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The Barack behind the curtain exposed

During the campaign, Obama’s critics, including yours truly, told you that he was too radical, unqualified, totally inexperienced, untrained for leadership or management, narcissistic, and so on. You can see what I said back then farther down my headline news articles page.

69 million people did not believe us and voted for him on election day.

Now, week by week, those who supported him are turning against him. And those who were already against him are turning more against him than they were in November, 2008.

Not just health care

Why? Not because of health care as the pundits seem to be saying. True, the turn coincides with the health care debate, but it’s more about Obama than about health care. This in spite of his saying, “It’s not about me.”

In fact, with Obama, everything is about Obama. Like most presidential candidate finalists, he is a sociopath. (I strongly urge you to read that Web site definition of sociopath. Now that we know Obama much better, it is chilling to read.) Sociopath-ness is roughly speaking extreme egomania combined with difficulty recognizing that there is more than one person on earth, that the rest of the human race are not merely useful farm animals.


I talk in my book Succeeding about the short-lived effect of mystique when others get to know the person who supposedly has it. Mystique is “an air or attitude of mystery and reverence developing around something or someone.”

Obama is not the only person with mystique. Navy SEALs have it. Service academy graduates. Ex P.O.W.s. Ivy Leaguers. FBI agents. And so on.

I have experienced the mystique effect as a result of graduating from West Point, Harvard Business School, Army ranger school, and being a Vietnam veteran and a book author. When a person with some sort of mystique arrives at a new job, he is “The West Point guy” or the “Harvard MBA.” But after I was there for a couple of weeks, I became just Jack, a unique individual with strengths and weaknesses like everyone else.

The Great Black Hope

When he was elected and inaugurated, Barack was “The Great Black Hope.” But, inevitably, in the fish bowl of the White House, he was unable to prevent the public from finally seeing who he really is. He tried, like the Wizard of Oz ranting and raving from behind the curtain. But the microscopic press scrutiny did what Dorothy’s dog Toto did in the Wizard of Oz movie. It pulled back the curtain and revealed Barack Obama for what he really is: a 48-year-old guy with no experience or training in leadership or management. A petulant guy who gets extremely irritated when things don’t go his way. An astonishingly overconfident guy who thinks he can charm the pants off foreign crowds (yes in France and Germany; no in Russia), foreign leaders (name one), Cambridge cops, the American public (falling polls), Congressional Republicans (none voted for a couple of his main bills), and the press (even they are turning against him one by one).

Brazen liar

Obama lied. He lied during the campaign and it didn’t hurt him. As he likes to say, “I won.”

He lied more after the inauguration, and combined it with a bum’s rush telling us we had to enact his laws immediately or the world would come to an end. And he got away with that for a while—about three months.

Apparently, he figured his success at lying meant he could keep on lying and bum’s rushing us for two full terms in the Oval Office. Then he learned what another tall, skinny, Illinois, legislator-lawyer turned president once said.

You can fool some of the people all of the time, and all of the people some of the time, but you cannot fool all of the people all of the time. Abraham Lincoln

With his hyperdangerous, extreme overconfidence, Obama figures the rules that apply to ordinary mortals do not apply to him, including that one.

Actually, the rules apply to him, too, including that one.

Now they see the real Barack

The public, including tens of millions of his former supporters, now see him as a dishonest radical who really does not know what he is doing and who is trying to bluff his way through the most difficult job on earth. They now recognize the bum’s rushes for what they were and are now saying “Slow down!”—literally shouting that phrase at some town hall meetings.

They see that the allegations that the stimulus money would hardly get out the door in 2009 as accurate. They are not buying Obama’s claims that his “stimulus” turned the economy around (only $70 billion has been spent, a drop in the bucket considering total U.S. consumer spending is about $9 trillion a year). Americans are horrified by the monstrous current and projected deficits. They recognize that he overpromised when he said the stimulus package would keep unemployment from exceeding 8%. They see his foreign policy as making speeches but accomplishing next to nothing and a more dangerous world than on Inauguration Day with more dying in Afghanistan, renewed violence in Iraq, allies reducing troop strength in Afghanistan and Iraq, Iran openly suppressing its people, North Korea detonating nukes and test firing long-range missiles, an administration at war with our CIA.

