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Screwed-up clock management in Cowboys-Redskins game Monday Night Football

Posted by John Reed on

I did not watch Monday Night Football on 12/7/15—Cowboys-Redskins, but I heard about it. 

1:26 left in the game 1st & 10 Dallas ball at the Skins’ 15 because of a fumble turnover. Score tied at 9. Washington has two timeouts left.

Is this take a-knee? No. When your opponent has two timeouts, you can’t take a knee until you get a fist down and there is :48 or less left left in the game. It’s not sweep-slide period either. That requires 1:04 left. You need to get one more first down.

On first down, the Cowboys ran out of bounds for 9 yards stepping the clock. Had they not gone out of bounds, the Skins would have stopped the clock with a timeout.

On the next play, the Cowboys ran into the end zone for a TD. That also stopped the clock at 1:14.

They should not have gone into the end zone. It was 2nd & 1 before the snap. They should have just gained the first down then taken a knee. At that point, I would have been 1st down and the Skins would have had to use their last time out.

The situation would then have been 1st & goal at the 5, clock stopped, no opponent timeouts left at 1:14.

After the snap, during which Dallas just takes a knee, about :42 would run off making it 2nd down with :32 left at the snap. After taking another knee, the Cowboys would let the clock run down to :03 then call timeout. They would then kick the game-winning field goal with time running out while the kick is in the air and the game ends Dallas 12-Washington 9.

What actually happened because of the idiotic clock management was Washington scored a TD to tie it again at 16 then Dallas kicked a field goal to win 19-16.

Dallas had the game won at 1:14 when their running back crossed the line to gain for a first down—if he had just stopped. Because the Dallas team was incompetent at clock management, they had to win it again.

Is the problem that Jerry Jones refuses to pay his coach enough to inspire him to include clock management in his duties?

My book that explains all this is Football Clock Management.

Football Clock Management book

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