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Chronological List of past John T. Reed’s Real Estate Investor’s Monthly article titles

This page contains titles of all the articles published in John T. Reed's Real Estate Investor's Monthly since January 2006. 

Here is the FULL LIST of all the articles published in John T. Reed's Real Estate Investor's Monthly since its inception in February 1986 through the final issue in January, 2018.

• Quality of raw material

• Can you profit from giving good financing terms?
• ‘The World’s Greatest Real Estate Investor and what you can learn from him’
• CA continues crusade against title companies
• Tenancy by the entirety
• The Lost Liberty Hotel
• Clouding title scheme
• MA loves housing but hates home builders
• ‘Brokers’ ownership rights in their property listings’
• Cannot discriminate against goldfish
• Emotional investing
• Hurricane insurance
• Miscellaneous
• Correction


• Revisiting Nickerson’s advice in 2006
• Cap rate compression
• Latest Utah real estate scam
• eBay sued by Tiffany
• New home value Web site
• Buyers’ market myth again
• People not paper
• Quicken Rental Property Manager
• State MLS?
• Big screen


1929 Book review: Confessions of a Real Estate Entrepreneur
1932 Rising adjustable mortgage interest rates
1934 Warren Buffett follows below-average with loss
1934 Fortune follow-up on flippers
1934 Overdue library books
1935 State income tax on exchanges
1935 $1 billion worth of empty trailers
1935 6.5 to 7.0% cap rates in apartments
1936 Size of foreclosure market
1936 The cockiness of the young


1937 A unified theory of real estate investment
1939 Predatory mortgage lending
1940 Slate roof follow-up
1942 They outsource that, too!?
1942 AAA cost of driving
1942 Entrepreneurship courses
1943 More on-line real estate listings
1943 Paying full asking price
1944 20-year hot spots history


1945 Book review: Fooled by Randomness
1948 Staging
1949 Outappraising the market
1950 TeleNav to direct you to cheapest gas
1950 Property management supply catalog
1950 IRS denies charity status to seller-funded down-payment gift companies
1950 Congressional hearings on title insurance
1951 Mortgage delinquencies
1951 Fixed-rate, interest-only mortgages
1951 Old contract clauses
1952 Chicago Board offers housing futures based on NAR median existing home prices
1952 Family limited partnerships take a hit
1952 Gas prices


1953 Over- and underestimating
1955 Learning from the stock market
1957 ‘Loser’s game’
1958 Brand new, old-time Main Streets
1958 Revamping of the FHA
1958 Tax deductions for certain energy saving devices in nonresidential buildings
1959 Increased homeowner mortgage debt
1959 Brain-damaged investors better
1959 Book review: Unique Ability
1960 Miscellaneous


1961 Investment principles
1964 Real estate investor philanthropy
1967 Boomers getting out of apartments
1967 Houseboat appreciation
1967 Registered sex offenders drop property values
1968 Adding space underneath the building
1968 More flood insurance problems
1968 Extreme makeover: Home Edition taxable income
1968 Self-employed health insurance may not be deducted on Schedule C


1969 Going against the crowd
1972 60
1974 Anchorage
1974 Auctions again
1974 More stigmatized properties
1975 Proposed IRS regs on exchange interest
1975 Need to appraise the closing costs, too
1975 Bankruptcy homestead exemptions
1976 Unsolicited bid service
1976 Miscellaneous


1977 Risk management
1983 ‘Bird dogging’ as a career
1983 Short sales
1984 Dying for an audience
1984 Miscellaneous follow-up


1985 Limits on mania
1987 Loral Langemeier’s approach
1988 Book reviews: Blink by Malcolm Gladwell
1990 Pinnacle scam
1990 Wesley snipes Indicted
1991 Highest prices = highest foreclosures
1991 Realtors® say prices dropped 2.2%
1991 Democrats will tax Republicans
1985 First price decline since Depression
1985 Median home price high and low
1985 Buy downs are back


1995 Up strategies for down markets
1996 Richest racket
1998 Who is Carol Lloyd and how did she acquire immunity from persecution?
1998 Median new home price falls by largest amount in 35 years
1998 Number of real estate agents drops
1999 Position wanted: Steve Reed
1999 More developments


2003 Book review: Trump Strategies for Real Estate by George Ross
2007 10 rules for building wealth
2007 Warp-speed strategies
2007 Time Man of the Year
2008 First completely electronic closing in PA
2008 Retirement self-deception
2008 More developments


2012 The emotional cycle of real estate
2014 The other side of tax liens: cheap money
2014 Whitney news
2014 Risks of ‘exotic’ mortgages
2014 Apartment vacancies rising due to condo failures
2015 Tenant meth lab damage not covered by owner’s insurance
2015 Investors chasing appreciation that they themselves caused
2016 More developments


2017 The test
2019 Finding value by using a sharper pencil
2022 Three convicted in connection with trying to rig federal foreclosure auctions
2023 Do home inspectors really provide any protection?
2023 Rex Grossman
2023 Indiana positive cash flow
2023 Forino Report
2024 How much lower can Utah go?
2024 Michael Warren pleads guilty to fraud
2024 Zillow—it doesn’t work, but who cares?