It is dawning on the American people, that this man who never crossed the Rio Grande until recently, never served in the military or diplomatic corps, never worked in government except as a state senator and U.S. Senator who was always campaigning for president, and rarely traveled other than to live in Indonesia as a 6- to 10-year old, is not prepared to oversee foreign or defense policy.

It took him 17 meetings and phone calls to approve shooting the Somali pirates. I am not ready to be president, but I did serve in the military and in various managerial positions. When the military requested the second meeting with me on the pirates matter, I would have chewed them out. “Figure it out for chrissake! Haven’t we spent enough training you and paying you?” See my article on the subject.

Lashing out irrationally at opponents

Obama’s reaction to his declining poll numbers and flagging health care support has been to accuse opponents of being Nazis, being a rent-a mob paid by insurance companies. He says the criticisms of his health care plan are lies in spite of video clips of his saying the opposite being played over and over on radio and TV shows. He sometimes contradicts himself in the same speech. He often says stuff that is the opposite of what he said on prior audio or video tapes. He never admits his lies or mistakes.

In contrast, while governor of California, Ronald Reagan once said his “feet were set in concrete” on a particular issue. Later, he recognized he was not going to win and joked, “The sound you hear is the concrete around my feet breaking.”

Obama is utterly incapable of such honesty or character.

Tangled web

Another rule Obama thinks does not apply to him was articulated by Sir Walter Scott,

Oh what a tangled web we weave, When first we practice to deceive

Actually, that rule applies to him, too.

Who is angrier at him?

It is a toss up who is angrier at him: the liberals to whom he lied, or the conservatives. He figured he was so charming he could get away with the most brazen lies no matter whether they were directed at his supporters or his opponents. Air America, a leftist radio net work recently called him a “charming liar.” Leftists also called him Cheney, a fascist, a sell-out to the drug companies, They play clips of him over and over promising, during the campaign, not to do precisely that which he subsequently did. His promises of transparency, bills being posted for at least five days on his Web site, not taking non-federal campaign contributions, no earmarks, etc., etc. All promises broken without the slightest apology or explanation.

The anti-war crowd gave him a key Iowa primary victory early in his campaign. Now he is surging in Afghanistan. All he has given them on the wars is changing the terminology and a promised future shut down of Guantanamo (with no plan as to where to put the detainees). They thought they were voting for a pull-out guy. Instead, they re-elected a total Bush clone with regard to war policy.

Ann Dunham’s weasely boy Barry

The American people welcomed Barack the “historic” black president for change. Now they are starting to recognize they got scammed. He may have a black father, but he is not a symbol. He is just a man, a brazenly dishonest man, a “charming liar” who is not charming enough to get away with his lies, a suicidally overconfident con man, a man whose instincts when he encounters opposition are self-destructive, a radical leftist, and an incompetent. His half black DNA, it turns out, is irrevelant. The salient fact is that he is an inept liar and every bit as dangerous to the nation as if he were 100% white.

How long will it take for blacks to start worrying whether they chose the wrong guy for first black president and that this guy will ultimately set their cause back by his incompetence and dishonesty? Blacks helped put a black sociopath in the Oval Office. About the only racial advance that represents is informing non-blacks that there are black sociopaths, too.

The great savior Barack Obama has been inevitably revealed to be just Ann Dunham’s weasely boy Barry—the bullshit artist whose picture is now in the dictionary next to the definition of a “legend in his own mind.”

‘Content of his character’

In his famous “I have a Dream” speech, Martin Luther King, Jr. said he dreamed of “a day when his four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character.”

On election day, 2008 and Inauguration Day 2009, Barack Oama was judged by the color of his skin. Now, not the inauguration, is the real realization of King’s dream. Barack Obama is finally, in the late summer of 2009, being judged by the content of his character, not the color of his skin. It turns out the color of his skin was concealing the fact that he has no character.

The Cambridge cop, Professor Gates, and Obama

What happened

Cambridge, MA police received a 911 call reporting a possible break in at a home in that city. It was a break-in. Harvard professor Louis Gates forgot his keys and had to break into his own home. The 911 caller made no mention of the two persons breaking in being black. She said one (Gates’ driver) might be Hispanic and that she did not see the other.

Several Cambridge police responded to the call. The first on the scene accosted the men who entered the home. When one said it was his home, the cop asked for ID and proof that it was his home (e.g., a drivers license with that street address). The fear was that the real home occupants were being held at gun point or bleeding to death, etc. Gates then launched into a tirade that accused the cop of racial profiling.

