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Posted by John T. Reed on

Gold is an awful inflation hedge, here’s a better one

‘Experts’ still implying you should wait to buy a home because of poor analysis

You probably CAN afford to buy a home in spite of so many telling you that you cannot

You alway pay market interest rates when you buy a house with a mortgage

The Wall Street Journal and Fox News/Business lack expertise on real estate investment, inflation, and 2024 warfare

How to behave when you cross the border following my hyperinflation advice

Wall Street Journal says home buying math no longer good. Bull!

The best real interest rate yield you can get is probably paying down one of your loans

Wall Street Journal again claiming homes are in a slump when they went up 3.9%


The Wall Street Journal continues to mislead as to the resilience of the home as an investment.

A reverse mortgage is a great way to profit from inflation by shorting the purchasing power of the US dollar

Wall Street Journal says China may get deflation. What is that?

Do not buy rental property; just more and more expensive principal residences.

Misleading Wall Street Journal story that hides how good of an investment a home is

Wall Street Journal says crypto may be too popular to die. Bull!

Open letter to Steve Forbes about his wanting to return to a gold standard

WSJ says gold near record. No. Still about $500 away from the record.

Wall Street Journal still pushing the 1930 60-40 strategy and its mere 5% returns

Hyperinflation will be worse than the Great Depression

You gotta be nuts to buy an annuity today

Interesting juxtaposition of diversified assets in Wall Street Journal’s 4/1/23

Wall Street Journal keeps hiding the great success of homes as an investment

WSJ’s main home prices ‘cooling off’ writer now admitting they are going up on most of the US.

The world’s greatest short is available to you.

Get the biggest 30-year, fixed-rate mortgage on your home that you can safely afford.

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