2025 Profiting from zoning improvements
2028 People who need people
2030 Bruce Norris predictions revisited
2030 Jimmy Napier is alive and well, but retired
2030 Scooter Libby
2030 Carol Lloyd moved to the business section—or out the door
2031 Generic real estate-related financial market scandal story
2032 Wade cook convicted on seven counts of tax evasion
2032 Skinny dipping
2032 Insurance industry spasms


2033 Hedging real estate
2036 Size, collaboration, change
2038 First fall in NAR prices since Depression
2038 NAR blames media
2038 Blink questioned
2038 Democrats and money
2039 Correction
2039 Attack when they re-load or jam
2039 PMI deductible
2040 Improved books
2040 Warren Buffett’s expertise at stock picking
2040 Not claiming deductions does not avoid AMT
2040 Gann’s zoning book


2041 For your own account
2044 The nature of expertise Part II
2046 Short sales and taxes
2046 John T. Reed Publishing
2047 Failed retiree flippers
2048 Disabled visitors need not be accommodated
2048 Headline news blog


2049 Undue diligence
2051 The Wisdom of Crowds
2053 Backlash against vultures
2054 The Section
2054 Being a landlord is increasingly like a government job—only without the benefits
2054 ‘Alternative’ energy
2055 Abalos v. Bronchick
2056 Fear of the unfamiliar
2056 Sleep number bed


2057 Reducing transaction costs
2060 Profiting from innovation
2062 Martha Stewart homes
2062 Stefanchik ordered to refund $17.8 million
2062 Katrina cottages
2063 Mall curfews
2063 Selling future home appreciation


2065 Black Swans
2068 Lease options the right way: no interest
2069 Sub-prime meltdown
2070 IRS sends Wade Cook and wife to jail
2070 More transaction-cost avoidance
2071 ZIPS or people?
2071 Bronchick served
2071 IQ and success
2072 Bill Walsh, 1931-2007


2073 Scalability
2077 Texas lease option law
2078 FICO says nothing about loan-to-value ratio
2079 Foreclosure explosion
2080 Can’t exclude illegals from apartments
2080 Sprinkler leaks
2080 Real estate generated recession?


2081 Bob Bruss, 1940-2007
2083 Investing when values are “falling”
2086 Southern California Fires
2087 Foreclosures
2087 MA bans “Foreclosure rescue”
2087 Quants
2088 Home ownership percentage falls
2088 Fraud Pattern Recognition Software
2088 The old rules don’t apply to home buiilders—or do they?


2089 How the Forbes 400 got so rich
2093 ‘I’m a big success, but I cannot prove it to you for privacy reasons’
2094 NY suit against appraisers and lenders
2094 State subprime laws
2094 5-year waiting period on second home exclusion
2094 Commercial loan delinquency rate very low
2095 Realtors convention in Las Vegas, baby


2097 Use of group ownership to manage risk
2100 How you became a real estate investor
2103 Internal Whitney corporate investigation calls for him to step down as CEO
2103 Addition to last month’s issue
2103 Other Reed publications
2104 If the government really wants to help with foreclosures, how about lowering the assessments?
2104 Bush’s plan to help ‘homeowners’ 

2105 Stock market tools for real estate
2109 Leaving your bat in the dugout
2110 House rent-to-price ratio
2110 Lenders resisting or screwing up workouts
2111 Two guys make $4 billion on subprime in 18 months
2111 Recommended books on financial engineering
2112 Reverse annuity mortgages as salvation for older delinquents
2112 Bush signs Mortgage Forgiveness Debt Relief Act
2112 Senate passes FHA Modernization Act of 2007
2112 New Reed Publishing publications
2112 FDIC leaning on mortgage lenders

2113 Medieval peasants
2115 Broken Buildings, Busted Budgets
2116 ‘But real estate always goes up in the long term’
2117 Are foreclosures better now?
2118 MGIC tightening rules
2118 Non-recourse to recourse
2119 Agreeing to personal liability
2119 Withdrawing from Section 8 can be illegal discrimination
2120 Subprime is not the only thing going on in real estate investment
2120 New laws on discharge of indebtedness income and mortgage insurance premiums

2121 Inflation has been tamed, right?
2123 Magnum Opus
2125 Lessons from private equity
2126 Record foreclosures and low equity
2126 Medicare disaster
2127 SEC sues ‘Teach Me To Trade’ promoters
2128 Air-conditioner lives on
2128 How to get updated when a Web page you like is changed

2129 Unconventional Success
2132 If you’re not seeking extraordinary returns, get out of real estate
2133 Craigslist
2134 19th edition of Aggressive Tax Avoidance for Real Estate Investors is now out
2134 Duct cleaning
2134 New version of How to Do a Delayed Exchange
2134 McCain: End nothing down
2135 Contacting the elusive OREO loan officers
2135 Vehicle traffic
2136 Derivative transaction costs
2136 Paying gains tax before Obama raises the rate
*Accidentally printed with "August 2008" instead of "April"

2137 Liquidity
2140 Better-than-passive returns
2142 2nd edition of Distressed Real Estate Times is out
2142 Email renewal notices
2142 High-priced home prices hardly falling
2142 Errors in last issue
2143 Falling prices and rising rents in LA
2143 Arbitration as a risk-management device
2144 Vacation home illiquidity
2144 Tax evasion by real estate investors growing sharply

2145 Your Money & Your Brain
2148 Politicians as entrepreneurs
2150 Arbitrate with AAA or JAMS
2150 Buy and Bail
2151 New housing derivative
2151 Fraud, deductible; lousy construction, not
2151 Audit only covers one year
2151 Realtors settle antitrust suit
2151 SEC sues foreclosure scheme promoters
2152 Defacto options
2152 Roommate match illegal
2152 London-to-US phone card free

2153 ‘Nobody knows de troubles I see’
2156 Lender failures
2158 eBay loses $63 million counterfeit suit
2158 Hidden crisis in real estate private equity funds
2159 Are the feds nationalizing the home mortgage market?
2160 FHA in CA
2160 Higher IRS mileage rate
2160 Bear Stearns borrowed short and invested long
2160 Misspelling debtor’s name voids lien
2160 Subprime hurting homeowners associations


2161 Buying a house in the current market
2164 The Logic of Life
2166 Weather insurance
2166 Big housing bill
2166 Georgia governor tried to stop subprime mess
2167 Newspaper real estate editors getting phased out
2167 Ups among the downs
2167 Another facilitator not returning investors’ money
2168 Two home price indexes
2168 Retail cap rates
2168 Overreaction
2168 Correction


2169 The Housing and Economic Recovery Act of 2008
2172 ‘Equity release’
2174 Financial firm bailouts and collapses
2175 Were Realtors® blind or just trying to talk sales and prices up?
2175 Consumer Reports experts?
2175 Populist solutions to financial troubles
2176 More reverse mortgages
2176 An old fashioned lender


2177 Meltdown


What have we done? What should we do?