After confirming that no crime was being, or had been committed, the cop told Gates that he, the cop, was leaving. Gates followed the cop outside continuing his tongue lashing. The cop repeatedly warned Gates to quiet down and threatened him with arrest if he did not. Gates continued the tongue-lashing and was arrested and booked. Charges were later dropped.


1. Gates did nothing illegal per se. His tirade was unseemly, childish (references to the cop’s “mama”), gratuitous, and slanderous. He owes Officer Crowley an apology, not to mention gratitude for the response to the 911 call and the possible danger the police were risking to respond. Had they been actual burglars or worse, Gates would certainly owe a huge debt of gratitude to the police for their quick response and investigation. It is possible that Gates himself may someday have occasion to call Cambridge 911. In that event, he will want them to do precisely what they did in this case prior to the following-the-cop-outside tirade.

Gates refuses to apologize—to his discredit. Since he represents Harvard, the University ought to apologize to the police. There is a difference between freedom of speech and being an obnoxious jerk. Don’t hold your breath waiting for Harvard to apologize. If it had been a white professor giving a black cop a hard time about racism, Harvard would probably have a whole different perspective. (My wife and I are Harvard graduates.)


2. The cop was perfectly professional until he arrested Gates. As far as he knew, he might have been risking his life when he confronted the men. The arrest strikes me as actually being for “contempt of cop,” not the disorderly conduct charge the cop claimed. Contempt of cop is not a crime. Police are somewhat spoiled by the vast majority of people being deferential toward them. On the rare occasion when a citizen is disrespectful, they sometimes react as if the disrespect is illegal behavior by invoking a broadly-defined part of the criminal code like disorderly conduct.

In crowd-control situations, cops typically put up with all sorts of verbal abuse and use admirable professional restraint. In one-or-one or small group situations, they sometimes fail to resist the temptation to make a contempt-of-cop arrest or worse. The various incidents of cops beating high-speed chase perpetrators like Rodney King have been studied and found to result from a combination of elevated adrenaline from the chase and reaction to the contempt-of-cop behavior inherent in leading police on a high-speed chase. In such car chases, the greater danger is innocent bystanders being injured by the perp or the police. Follow-up studies were done to learn how both the beatings and the dangerous car chases can be eliminated.

Whether the rest of us would be able to behave differently than the cops in those situations is impossible to say. The vast majority of us have never faced such a situation in our lives. Cops face them routinely. The restraint they are supposed to exercise requires an extreme, perhaps superhuman, switching of mental gears when risking their lives one minute and, n the next, interacting in Marquis-of-Queensbury fashion with surrendering criminals who just endangered their lives.

Arresting a loudmouth jerk for contempt of cop, while inappropriate, is not racist. Neither was the cops responding to the 911 call and demanding ID. In view of Gates’ way-out-of-line tirade, I have trouble seeing how Crowley owes him an apology.

Gates probably could not win a lawsuit for false arrest or violation of his civil rights. The line between disorderly conduct and legal conduct is somewhat blurred. I wasn’t there. Few people were.


3. Obama was wrong to comment on the incident at all. For one thing, it was way below his pay grade. For another, it had none of the connection to race relations in America that he suggested. But to chip-on-their-shoulder blacks, everything is about race in America.

He subsequently should have said “I was wrong” in a straight-forward manner. Instead, he made a convoluted, half-assed hint that perhaps, maybe he was mistaken. The Cambridge cops behaved professionally. The Harvard professor and the Harvard Law School graduate did not. The Cops knew the facts. The Harvard know-it-alls did not bother to obtain them.

The contempt-of-cop arrest was not stupid, as Obama characterized it. Rather, it was a dubious overeaction that was understandable to most because of the extreme provocation by Gates. Gates seemed to be doing his utmost to get arrested so he would have something to bitch about. Obama owes the Cambridge police an apology—a real one—not that mealy-mouthed I may have possibly used words that enabled some idiots to misinterpret my true meaning or however he worded it. He said the police “acted stupidly.” Not a lot of nuance possible there. Indeed, he said we can all agree on that. Speak for yourself nouveau noir guy. And apologize clearly now that you know there was no racial bias or stupidity on the part of the police.

