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More statements promising higher inflation from the White House and the Fed
I do not think you need a foreign passport, but you do need foreign money.
Trump’s looming trade war
Kicking the can down the road again. Are you prepared for the consequences?
Precious metal coin values are in the Wall Street Journal daily
Wild card risk in ETFs
How to have the milk you need to survive a hyperinflation bout
Recent deposits to Canadian and Australian bank accounts
Foreign bank account deadline changed from June 30 to Aprirl 15, with extension to October now available
Which gold/silver dealers are best?
I no longer recommend Swedish currency
I just put more money in Canada; you probably should, too
Finding buried junk silver
Learn from the Venezuelans
My thoughts on the Brexit
TransferWise for moving money abroad
George Schulz straightens me out
Defaulting on the national debt makes a surprising amount of sense
Amending your FBAR Form 114
Why not Panama as an asset haven?

Protect yourself from both inflation and deflation

Make sure you have a current, unexpired U.S. passport

Comments on the movie The Big Short
  • A financial Berlin wall is going up and you are on the wrong side of it
  • Advantages of U.S. real estate near international borders
  • All the other kids are doing it—many central banks weakening their own currencies to protect exports
  • Another Canadian banker
  • Another reason to store food
  • Approaching a hyperinflation cliff
  • Are U.S. foreign exchange trading accounts an adequate way to hedge against U.S. dollar inflation?
  • Argentina’s blu market for U.S. dollars
  • AUD and CAD now certified as reserve currencies
  • AUD, CAD, NZD, bitcoin
  • Australia now requires in-person visit to open bank account
  • Bankruptcy planning is wise especially if you do not expect to ever need it
  • Better to be a year early than a minute late in risk management—when protection is cheap and low risk
  • Bitcoin the app, not the money
  • Buy real nickels while you still can
  • Can you safely hedge USD inflation risk with foreign currency in an IRA?
  • Capital controls in Venezuela force people there to buy real estate
  • Cash management in anticipation of U.S. capital controls
  • Chase letter ending international wire transfers and transactions exceeding $50,000 a month
  • Checklist for taking refuge from USD hyperinflation in a foreign country
  • China is a mess
  • Clearing away the hysteria about the Cyprus insured deposits scare
  • Closing of USAA subscriber account
  • Coming to a bank near you: Europe-like financial troubles
  • Comments on David Wessel’s WSJ article ‘Why Dollar Is King Despite U.S. Woes’
  • Convert your annuities to hard assets
  • Converting U.S. dollar (USD) annuities into foreign currency lump sums
  • Cost of living in the foreign countries I recommend
  • Cost of traveling between U.S. and Canada
  • Cost-of-living adjustments in contracts and laws are woefully inadequate to protect you from inflation and hyperinflation
  • Countries that may protect against U.S. dollar inflation
  • Currency conversion during our trip to Australia and New Zealand
  • Currency conversion in Europe June 2015
  • Disadvantages of gold as an inflation hedge
  • Does hedging against hyperinflation make you a kook?
  • Is canned food no good after its ‘best by’ date?
  • It may be time to consider buying junk silver
  • Jason Zweig Wall Street Journal column saying gold is a pet rock

  • John T. Reed's Review of How to Retire Overseas by Kathleen Peddicord
  • JP Morgan Chase ban on keeping non-collectible cash in a safe deposit box
  • Paying your USD bills out of BMO in Canada
  • Renouncing U.S. citizenship
  • Review of the book Borderlands by Derek Lundy
  • Rules for criticizing my foreign currency recommendations
  • Should you move routine bill-paying USD cash abroad and pay those bills with USD checks or online payments?
  • Stocking up on milk as preparation for hyperinflation
  • Swiss francs in an outside-the-U.S. safe deposit box
  • Taking extended foreign vacations to escape U.S. hyperinflation
  • The benefits gold bugs ascribe to gold are more true of the U.S. nickel
  • The Charles Schwab bank ATM car and foreign currency withdrawals—from Facebook
  • The day the dollar dies
  • To see our future, look at Argentina
  • Tougher capital controls in China
  • Uruguay Residence Permit
  • Using 90-day tourist visas to take refuge from U.S. hyperinflation, Part 1
  • Using 90-day tourist visas to take refuge from US hyperinflation Part 2
  • Visit to Australia and New Zealand
  • When is it so bad that you must leave the country? And where do you go?
  • Why has ‘Quantitative Easing’ not yet caused inflation?
  • Will Chinese yuan become world's reserve currency?
  • You can avoid many U.S. regulations without leaving the U.S.
  • You don’t have to leave the U.S. to avoid many American local, county, state, and federal regulations
  • You should have about three years worth of food stored. How much does that cost? Not much.

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