2193 ‘Professionally’-managed bargains
2195 Foreclosure OREO purchase
2198 No more Mr. Nice Guy
2198 Keyboard
2199 Linkedin and Twitter
2199 Madoff teaching moment
2200 Commercial balloons
2200 Clarification regarding the 2009 law on renting out your principal residence before availing yourself of the $250,000 per spouse appreciation capital gains exclusion


2201 House poor, house risk
2204 The Gridlock Economy
2206 Fortune advice on investing in ‘The Housing Bust’
2206 Tariffs rising around the world
2207 Former NAR economist tells all
2207 ‘Stimulus’ package
2208 Auctioneer Steven Good suicide


2209 Reacting to the economic situation thus far
2211 10,000 hours
2214 Looking at the Great Depression
2214 International builder show
2216 Financial Times of London editor
2216 FNMA four-house limit raised to ten
2216 Community Reinvestment Act role in subprime crisis small


2217 Depression real estate investing 
2221 Obama’s tax law 
2222 Self-storage not much affected 
2222 Worst case scenarios 
2224 TIPs 5-year auction 4/23/09
2224 OTC derivatives market not functioning 
2224 Magnum opus at printers 


2225 Lessons from the Great Depression for 2009
2229 Signs of life
2230 40 times monthly gross in [redacted] suburbs
2230 Private deal-based unemployment insurance
2230 Invest in European real estate?
2231 Opportunity within non-opportunity
2232 Adventures in landlordland
2232 Low mortgage interest rates
2232 False bottom?
2232 Trump project folds


2233 Inflation
2237 One apartment building market
2238 Short sale is not necessarily debt forgiveness
2238 More investing in Europe
2239 More echoes of New Deal
2240 Guru Joe Kaiser and associates ordered to pay $4.2 million in fines and restitution
2240 Obama policy toward secured creditors


2241 Who can you trust?
2244 Housing Boom and Bust
2246 Can't take your money because you are American
2246 Laffer's money supply graph
2246 Proposed law
2246 Fed Watchers Monthly?
2247 Peter Bernstein dies
2247 SmartZIP launches residential rental property site
2247 Deflation and debt


2249 'That's good with inflation, isn't it?'
2252 What's going to happen?
2253 More actions against gurus
2254 Another OREO niche
2254 Appraisal rules
2255 Economists defend Fed
2256 Ducking Obama's health care mandates
2256 Inflation red flags


2257 Bulk foreclosures
2259 Financial engineering risks
2262 Mortgage modification
2262 China demands, and gets, TIPs
2263 Fake radio shows
2263 'Seamless short sales'
2264 No more Whitney at Whitney Information Network
2264 Another 1031 facilitator goes bust
2264 Modified loans default


2265 Disorderly liquidation
2268 Cleaning up in real estate
2270 Good credit borrowers most likely to walk from underwater property
2271 Effect of deflation on taxes
2271 Has housing market turned around?
2272 Health care and real estate
2272 'Creepy Phil' of Antioch, CA


2273 Are distressed homes worth it?
2275 Ivy endowments get butts kicked in illiquid investments
2277 Cleaning up in real estate, Part II
2278 Vacancies up
2279 Hawaii hotels troubles
2279 Reports of foreclosure auction bargains
2279 FNMA increases number of mortgages per investor to 10
2280 Inflation expectations


2281 ‘Cash is very strategic’
2284 Good and bad in the current financial situation
2287 Short-term maturities
2287 Values up 70%; rents, 35%
2287 FDIC may be new RTC
2288 Excellent analysis of housing market
2288 Jack Miller died


2289 What real estate approach works best in this economy?
2291 Living through it
2295 More reports of foreclosure bargains
2295 ‘Saving homes’ = more subprime
2296 Fewer tenants in New York City
2296 China warned about its real estate bubble
2296 Limitations of TIPs


1197 The self-inflicted Ponzi Scheme real estate investment strategy
2300 Red-tag risk
2302 Moody’s REAL Commercial Property Price Indices
2302 Health care
2302 Double-digit cap rates
2302 ‘Alternative’ energy
2303 Northeastern property taxes crushing distressed owners
2303 Real estate outlook articles
2304 Barney Frank: replace FNMA/FHLMC
2304 Celebrity commodities
2304 11th District Cost of Funds Index


2305 Foreclosure market changes
2307 Predictable near-future events
2310 Cash
2311 Home appraisal mess
2312 Another foreclosure moratorium
2312 Realty ’flation issues


2313 Walk-way morality
2317 Real estate and current Congressional actions
2318 Lack of home building good for investors
2318 Fed threats regarding interest rates and inflation
2319 Will it go back to the way it was?
2319 Repoing expensive toys of real estate guys
2320 Average can mislead


2321 ‘How I made $6 billion in real estate in my spare time in three years without knowing anything about real estate’
2325 Squirrels do it
2326 School District Premium
2326 Not enough to call the bottom
2326 CalPERS ally of rent control
2327 SF home invaders take over duplex, police watch
2327 LA wants green energy but does not want to pay green money for it
2328 Apartment rents up


2329 Boiling-Frog Syndrome
2332 Systemic dumb stuff in real estate
2334 Homes are undervalued
2334 Follow-up on Big Short article
2335 Charitable remainder trusts and hyperinflation
2335 SAFE Act
2336 Will China be Number 1?
2336 How to burn up a clothes dryer
2336 No protection for refi