I do not know what to make of Professor Louis Gates. His Wikipedia bio is full of awards, academic positions, and accolades, but I wonder how many he would have received for identical work on white culture if he had been white. The burden of proof is on all blacks who succeed in fields where affirmative action is standard policy—college and university admissions, academia, government—to prove that they objectively earned their accomplishments. Gates strikes me as a darker-skinned Ward Churchill, that is, a professional ranter-and-raver race hustler who achieved his station in life by using his minority ancestors (perhaps imaginary in Chuchill’s case) for all it was worth.


To Gates’ discredit, his 1968 application to be an undergraduate at Yale included the paragraph,

As always, whitey now sits in judgment of me, preparing to cast my fate. It is your decision either to let me blow with the wind as a nonentity or to encourage the development of self. Allow me to prove myself.

To Yale’s discredit, they accepted him into both Yale college and Yale Law School and hired him to teach there anyway, or perhaps to prove their non-racist bona fides. A cheap trick by Gates that worked. Ultimately, though, Yale’s slow learners were not totally devoid of intelligence. They denied him tenure and he went to Cornell, Duke, then Harvard.

His main shtick seems to be that black literature is insufficiently studied and celebrated because of a white bias against it in spite of its merit. My impression is that black literature and historical figures have been elevated beyond their actual true accomplishments or impatvia an affirmative-action program for literature and historical figures. I read that kids no longer study Thomas Edison in many public schools. He has been removed to make way for obscure black historical figures.

When one of my sons was in middle school and mentioned some black African tribal leader he was studying, I said, “I never heard of him. What did he do?” I was prepared to learn that the man in question had been unfairly left out of history books because of racism, but the answer to the “what did he do question”—which I looked at my son’s text to answer, was “not much.” Basically, he was a relative big shot in his African region in his time but he had little effect beyond that—about the equivalent of some sixth century white European warlord we also never heard of. It appeared to me that the word had gone out to put more blacks in the text books and they simply found the highest ranking black historical figures, regardless of objective standards, and elevated them over more important whites to fill politically-correct history and literary text book racial quotas.

I do not think Obama hates whites

Some have said Obama’s unwarranted and hair trigger leap to a racism conclusion, like Gates’ hair trigger racist tirade at the Cambridge cop, indicates that Obama hates white people.

Obama is white. His DNA is 50.000% white; precisely the same percentage that it is Kenyan. He was raised 100% white by 100% white people. He called himself Barry until he was an adult. I read somewhere that he and a white girlfriend lived together in New York City during and/or after his graduation from Columbia College. I am not aware of any evidence from his “white” period—still more than half of his life—that he ever hated whites. Since he knew so many of them so intimately, I suspect he knows they are not worthy of hate as a group. But then that’s not the mind set that sells on the South Side of Chicago.

He doesn’t hate whites, but he wants to be popular with those who do, like his wife, “Skip” Gates, and adopted father Jeremiah Wright.

His father got his mother, then a single college girl, pregnant when she was 18 in November of 1960. They got married 2/2/61. The African wife he never divorced was not invited to the wedding. President Obama was born on 8/4/09. Obama senior graduated from the University of Hawaii at Manoa in June 1962 and left to study for a masters degree at Harvard. Apparently, Obama, Sr. did not see Obama, Jr. or Obama, Jr.’s mother during the rest of the marriage which ended in divorce in January, 1964. Apparently Obama, Jr.’s only in-person contact with his father after infancy was a brief visit when Obama, Jr. was 10.

It appears that Obama was severely psychiatrically scarred by his father’s near total lack of interest in, and abandonment of, him, not to mention his mother’s not much greater interest in him. She moved to Indonesia as a twice-divorced single mother with Obama’s half sister when Obama was ten.

At same point within the several years after his graduation from Columbia in 1983 when he lived in New York City, he decided to become a black guy. He moved to the blackest Congressional district in the nation—IL 1st District on the South Side of Chicago—and worked thereafter in various black political organizations. When he decided to become black, he had been a white guy for 26 years and he was way behind his black peers in knowing how blacks act, talk, think, and the details of black culture and experiences. He had grown up in Honolulu, perhaps the most racially mixed and racially tolerant place on earth.

Like the convert to Catholicism who is more Catholic than the Pope, Barack had a lot of catching up and proving himself to do. Joining Jeremiah Wright’s church, marrying Michelle, going to Louis Farrakhan’s (South Side of Chicago Muslim leader) Million Man March, writing about using cocaine in a book, etc. seem to have been the main ways Obama sought South Side of Chicago street cred.

