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How to Get Started in Real Estate reader comments

Thanks again for what you do, John. Thanks for helping me to see deeper.

Regards, Bryan Rush

I have been completely satisfied by all the books I've ordered previously from John Reed and am looking forward eagerly to reading his latest on protecting oneself from the coming financial crisis.

John Whiteheart

I first encountered your books about 15 years ago when we first got started buying rental real estate. Yours has been amongst the finest advice we've received. Your words ring in my ears to this day and I'm looking forward to reading more. THANKS!!!

Jan Webb

I am Jimmy Hill from North Carolina. I read some of your books. I loved them, man. You really are doing everyone a service by your non-B.S. way of life.

I bought the Succeeding book and loved it. Actually I read your first book How to get started in real estate. And the second one was best practices for the intelligent real estate investor.

When I started studying real estate, I was an idiot. I believed all that Kiyosaki B.S. You could by a property for little to nothing down and the rent would more than cover the expenses etc. I found out that was a load of bull in a hurry.

But after wasting years of studying this nonsense I finally started reading your books. Now I laugh at the advice those real estate books at the local bookstore give. I realized how little I really did know and fell for a sales pitch.

I also come from a family that does not motivate anyone to get an education. It's like they believe education wasn't important. I use to believe that, until I found out the hard way. Once I started getting a job, I found out that the ones who were telling me what to do and making the money were the college graduates. And that is true at every place I have ever worked.

Just wanting to let you know that I am supporting you 100% and thank you for putting me on the right track with real estate. I also like your new military page. Terrific.

Best of luck to you.
Jimmy Hill from Facebook

You've made me lots of money over the years. Aggressive tax avoidance was a beautiful read. How to Manage Real Estate For Maximum Profit wound it's way into my mind. I've used it consciously at first & increased income & the value of my property. The style of analysis you apply to real estate helps me get in that groove and make better decisions. I'd have to sit down and think of specifics, but you're books have helped me make tens of thousands of extra dollars over the years. I'm a smart guy, you are too. I would have made money. But I've found little ideas and broad themes where I said aha! For a $20 book (at the time), I increased the income from, as well as the value of, my property by $15,000 using the idea of converting underutilized space into an extra bedroom. Didn't make two tiny bedrooms. The guys that built this duplex, made one giant weird looking bedroom. $50 worth of sheet rock, $100 of lumber, a door, and voila-more or less, and I have converted a two bedroom that rented for $425 into a three bedroom that rents for $500. Just have completed splitting the water service to this duplex as well, which will allow me to let the tenants pay for their own water. That's another $5000 in added value + less hassle time paying the bill. If they ever get pissed off and flood my duplex, they'll do it on their nickel. Thanks So Much!
Thanks So Much!
All The Best,
Gary Scarborough

All The Best, Gary S.

Thanks John!  Your books and newsletter are the best in the industry. Keep up the great work. I have quite a few of your books, and a lot of books by many others. Yet I only ever reread and refer back to your books. Your books have substance, specifics and details where others are general and wanting.

Best Regards,


“John T. Reed’s How to Get Started in Real Estate investment provides the novice and experienced investor key insights into building a sustainable investment model in real estate.”
Bernie Malonson, Marketing Manager, Southfield, MI

“This book is absolutely essential for anyone considering real-estate investment. There is no comparison between this and get-rich-quick hype books by the likes of Kiyosaki that give no real step-by-step plan to achieve success beginners can follow. No hype, no B.S., straight answers, clear and concise style, I am 100% satisfied and will order other books ”
Charles L. Sterling
e-Business Marketing Manager
9459 Tomahawk Blvd.
Omaha, NE 68134

Cliff Pletschet, Financial columnist, Oakland Tribune

“When my readers and students ask about buying real estate, I usually bellow that it takes money, guts, experience, expertise, timing and luck. If they press the point, I send them off to John T. Reed of Alamo, a real estate investor and writer for 24 years, and my favorite real estate guru.
“Reed, who has written numerous books and reports on real estate investing, and publishes a newsletter Real Estate Investor’s Monthly is a no nonsense guy, possibly as the result of his West Point and Harvard training, and he has not been too patient with raw beginners, particularly when they demonstrate a decided lack of investment acumen. What the real estate market doesn’t need is more incompetent investors.
“But the Web site visitors retorted that they appreciated the guru profiles, but such material didn’t really help them get started in the real estate market. Reed relented and whipped out yet another book, or report as he calls it, How to Get Started In Real Estate Investment. At 65 pages of plain English it’s easy to follow and swallow. I’ll plug anyone who rescues investors from the financial brier patch and helps them build assets for a secure retirement.