2337 Best time ever
2340 ‘Pretend and extend’
2342 Carried-interest tax law
2342 How to Protect your Life Savings from Hyperinflation & Depression is now out
2344 Exchange facilitators want to be regulated
2344 Russ Whitney and Scott Rothstein
2344 Lint trap revisited
2344 The compressor that refused to die


2345 ‘Necessity-based’ realty
2347 Why the last 4 years happened? What should we learn?
2351 Does CA anti-deficiency judgment statute apply to refinancing?
2351 Irrational refi reluctance
2351 Review of Strengths Finder 2.0
2352 More air conditioner lessons
2352 Equity skimming


2353 Liquidity trap
2355 Uncertainty
2357 SAFE Act
2358 Housing glut finally acknowledged
2358 Talk about a fast value drop
2359 You will have to issue many more 1099s
2359 Happily unemployed
2360 Worthless second error
2360 Think twice about Section 8 as a solution to weak market


2361 Pension accounts, real estate, and risk management
2365 Railroad rights of way and other unusual property types
2367 Paolo Pellegrini returns investor’s money
2367 Home market woes
2367 What if people no longer believe in home appreciation?
2368 Beware ‘sovereign citizens’
2368 It’s a girl


2369 Much ado about home mortgage documentation
2372 ‘The Buzzard of the Backcountry’
2374 Refinanced our house
2375 The ‘news’ is a distraction from what’s important
2376 OREOs 23% of the home market
2376 Interstate Recognition of Notarizations Act vetoed
2376 Tax rate increases January 1st


2377 Quantitative Easing II
2379 More Money Than God
2382 ‘Head for the round house, Nellie. He can’t corner you
2382 White House Deficit Commission preliminary plan
2383 More OREOs than new homes
2383 Case history of the paralyzing effect of government-
created uncertainty
2384 2010 election results
2384 Foreclosure detectives


2385 Seller Finance in 2011
2387 More Money Than God II
2390 ‘There’s gold in them thar hills. Leave it there.’
2390 Rinnai tankless
2391 Worthless junior mortgages being used to extort from senior mortgagees
2391 Sign of the times
2392 If you think there is a recession, try to get a plumber
2392 Upside-down world of underwater homes


2893 All the Devils Are Here
2397 New mortgage rules hurt resale values
2398 Fine grain rent adjustments
2398 Upticks but two overhangs
2399 Anti-flipping rule postponed again
2400 Heavy regulation of condos hurting financing and resale
2400 No more two-year subs


2401 Apartment building, home values and rents going up in many markets
2403 All the Devils are Here, II
2405 Chanos on China taking over the world
2406 Changes in how CPI is calculated
2406 Real estate welfare queens
2407 Novel, and perhaps superior, regulatory standard
2407 Private prosecutor career
2408 Computer password advice
2408 Aggressive Tax Avoidance… at printer


2409 Immobilier
2411 Book Review: When Money Dies
2414 NAR® stats questioned
2414 Tsunami risk revisited
2415 More China
2415 Minkow again
2416 Rethinking 'skin in the game'


2417 Reed's Rules of Real Estate Finance 5.0
2420 Life estates as a hyperinflation shelter
2422 When Money Dies, 2
2423 Liar loan borrower goes to prison
2423 BAIES refunds
2424 Impossible due diligence


2425 Is it time to resume investing in some markets?
2428 Don't store it, sell it
2430 When Money Dies
2431 Flopping scam
2431 Retail basics
2432 Condos have extra risk
2432 Lonnie Scruggs, vicitm


2433 ARMs revisited in this low-interest era
2434 Real estate's lost decade
2435 Confidence hits a wall
2437 Solar potential maps
2438 EquityLock protection against declining home values
2439 Term of the national debt, too
2439 Russ Dalbey, note guru, sued by FTC
2439 Not green shoots but cash flow opportunities
2439 Heat and air-conditioning
2440 Government-induced real estate booms


2441 Non-conforming hoae loans
2443 Waiting until he goes
2446 Federal prosecution of foreclosure bid chillers
2446 Higher apartment rents
2447 PIMCO won their bet against U.S. bonds
2447 St. Joe and real estate
2448 Lousy Investment article
2448 Soup Nazi marketing


2441 Yet another way to skin the real estate cat
2451 The debt-ceiling fight makes real estate's future clearer
2453 Home P/E ratio
2454 Internet travel rental firms
2454 Option ARM resets and slow foreclosures
2455 Federal government seeking investors' help with foreclosures
2456 JP Morgan Chase getting out of tax lien business
2456 When will it hit the fan?


2457 Traditional investment advice does not match the times
2460 Wipe out your property taxes by buying your property back at auction?
2462 Live aboards
2462 EU affect US real estate?
2463 Low-interest rates are propping up values
2464 Chicago says lenders, assignees, and agents of lenders are 'owners'
2464 Get rents up to market


2465 Low returns in all asset classes
2467 What happened to the Law of Supply and Demand?
2468 How rebalancing, margin calls, etc. drove down the prices of hard assets
2469 Lesser liquidity
2470 Loans best investment?
2470 Deleveraging
2470 Bad news overload
2471 Feds trying to re-privatize home mortgage market for 'the rich'
2472 Market 'cracks'


2473 Does Blackstone know something we don’t?
2475 What happens if interest rates go up?
2477 Do tankless hot water and LEDs save utilities?
2478 Kiyosaki and Whitney's old company sued
2478 3rd edition of Succeeding out in time for Christmas
2479 Appeal your property taxes—again
2479 Corzine
2479 Now FHA needs bailout
2480 Venezuela to consficate apartment buildings and sell cheap to tenants


2481 ‘It’s cheaper than a nursing home’
2484 Subprime crisis was YOUR fault
2485 'Slowing grind-it-out recovery'
2486 'Their' home if being foreclosed;
'lender's' home if not maintained
2487 Financial repression right on schedule
2487 More on LEDs
2488 Generation Y…24-hour environments…
2488 Last issue sent late


2489 Boomers did not save ounegh; trouble finding full-time work
2491 Positive cash flow because of value fears
2492 Leaving the 'ship'
2494 Mobile and intermittent retail
2495 Workampers
2496 Checklists for Buying Rental Houses and
Apartment Buildings back in stock
2496 Better Dickens quote
2496 Are 30-year, fixed-rate mortgages doomed?