Now, after 22 years of straining to prove to himself and his fellow blacks that he is one of them, he has difficulty turning it off. His hair trigger leap to accuse the Cambridge Police (off all police departments to accuse of such a thing—Cambidge, MA is often called the “People’s Republic of Cambridge”) of racial profiling is apparently his 22-years of “See, I really am black” protestations escaping in an uncharacteristically unguarded moment.

He is a mirror image of Michael Jackson—rejecting his “original” race and obsessively, manically trying to prove his bonafides in the new one.

‘Harry, I have a gift’

His beer summit was a manifestation of his approach to life that is essentially, “Harry, I have a gift of smooth talk that charms even the most savage beasts.” I expected the beer summit would be held in a private room in the White House. No. They did it on the lawn in front of cameras like the Yalta Conference—where momentous events actually took place and should have been preserved and reported on for posterity. They clinked beer mugs. Joe grabbed a handful of peanuts. Barack grabbed a handful of peanuts. They all looked awkward and ill at ease. Barack pretended to be comfortable. Must-see TV.

In fact, Obama’s misplaced confidence that he can smooth talk everyone on earth into liking him and agreeing with him—including Gates and Officer Crowley, not to mention Ahmadinejad, Putin, and Kim Jong-Il, may yet get us into World War III.

Showcase of his overconfidence

As far as anyone can tell, the beer summit accomplished absolutely nothing except to enable two guys to get themselves a free beer and their families private tours of the White House. It was supposed to be a showcase of Obama’s awesome, mediating, bring-us-together skills. Instead, it was a showcase of his overconfidence and rookie lack of leadership instincts. Never have so many watched so few accomplish so little.

Obama supposedly has a date not yet set to have a beer with Sean Hannity. I suspect that’s now off.

Treatment of the 911 caller

The 911 caller was treated abominably. She did absolutely nothing wrong. She was a private person who had the right to be left alone. Indeed, as you would expect of a Cambridge resident, she spent half the 911 phone call and half her subsequent press conference protesting her perfect political correctness. I think it will be a long time before she makes another 911 call no matter what she sees or hears.

It is now a staple of TV and radio to make fun of some 911 callers. How many people are going to die or suffer serious injury in the future when a citizen sees something suspicious and decides not to call 911 out of fear of ridicule or persecution for doing so?

It ought to be a violation of public policy to release 911 call recordings unless absolutely necessary. Furthermore even when released, any portions unnecessary as evidence in court that might subject the caller to regret should not be released. People should not be discouraged from calling 911 when injury might result from lack of the call. Even the 911 calls about McDonalds running out of chicken nuggets should not be released because a person dumb enough to do that is also smart enough to save a life with another 911 call.

Indeed, blacks are more likely to be injured by this discouragement of 911 calls because most potential callers are white (by population of the country) and the calls they will henceforth be most reluctant to make will be those where the suspect is black. Since most black crime victims are victimized by other blacks, discouraging whites from reporting possible crime by black people is not a great idea.

Did Obama’s father come to the U.S. for the reasons Obama says?

In his 5/21/09 national security speech at the National Archives, Obama said the following:

The documents that we hold in this very hall—the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution, the Bill of Rights -are not simply words written into aging parchment. They are the foundation of liberty and justice in this country, and a light that shines for all who seek freedom, fairness, equality and dignity in the world.

I stand here today as someone whose own life was made possible by these documents. My father came to our shores in search of the promise that they offered.

Barely met him, but knows all about him

Obama talks a lot about his father. He even wrote a book about him. That’s odd when you consider that Obama’s mother divorced his father after he abandoned both of them when Obama turned 2. There is a photo of Obama and his father together when Obama was ten. That is the only time they met when Obama was old enough to remember it.

Actions speak louder than words. Barack Obama, Sr.’s actions do not jibe with Barack Obama, Jr.’s words.

What Obama, Sr. actually did

Obama senior was married at age 18 in 1954 and had four children. He switched from Islam to atheism.

In 1959, he left a pregnant wife behind in Kenya and enrolled in the University of Hawaii on a Hollywood-star paid scholarship for Africans. In 1961, without bothering to get divorced or to tell her he was already married, Barack Obama, Sr. married the already pregnant Ann Dunham, president Obama’s mother.

