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Eli Manning throws the ball, and the game, away on Sunday Night Football—poor clock management

Posted by John Reed on

Eli manning was up 23-20 over Dallas when he dropped back for a pass with 1:38 left in the game. No one was open. He threw the ball away to avoid a sack.

That left :40 on the clock unnecessarily.

NY then kicked a field goal to make it 26-20, but Tony Romo came back down and scored the game-winning TD and extra point at 0:13. If Manning had taken a sack as he should have, the game would have ended :27 earlier almost certainly with a NY win.

Eli has generally behaved in the past as if he had read my book Football Clock Management, 5th edition. He needs to review it.

My book says that about half the practice reps done by the Giants in pre-season and in-season practice should have a slowdown tempo game situation. During slowdowns, the players must constantly remind each other to stay in bounds and take a sack. Had the Giants done that, Eli would have taken a sack and won the game.

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