2497 How low can rates go?
2499 Romney housing stance correct but unpopular
2500 High inflation may be different this time
2502 Low interest rates mean change approach
2503 Insurers required to use global warming assumptions
2503 Occupy [insert your town here]
2504 Municipal limits on the number of rental houses
2504 Net lease investment


2505 Wall Street wants rental houses
2507 Foreign real estate investing
2509 Retail that works
2510 Home prices stats
2510 Mac Lion operating system problems
2510 FHFA pilot program to sell REOs to Investors
2510 California's beloved Proposition 13 is under new attack
2511 Refinancing final details
2512 1099 question on Schedule E
2512 3.8% additional tax for some next year
2512 15 days in China


2513 Trump says real estate is a great inflation hedge
2515 Bargains through better research
2517 Do-it-yourself value adding
2518 Any profit play in today's financial situation?
2519 When non-recourse mortgages turn into recourse
2519 Thomas Kinkade '58-'12
2520 The importance of multi-fuel capability
2520 Widgets and your browser start page


2521 Avoid contributing to Social Security
2524 Excessive reluctance to withdraw IRAs
2526 What makes sense now?
2527 How New Zealand sells real estate
2527 REIT for rental houses
2528 DeRoos' co. bankrupt


2529 Real estate on international borders
2532 Foreign real estate buyers coming to America—again
2534 January 1st 'Fiscal Cliff'
2535 Privatization of apartments in Germany
2535 39% drop in wealth
2536 U.S. ranks 18th in property rights
2536 Mortgage Forgiveness Debt Relief Act of 2007 sunsets 12/31/12


2537 Fixer misconceptions
2540 Loans to family members
2542 How they profited from hyperinflation
2542 On buying foreclosures in 'social justice' areas
2543 Investing lessons from insurance
2544 When there's no magnifying glass
2544 'Prius effect' for homes


2545 How real estate fared in past hyperinflations
2548 What I would require for a degree in real estate investing
2550 Multiple offers
2550 The ice is starting to break up in mortgage modifications
2551 Junior lien holder extortion
2551 Back to the dark ages?
2551 Near-Canada Costco
2552 Canadians also buying up U.S. real estate


2553 Investors emeritus
2555 Competence in real estate investing
2556 Safety when dealing with strangers in real estate
2558 The right way to get higher yield
2559 More adventures in home buying
2559 Real life Pacific Heights tenant in San Francisco
2560 Romney rental house investor
2560 Foreign currency


2561 Big picture trends
2562 Patterns real and illusionary
2565 Propane and natural gas
2566 More adventures in 2012 home buying
2567 Uncertainty = shortages
2568 Rich Dad Poor Dad-related LLC bankrupt
2568 Guru John Beck ordered to pay $113.3 million to fraud victims
2568 2nd edition of How to Protect Your Life Savings From Hyperinflation & Depression now shipping


2569 2012 election
2572 The Signal and the Noise
2574 Driverless vehicles
2574 Other automation
2574 Red tagged building gone
2575 As the home search turns
2575 More on CNG vehicles
2576 As expected, FHA collapsing under weight of having to carry mortgage market
2576 Bernanke backs off QE III
2576 Trust deeds better than mortgages


2012 election Part II
2580 Minimize your dollar-denominated assets
2581 Be an all-cash investor
2582 Reverse mortgages costing FHA billions
2582 Speech about Hyperinflation/Depression book
2582 Foreclosure durations around the U.S.
2582 Prop 13 in California
2583 Short sale phantom gain tax looms
2583 Multi-flag mind-set
2584 Which party at fault? Who cares?


2585 American Taxpayer Relief Act
2587 Vacation home swapping
2588 Federal rent control of all property types
and sizes
2590 The range of tax levels
2591 Home values finally moving up
2591 Dollar values do not go back when
hyperinflation ends
2592 Rises is home values
2592 They’re coming after the seniors


2593 Not your fater’s cash xuyers
2595 Synthetic Real Estate
2598 Buying a home
2599 U.S. best for real estate
2600 Sharing housing


2601 Real estate opporunity in places like Detroit?
2603 Psychology of Buying Real Estate
2606 Records being set, but investors aren’t celebrating
2607 Down under mortgages
2607 It’s not your money
2608 Downside of low interest rates


2609 20 Best single-family rental markets
2611 Profit potential in places like Detroit, part 2
2613 We are repeating the subprime mistake already
2614 Mortgage servicers secretly buying expensive hazard insurance with your money
2614 The four sources of real estate investment return
2615 National Property Index
2616 Luxury 2nd-home buyers


2617 Mistakes experienced investors make
2620 ‘Home prices zip past peaks’
2621 Hard assets in self-directed IRAs
2623 Wider use of the seasonal retail shop
2623 Memphis reader invests in MS instead
2623 Is Houston hot stuff now?
2624 Possible bubble-again markets
2624 Airstream hotels


2625 Hard assets in a self-directed IRA, Part 2
2628 Refi finally closed
2630 Currency Wars by James Rickards
2631 Flipping again
2631 Moving buildings
2632 Bloomberg story about demolishing Detroit for profit
2632 U.S. towns on the Canadian border


2633 Is Fed watching all there is to finance, business, and investment, now?
2635 Long-term parking
2636 Koontz v St. John’s River Water Management decision
2637 REITs in IRAs; Roth IRAs
2638 Detroit declares Chapter 9 bankruptcy
2638 Foreign real estate
2639 The Free State Project
2640 Glamping


2641 The Great Deformation
2644 More on Roth IRAs
2645 Belle Isle
2646 Improving properties you
don’t own to raise your value
2647 REIT considerations
2648 Blackstone buying apartments


2649 Self-storage litigation with U-Haul
2651 Veteran vs. rookie agents
2652 More house swapping
2654 Today’s big picture
2655 Media misinterpreting interest rate increase
2655 Inhabited, padlocked units
2656 Portugal ending rent control
2656 ‘Sick’-state real estate
2656 Los Angeles seminar
2656 More developments


2657 Desperately seeking meltdown
2660 Book review: The Great Degeneration
2662 Mortgage up!
2663 Venezuela inflation drives buyers to real estate
2664 Walter Bagehot
2664 Chase bank capital controls?
2664 10-day mortgage approvals help compete with cash buyers?