The following year, Obama, Sr. graduated from Hawaii and went to Harvard to get a masters degree, leaving Dunham and Obama, Jr. behind. Dunham divorced him.

When he graduated from Harvard, he took with him back to Kenya an American teacher. He later married her and they had two children before divorcing.

He became a senior economist in the Socialist Kenyan government.

He then got fired and became an impoverished drunk who lost his legs in one car crash and his life in another at age 46.

I see nothing in Obama, Sr.’s life that suggests he had even the slightest interest in the U.S. Declaration of Independence, Constitution, or Bill of Rights. The Kenya government he worked for was a dictatorship (Jomo Kenyatta).

It appears to me that Obama, Sr. came to the U.S. to get free education and to meet chicks.

Obama has ‘issues’ with regard to his father

President Obama’s many delusions regarding his alcoholic, bigamist, deadbeat dad manifest a psychological disorder so obvious that even we non-psychologists can see it. My mom told me I had an imaginary brother when I was 3, complete with a name. When I was 3 1/2, my first real brother was born and my parents gave him the name I had already chosen. That’s normal for a 3-year old only child. Obama is 47.

Are we sure this guy is sane enough to hold the most important and dangerous job in the world?

John T. Reed

I appreciate informed, well-thought-out constructive criticism and suggestions. If there are any errors or omissions in my facts or logic, please tell me about them. If you are correct, I will fix the item in question. If you wish, I will give you credit. Where appropriate, I will apologize for the error. To date, I have been surprised at how few such corrections I have had to make.

Obama’s election the opposite of King’s Dream

On August 28, 1963, Martin Luther King, Jr. made his famous “I have a dream” speech. I remember it. I was going through two-a-days for my high school football team. It was my senior year.

I may not have heard the speech live, but it was recognized as a great speech immediately and was widely reported on at the time. Young people who were not around then may assume that it was ignored at the time—which was before the Civil Rights Act of 1964. Those young people would be wrong.

Don’t get me wrong. I did not join the Martin Luther King fan club or put a poster of him on my wall. I just thought, like everyone else did, that the speech was a great one and that he was right.

Obama’s ascendancy to the presidency took place at the opposite end of the National Mall from the Lincoln Memorial where King made his “Dream” speech. The lead on everyone’s inauguration day story has been the juxtaposition of the two locations and the “fact” that Obama’s inauguration is the realization of King’s dream.

The hell it is.

The opposite of Martin Luther King’s dream

In fact, Obama’s inauguration is the opposite of King’s dream. And I seem to be the only one smart enough and/or courageous enough to call it what it is. What’s up with that?

Unlike today’s weasely politicians who will not allow themselves to be nailed down on anything, Dr. King defined his dream quite precisely. And I quote:

I have a dream that [Americans] will not be judged by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character.

Like the little boy who said that the emperor was not wearing any clothes, I say, “Uh, excuse me. Mr. Obama was elected president because of the color of his skin and in spite of the content of his character.”

Ferraro was right

Geraldine Ferraro has better credentials than I to comment on the matter. She is a Democrat. She was the first woman ever chosen by a major party to run for Vice President of the United States (in 1984 as Walter Mondale’s running mate). Here is what she said about Barack Obama’s candidacy for president in March, 2008 in an interview:

If Obama was a white man, he would not be in this position. And if he was a woman (of any color) he would not be in this position. He happens to be very lucky to be who he is. And the country is caught up in the concept.

She was exactly right. Many attacked her for her lack of political correctness, but many pundits also admitted that she was right. To her credit, Ferraro refused to back off the comment when pressured to do so.

The keystone event

On or about November 4, 1960, four days before John F. Kennedy was elected president, a single, 18-year-old University of Hawaii student named Ann Dunham decided it would be a good idea to have unprotected sex with a married student from Kenya. She got pregnant. If it had been an Arab-African student, say from Egypt, or a Caucasian-African student, say from Rhodesia, Ann Dunham’s son would not be president. The same would be true if it had been a red-headed student from Ireland named Barry O’Brien.