“It looks at both ‘hard facts,’ like how to learn about real estate law, mathematics and taxation, and ‘emotional issues’ such as dealing with buyer’s remorse and discouragement from friends and relatives. Reed looks at every angle.” Cliff Pletschet, Financial columnist, Oakland Tribune

Your books are proving one of the highlights of my day. I occasionally read some of the Succeeding book to my teens – easier for them to get it from you than from dad. The book on writing is generating confidence in me every time I read it. The real estate book How to Get Started in Real Estate Investment can be intimidating at times because I’m as green as they come at this but even though I don’t get it all, I wouldn’t dare do this without having read your stuff. I read a few pages and I feel I’ve just eaten a 12 ounce steak – have to pause and digest! Anyhow, thanks for your work.
Dave Hagni

I very much have enjoyed the books and newsletter. You've definitely saved me from making some bad mistakes and easily saved me the cost of all the books I've purchased. Thanks again!
- David Dutton

Mr. Reed,
I own several of your books and I've read through most of these.
When I first started reading them a few years ago, I found them somewhat difficult to follow. At that time, I appreciated the information in the books, but it wasn't until recently when I started re-reading them that I became truly impressed.
That's because I figured out how to read your writing. One must pay attention to every sentence. Each one has something important to say. Your writing can't be read like a novel, it needs to be absorbed and reflected. If there is something that I don't understand, instead of glossing over it, I need to take a break, think about it or do some extra research.
With that approach in mind, I'm amazed as to the depth and scope of your material. It seems that almost every paragraph contains an important message, something that a person would not be able to ignore in the pursuit of their goals (real estate or otherwise.) It certainly appears that you have done an incredible amount of research. I can only imagine what your study looks like, the bookshelves must be overflowing.
Anyway, just some belated fan mail.
Michael Martinez in New Mexico

“I just received my intro to Real Estate Investing book and I was very pleased.

I really recommend this book to anyone who is looking for an honest and candid perspective on investing in real estate. The best thing about this book is that the author does not try to hook you into some other elaborate get rich quick program. The information is clear and to the point.

I've bought other so called best seller books and they over sensationalize things and are really vague in comparison to the information in this book.

Definitely will purchase other books in this collection.”

“I thought I'd drop you a note to say I've just about completed your 'How to get Started in Real Estate Investment' and have thoroughly enjoyed it! Your candid, 'straight shooter' style is very refreshing based on some of the dribble I've read from the 'Gurus'! Can't wait to get into the next one and get my feet wet!

Terry Burdette

“Excellent jumping-off point for anyone who has decided to invest in real estate.. The basis for a good education is a good foundation and this book is certainly that.” Dr. Mark A. Bolinger, Haddonfield, NJ

“I enjoyed your "How to Get Started...." book very much. In addition to being informative, it is also surprisingly entertaining for a "how to" book. Thanks so much!” Laura Murdaugh

“I really enjoyed your book How To Get Started In Real Estate Investment, often laughing out loud. I also feel better about investing in real estate because I will know more about it before I begin. Two guys that you pan in your reviews actually got me started on this road, but I was uncomfortable doing anything until I learned more-even though they urge people not to wait and to do it now. They really know how to create a sense of urgency! But still I was reluctant, and I found your site while searching for more info on one of those guys mentioned above. When you said it takes about a year or two to learn enough and to save enough money before beginning, it was all the validation I needed. I even found some real estate investment clubs in my area to join. Thank you! Karen Lushbaugh

“John - I just finished reading your report on getting started in real estate investment and found it very insightful. ” Kirk Farmer

“ I thought your special report "How to Get Started in RE Investment" was excellent. Straight-forward and to the point -- no guru BS/hype.” Mike Murphy

“Thank you for your wonderful work. I found your website while searching for a good reliable source of real estate investment information and very much enjoyed reading everything on it. I agreed with your critique of Robert Kiyoaski and have often wondered why his books are so well regarded by so many people.
I appreciate the strong sense of ethics which informs your writing, your ability to distill complex concepts into straightforward, easily understood language, and your wry sense of humor. I think you give great advice, generally, and I love your writing style. The sum and substance of your writing is clear, thoughtful, experience-based, and right-on.” Melissa Cook, Esq., Attorney, Brooklyn, NY

“After reading John T. Reeds special report: "How to Get Started In Real Estate Investment," I have the information I need to create a road map for becoming an active investor in Real Estate. Throughout the report, Mr. Reed has provided a long list of ACTION items that I can check off, one-by-one, as I prepare myself to become a successful investor. He has also provided a suggested schedule for getting started with which I can gauge my progress. Packed with "Practical, ethical, and real-world advice," as the cover indicates, the report is a must-have for those considering entering the world of real estate investment!” Douglas Vergari

“I recently purchased a copy of your report "How to get Started in Real Estate Investment" and finished reading it tonight. It was definitely an eye opener - the best $30 I've spent on an investment book in a long while.” John Hackett, Atlanta, GA

“Every real estate investor would profit from reading your books and newsletter. You challenge a lot of commonly held investment and management assumptions and business practices. You are the most practical, down-to-earth, no nonsense, humble real estate investment advisor in the country, a unique voice of reason in an industry filled with both accidental
and deliberate misinformation.

Your primary weapons are a heavy dose of common sense, creative problem-solving, logic, a unique ability to share both your personal successes and errors. I doubt many investors manage to do everything you recommend, but when I look at the successful investors I have known over the past 25 years, it's clear their business plans follow much of the same
advice you give readers every month.

I have enjoyed reading your articles for the past twenty or more years, and although I prefer to give myself credit for my successes, I am sure your reasoning, month after month, has shaped my own investment strategy. Thank you.”
Mike Scott
Dupre + Scott Apartment Advisors