2665 Fly under the radar
2667 Flood insurance changes adversely affect real estate
2668 Bargains and value-adding opportunities from corporations
2670 New NAR designations
2670 H.E.C.M. restriction
2670 Increased internationalization
2671 Hyperinflation and the estate tax exemptions
2671 Second-home exchange
2671 Converting a home to your residence after an exchange
2672 New homes ‘built with renters in mind’


2673 Heads I win; tails you lose
2676 Billionaires’ bunkers
2677 Forbes’ 365 ways to get rich
2678 Foreign cash buyers to Miami
2679 Tax breaks expiring
2679 RV sales approach 2007 level
2679 Greenspan’s book
2680 Waters now opposes Biggert-Waters
2680 IRS and CA say no tax on CA short sales even if laws not extended
2680 Advice from ‘experts’ on inflation protection


2681 Aggressive Obama Misbehavior Avoidance for Real Estate Investors
2684 The Map and the Territory by Alan Greenspan, Part 2
2686 ‘Living in a screen saver’
2686 Northwest Passage
2687 Techie rent increases trigger rock-throwing
2688 Investors piling into downtown Detroit
2688 Back in stock


2689 Do ages of population segments let us predict the economic future?
2691 Bad weather
2693 Insurance mine fields
2694 Money in old gas stations
2695 Buffett going into residential brokerage
2696 4 Wisconsin towns limit renting houses
2696 Small is beautiful, and maybe not cheap
2696 Good customers


2697 ARMs are back—should you get one?
2699 U.S. real estate generally still the best
2700 House better than pension or education?
2702 Tax on valuables found on your real estate
2703 Abandoned RR rights of way belong to adjacent private owners
2704 Fewer restrictions mean smoother prices
2704 MN rental house laws
2704 Airbnb sublessors getting evicted


2705 What drives asset values
2707 Should you only get 30-year mortgages?
2709 Mud slides
2710 Anti-gentrification groups
2711 U.S. foreclosures on Mexican border being bought by Mexican criminals
2711 I’m speaking in Las Vegas in July
2711 Real estate ‘crowdfunding’
2712 Bitcoin gains to be taxed at capital gains rates
2712 Don’t overlook your amortization deductions


2713 Does Dodd-Frank kill Seller finance?
2715 Obama returns to subprime mortgages
2717 The ‘world’s reserve currency’
2718 Sears, Penney, and malls
2719 Houston residents get $1.2 million due to lack of zoning
2719 Still 10 million underwater
2720 Big rental house investors slowing
2720 A dogleg?


2721 The perennial rent-versus-buy-decision article
2723 Death of suburbs may be greatly exaggerated
2725 Silicon Valley, Canada
2726 Suspicious flip gross profit margins
2727 High inflation driving money into real estate in Venezuela
2727 Whistler, Canada mess
2728 Flip This House’s Montelongo filed Chapter 7 bankruptcy
2728 Productivity increases and land use


2729 The best investment advice from Forbes
2732 First, buy a principal residence
2733 Inevitably, Airbnb meets ‘Pacific Heights’
2734 Smaller Faster Lighter Denser Cheaper
2735 Bid chilling
2735 Foreign cash buyers in Miami


2737 Are we at a new normal?
2739 The new industrial revolution and real estate
2740 Missing a deadline can be a disaster, or a windfall
2741 Indentured servant to real estate billionaire
2742 Fiber optic/copper wires are real estate
2742 84% premium for the penthouse
2743 Dogs in your buildings
2743 More Airbnb defects
2744 Mild-climate utility costs


2745 Which state is best for real estate investment?
2747 What’s going to happen to retail?
2748 ‘The New World of Property Investing’
2750 Millennial and boomer migration
2750 Assembly holdouts
2751 Atlantic City
2752 Corporate housing


2756 ‘Wealth Building Home Loans’
2757 Loan standards based on election polls
2758 Huge landlord exit fees unconstitutional
2758 So near yet so crime- and Marxist-ridden
2759 Forex relativity is a dangerous combination
2759 China real estate bust
2760 Evictions in less than two months in Ohio
2760 No more fax
2760 Aggressive Tax Avoidance… at printer
2760 Hoard supplies


2761 Real estate investment strategies based on economic statistics
2763 Stigmatized properties
2764 Non-recourse, nothing-down deal
2766 Election results
2767 The Wizard of Fed
2767 Stigmatized properties in Tokyo
2768 ‘Disparate impact’ rejected—again
2768 9th District, not 11th
2768 Anti-‘speculation’ referendum defeated
2768 Et tu, Fortune?
2768 Mall to data center


2769 Risk after you turn 65
2772 Geography and real estate
2774 Duplicate article last month
2774 Sears and J.Crew retail deterioration
2774 Renew in very late December
2774 Fed Watcher’s Hourly?
2775 Robbins ‘All-Weather’ portfolio
2776 Common mistakes entrepreneurs make


2777 Developed-world population bombs
2780 Catchment—collecting rainwater
2782 The Education of a Value Investor by Guy Spier
2783 Expertise does not matter?
2784 Chinese tourists #1, U.S. # 2 with them
2784 HECM interest deductible?