Barack Obama is president of the United States of America because of the skin color of his mother’s unprotected sex partner that day in November, 1960. Nothing that happened since would have led him to the presidency if Dunham had used birth control or abstained from sex or had sex with a non-black student. Similarly, if Dunham had gotten pregnant by Lolo Soetoro, her Indonesian second husband, first, and by Barack Obama, Sr., second, Obama would not be president. His name would be Lolo Soetoro, Jr. He would be an Indonesian-American. He would not have ever been a student at Occidental College, Columbia College, or Harvard Law School. He would probably be selling copiers in Honolulu. In that case, his half-black sister with the last name of Obama would not be president either, as Ferraro observed above.

Race irrelevant, not discrimination by blacks against whites

Dr. King’s dream was that race would be irrelevant when it came to making decisions about whom to marry, whom to elect to office, whom to live next door to, and so forth.

Obama’s race was NOT irrelevant to his election to the presidency. On the contrary, his father’s race was crucial. He got 96% of the black vote, a childishly high percentage that blacks should be ashamed of. There is no way 96% of blacks would have voted for an identical candidate—resume, avowed policies, public speaking skills—with a different color skin.

Obama also got some unknown percentage of the white guilt and the white prove-we’re-not-racist vote.

The black vote and because-he’s-black white vote provided his margin of victory. Obama got 52.9% of the vote; McCain, 45.7%. That means only 3.6% had to change from Obama to McCain to change who got the most votes. At least 3.6% of the voters chose Obama because of his skin color.

Color blind

Dr. King’s dream was that America would become color blind, not racist in favor of blacks and against whites.

Historic? How so?

America was anything but color blind in 2008. Blacks voted overwhelmingly for Obama because of the color of his skin. Enough whites did the same to give him the victory. The rhapsodic celebration of Obama’s success on election night and inauguration day was anything but color blind. Time and again, everyone said it was such a historic occasion.

Oh, really? And why is that?

First native Hawaiian elected president? First Harvard graduate elected president? First former lawyer to be president? First Democrat? First Illinoisan? First senator?

Other than Hawaii, none of those are true. And the people celebrating and crying for joy in Grant Park and DC were sure as hell not Hawaiians.

There is absolutely, I repeat, absolutely, nothing historic about Barack Obama’s election to the presidency—other than his skin color.

I guess it is historic that we have switched from discriminating in favor of whites and against blacks to in favor of blacks and against whites, but that’s hardly a cause for celebration. Rather, it’s a “Have we learned nothing?” event.

Best not blackest

Dr. King’s dream was not to elect blacks. He was not even opposed to the election of whites. His dream was that Americans would elect whomever they thought was the best man or woman, regardless of their skin color, not because of it.

Milestone for end of whites discriminating against blacks

Obama’s election does mark the realization of Dr. King’s dream to one extent. In 2008, enough whites were willing to vote for a black man that he won. Some did so for the dopey reason that he was black and they felt he deserved their vote solely for that reason. But others, maybe most, voted for him because they thought he was the best candidate and because they thought his skin color was irrelevant. Dr. King would be pleased.

There was a time in America when white men and woman would vote for a white man who was running against a black solely because the white man was white. King hated that. So I am sure he would have hated blacks doing the exact same thing in reverse in 2008.

1975, not 2008

Furthermore, whites did not abandon their prejudice against black presidents in 2008. They abandoned it probably around 1975. There simply were no viable black candidates to vote for. There never has been, even in 2008. What happened in 2008 was that enough white people just concluded, “We’re tired of waiting for a qualified black. Obama’s close enough and there appears to be no other chance to show how enlightened and broadminded we are in the foreseeable future. Let’s get this behind us once and for all.”

Some black readers may disagree that whites were willing to vote for a black presidential candidate in 1975. To them I say,

Hey! I’m white. I’ve been white my whole life. You’ve never been white. There’s no way you could possibly know what it’s like to be white, so shut up.

That was fun.

But seriously folks, years ago, there was much talk about Colin Powell running for president—as a Republican no less. (He’s whichever way the winds blows.) I think he would have had a very good chance, depending upon who his opponent was and the condition of the economy and such. Like Obama, he’s not black, but mulatto or maybe more white than mulatto. In Jamaica, where Powell’s ancestors are from, they are keenly sensitive to every permutation of white and black blood and have names for most of them. And the less-than-full-blooded black Jamaicans were as discriminatory toward the darker-skinned Jamaicans as the white slave owners had been.

I have a dream, too

I have a dream myself. My dream is that Dr. King’s dream of a color blind, no-skin-color-discrimination society really gets realized.

