34 points per game, almost 500 yards of total offense per game. Recently, we scored the most offensive points in the history of the league. I can tell you that I know had I not found your book, I might have done OK, but certainly would not have done as well. David Garic, Radcliff, KY

I am using your offense now. My coaching staff is now convinced. We won our only pre-season game 45-0 and are 2-0 in the regular season. In the pre-season game, we recovered five fumbles, returnd an interception for a TD, and held our opponent's offense to negative yardage. We didn't even allow a first down. Our last game was played against coaches who were former NFL players. We won 18-12. I did not coach these 10-year olds until this year and previously they had never won a game for two seasons. The 10-1 works. Tom Overton, St. Louis, Mo

I have been involved in football at all levels from youth to junior high and service ball for over twenty-five years. I must have a library with 100 books, tapes, etc. The most cherished one is Coaching Youth Football by Jack Reed. I have read it several times and get something new from it each time. Dick Bosco, Barstow, CA

Jack Reed coached high school football for six years and youth football for 9 years. Reed is a West Point graduate and a Harvard MBA.