2785 It looks like you have to file Form 3115
2786 Properties with unique amenities
2788 H.E.C.M. revisited
2790 Detecting water leaks
2790 Five-year payback on replacements
2791 Drones getting into real estate
2791 Check out all associates
2792 Smart phone face and voice recognition
2792 FreedomFest talk
2792 Corte Madera, CA talk
2792 Feit light bulbs


2793 Switch to free services
2795 Driverless = lots-of-things-less
2796 Fixers vary by location?
2797 Leverage without loans
2798 Silk Road reopened
2798 More ‘freeware’
2798 ‘Cargotecture’
2799 S&P pays $1.4 billion for downgrading US credit rating
2799 Household formations have recovered


2801 Rents without equity, leverage without borrowing, and disappearing liens
2803 IRA rehab deal
2804 Adding value with architects’ skills
2806 My epic battle to lower my phone bill
2806 Electronic tax filing
2807 Bad gurus now selling ancillary services
2808 Airbnb for boats
2808 Property tax exemption
2808 Mortgage fraud


2809 Underwater revisited
2812 Metro area down payment variations
2814 Cheapest gas stations?
2814 Bargain purchases via currency imbalances
2815 Makers and real estate
2816 Phone battle not over
2816 Cable bill knockdown


2817 Time to reconsider solar?
2820 Are three estimates enough?
2822 Deeding home to a living trust may end title insurance
2823 Assembly within Florida condos
2824 More FEIT bulbs
2824 Driverless ≠ accidentless
2824 Phone ‘surcharges’
2824 Speaking at FreedomFest July 8-11
2824 Gas guru again


2825 A nuclear 9/11 and your real estate
2828 Busing for homeowners
2829 Which is the best state for you?
2831 Trust deed or mortgage
2831 Underwater second mortgage
may not be voided in bankruptcy
2831 Net speed affects home value
2832 LED light bulbs
2832 Rolling over IRAs into REITs


2833 If you had your investing career to do over
2837 Wall Street now doing sleazy lease-options
2838 Unmarried home owners can each deduct interest on $1.1 million
2839 Grout
2839 Office space asset bubble coming?
2840 Millennials belatedly have kids, buy homes


2841 The grandaddy of all tax breaks
2843 How about auctioning off rental apartments?
2844 Commuting and real estate values
2846 Best days of the year to buy or sell
2846 Rental home buyers
2847 New web site
2848 Luxury lease options
2848 Home buyer demographics


2849 Too many eggs in the annuities basket?
2851 The End of Doom
2853 Corporate real estate split-offs
2854 Opportunities in long-term contracts and CC&Rs
2855 The money laundering market segment
2856 A rebate that actually arrived
2856 So deposit more than $10,000 in cash


2857 Guess What. Airbnb makes more people vote like landlords.
2858 A parallel real estate universe: Real Estate Investment Trusts
2861 Crowdfunding and real estate
2863 ‘Every challenge is an opportunity?’—TRID
2863 Alameda boom or politics
2864 San Francisco rejects housing moratorium
2864 Correction


2865 REIT versus fee simple
2867 ‘Medium’ short in real estate
2868 Higher FHLMC/FNMA limits in costly areas
2869 Homes without kitchens or bathrooms
2870 FIRPTA relaxed
2870 The U.S. Exit Tax
2870 Percentage of renters going up
2871 The clicks are killing the bricks
2872 Correction


2873 Falling oil prices and real estate
2875 There’s somethin’ happenin’ here
2877 North Dakota shows the dangers of investing
in markets with narrow economies
2878 My Big Short subscriber
2878 Walmart lose to Amazon?
2879 Mastercard Census Block retail stats
2879 Home equity less important in US than other countries
2880 Foreclosures with equity


2881 Guru John Beck disappeared
2884 Waterfront gentrification
2885 Hyperinflation still a threat
2887 Big data and real estate
2887 A lot of shopping centers need to be demolished
2888 Cost of delayed exchange facilitator has fallen, but not enough


2889 Negative interest rates
2892 Your real estate control panel
2893 Best and worst cities to be real estate agent
2894 Non-FHA 3% down mortgages
2894 U-Haul rental premiums show migration patterns
2895 Concord, CA is the #1 place to retire in the U.S. and #7 in the world
2896 Does any ‘sustainable’ stuff affect resale value?
2896 Lower home ownership rates


2897 Converting small multi-family to single-family
2898 Homeowners deductions gone for most
2899 47% of Boomers plan to downsize after retirement
2900 14 days of tax-free rent
2901 On this one, I side with the tenant
2902 Mortgages sell at 25% discount to trust deeds
2902 Getting ‘tiny homes’ OK’d
2903 $15/hour minimum-wage & real estate
2903 Against the law to discriminate against law breakers
2904 PSA test results
2904 I am speaking at FreedomFest in July


2905 Home Affordable Refinance Program
2906 OpenDoor Labs business model
2907 Airbnb hosts probably can discriminate
2909 De minimis safe-harbor tangible-property rules
2910 Net lease pluses and minuses
2911 Student loans and real estate
2911 FHA vs. Private Mortgage Insurance
2912 Roof decks
2912 National Apartment Association convention in San Francisco


2913 Airbnb co-founder Nathan Blecharczyk
2915 Places to live at multiple stages of life
2917 New apartment products and services
2919 Wider Panama Canal locks and U.S. real estate
2919 ARMs + interest rate increases = foreclosures
2920 RV parks often exempt from mobile-home-park regulations
2920 65% of home buyers childless
2920 414,000 fewer home sales because of higher student loan debt


2921 Landlodig author Leigh Robinson 1940-2016
2924 Poor neighborhood investment economics
2926 Geographic variations in closing costs
2926 The air-conditioner that wouldn’t die
2927 Trade war = Great Depression


2932 On investing in a high-rise
2933 Higher education bubble and real estate
2934 My novel The Unelected President is at the printer
2935 Macy’s and others closing many stores
2935 British Columbia taxing foreign real estate buyers 15%
2935 Crowdfunded start-up goes Chapter 7
2935 Another way to skin the real estate cat
2936 ‘Cargotecture’ for homes
2936 Leigh Robinson obit


2937 Six times the rent
2938 ‘All the gold in California…’
2939 More profiting from reading rent control rules
2940 Online shopping replacing supermarket?
2941 Affairs in order—annually
2942 Ten most affordable home markets
2943 Hillary wants to end stepped-up basis
2943 Unincorporated areas
2944 Airbnb burglar scheme
2944 Keeps on ticking


2945 Death of a real estate investor
2950 Cutting down trees
2950 Subtracting additions
2951 How to Manage Residential Property for Maximum Cash Flow and Resale Value back in print
2951 Which candidate is best for real estate?
2952 Tower owners appealing assessments


2953 What does a real estate developer president mean for real estate?
2956 Real estate treasure hunting
2958 More death of a real estate investor: cash crunch
2959 Trump election hurting real estate sales in deep blue states
2960 Gifts to minors, 529s?
2960 Sunlight causes mushrooms?
2960 ‘Return to sender’
2960 Tis the season


2961 Death of a real estate investor Part II
2965 Real estate treasure hunting Part II
2966 Waterfront values in danger
2966 Howard Ruff died last month
2967 Plenty of parking at the mall
2967 Creative people are exempt
2968 HOA dues superior to mortgages in 21 states
2968 Homes back to record high, but not after adjustment for inflation


2969 This will be the last yea r of this newsletter
2970 Use of inheritance to jump-start kids’ homeownership
2971 High tech affecting real estate investment
2972 More lessons learned from estates with realty
2974 FNMA/FHLMC backing mortgages on rental house securities
2974 Mall owners walking away
2974 It’s not pop-ups; it’s desperation
2975 Trump’s tax reform
2976 Depression risk management
2976 Date error on last month’s cover


2977 Excellent basic overview of commercial real estate
2981 If I had just stopped doing transactions…
2982 Estate lessons Part IV
2983 Can you sell malls short?
2983 Oroville Dam real estate lessons
2984 Duffield house for sale: $39 million
2984 LED pain in the neck


2985 Middle son home-buying adventure
2987 The Intelligent REIT Investor Part II
2990 Interest refund on refi
2990 Scary insurance stories
2991 Keeping the seller on the insurance policy
2992 Accurate appraisals are now illegal
2992 Already deregulated: the one-man shop
2992 Tree amputation
2992 Republican attack on 1031 exchanges


2993 Buying a condo
2996 Piling on the malls
2997 Irrationality and value in REITs
2998 Highest-and-best-use profit opportunities
2998 Detroit redux
2998 Reneging on rent-control exemption?
2999 Tax cost of lack of estate authority
3000 St. sales tax exemptions
3000 Overpaying for renewals
3000 Make your house look bigger
3000 Air filter market strange


3001 Mortgage paydown
3003 Future of retail
3005 You trust small escrow companies too much
3006 Closing—finally
3007 Construction worker shortage good for owners of existing buildings
3007 College towns
3007 Is the internet a way around regulation?
3008 Where do real estate experts live?
3008 Higher education bubble


3009 Accepted
3011 What real estate investors can learn from car fixers
3012 What a difference a decade makes
3013 All-cash deals
3014 Secure spaces for private-party sales
3015 Sloppy thinking on real estate investment
3016 Escrow company choice
3016 Small loans cost more
3016 Big damage from little hose bib


3017 More expensive principal residence versus owning rental property
3019 Institutional rental house operations
3020 Jared Kushner—Somerville triplex owner
3021 Turning apartments into temporary hotel rooms
3022 Tortured hunt for a $75,000 mortgage
3023 Solar/wind changing the economics of energy conservation
3023 First multistory warehouse in the U.S.?
3023 Catering to first-time home buyers
3024 More on paying down mortgage
3024 Insurance mystery solved


3017 More expensive principal residence versus owning rental property
3019 Institutional rental house operations
3020 Jared Kushner—Somerville triplex owner
3021 Turning apartments into temporary hotel rooms
3022 Tortured hunt for a $75,000 mortgage
3023 Solar/wind changing the economics of energy conservation
3023 First multistory warehouse in the U.S.?
3023 Catering to first-time home buyers
3024 More on paying down mortgage
3024 Insurance mystery solved


3033 Repal Dodd-Frank
3035 Building codes and natural disasters
3036 Bargain opportunities from Harvey and Irma?
3037 So maybe not Charlottesville, after all
3038 Unwinding the Fed balance sheet
3039 Told ya, HECM now less attractive
3039 Zoning waivers in the hurricane areas?
3039 Sweden bans mortgages longer than 105 years
3040 Investment teachers selling investments to their students
3040 Young city choices driving real estate values


3041 Reflections
3045 Bad people
3046 New rent control threat in California
3047 Bad foundation profit
3047 Digitization of real estate records


3049 High appreciation: low number of sales
3050 The new Republican tax plan
3052 More career reflections
3054 22% loan-to-value ratio, 800 FICO scores, rejected
3054 End of stepped-up basis?
3054 Late-breaking Senate tax details
3055 Retail not doing so bad
3055 ‘Consumer Reports’ for apartment buildings
3055 A little love for nonresidential
3055 Tom O’Dea and ‘the rest of the story’
3056 Republicans over-confident on tax bill


3057 Biggest mistakes revisited
3060 Hurricane and wildfire stigma bargains
3061 California wild fires
3063 The final tax law
3064 The galloping ‘ations’


3065 Extreme cold temperatures
3068 ‘What’s it all about?’
3071 Winning-bid techniques
3071 Reality
3072 My final newsletter