I have a dream that a black candidate will run against a white candidate and that only about 50% of blacks will support the black candidate, not 96%. In that dream, about 50% of whites also support the black candidate. Oh, wait. That part of the dream already came true: in 2008.

Whites are now grown-ups when it comes to race. They generally vote for the best candidate, not for candidates with the same skin color. Blacks, on the other hand, or most of them, are still behaving like children—voting a strict skin-color line. “My race right or wrong.” It is immoral racism. It is precisely what they have long claimed to be against. It just makes victims of the other race rather than ending racial discrimination. It is blacks moving from victim to perpetrator, not from discrimination to the end of discrimination.

Many blacks will say, “It’s about time and fair that you suffer like we did.”

Makes my point.

Black-dog voters

The now out-of-date phrase “yellow-dog Democrat” referred to Southerners who said they would even vote for a yellow dog as long as it was a Democrat. Southern Democrats then were the party of segregation. Yellow-dog Democrats have disappeared into the ash heap of history (except that blacks have been pretty close to that since the Nixon Administration even without Obama).

They have been replaced by black-dog African-Americans, a bigoted voting bloc that will vote for any candidate, no matter how unqualified or corrupt, as long as the candidate has at least some black skin pigment. (See Adam Clayton Powell, Alcee Hastings, Kwame Kilpatrick, Bobby Rush, William J. Jefferson, Willie Herenton, Maxine Waters, Marion Barry, I could go on)

This is not the end of racism Dr. King hoped for. It is blacks turning into 40 million chocolate versions of Bull Connor and David Duke. That is not progress, but it does reveal who really was on the moral high ground back in the civil rights era after all. Dr. King was, but apparently damned few of those who claim to revere him and his principles.

I have a dream that some day a black candidate will run for president and not make comments like, “They’ll tell you I don’t look like the guys whose pictures are on U.S. currency” and “They’ll tell you ‘He’s black’.”

On his merits

I have a dream that some day a black candidate who graduated from a top state college where they outlawed affirmative action will run for president, and that he will be elected on his merits rather than his race, just as he was admitted to, and graduated from, that college on his merits.

Dr. King was for color blindness and character, and against using skin color to choose. From his college and law school applications to his political career and election to the presidency, Barack Obama has played his skin color for all it was worth. Obama’s father went by the name “Barry” in the U.S. So did Barack, until he became the poster boy for affirmative action and wanted to used his race to get into college and South Side of Chicago politics. If Obama had any respect at all for Dr. King’s dream, he would still be Barry.

Dr. King would be proud of what most whites did in the 2008 election, and ashamed of what Obama and most blacks did. He would be pleased that whites finally got it—and amazed that most blacks still haven’t. They now prefer to be judged by the color of their skin—to get those affirmative action and minority set-aside goodies—rather than by the content of their character.

What happened at one end of the National Mall on 1/20/09 was not the historic realization of what was called for at the other end of the Mall on 8/28/63. It was a grotesque bastardization of King’s “dream.”

Lowery’s inauguration benediction

A number of readers have said I should have added mention of the racist statements made by Reverend Lowery in his benediction. They’re right.

The pertinent parts of Lowery’s benediction poem are:

… deliver us from the exploitation of the poor or the least of these and from favoritism toward the rich, the elite of these.

Lord, in the memory of all the saints who from their labors rest, and in the joy of a new beginning, we ask you to help us work for that day when black will not be asked to get back, when brown can stick around (laughter), when yellow will be mellow (laughter), when the red man can get ahead, man (laughter), and when white will embrace what is right.

Marxist racism

The “exploitation of the poor” line is Marxism. And when it’s coming out of the mouth of a guy like Lowery, it’s also racist. He sure as hell is not talking about any rich, elite blacks exploiting poor whites.

Tell us again, Barack, how much you oppose Marxism and racism. And explain again why you keep associating with people who seem to love both.


Another point that comes to mind is the fact that Martin Luther King, Jr., who is the most prominent black minister in U.S. history, took great care to speak correct King’s English and to conduct himself in a dignified way. I surmised that he was trying to give lie to the stereotype of blacks as ignorant clowns like Stephen Fetchit.

However, since King was assassinated, he has been replaced in the black minister role by a never-ending stream of men who affect the spoken language of uneducated black slaves and street punks and who seem more interested in attracting attention to themselves by their clown acts and trash talking aimed at whites than any noble cause. There’s Jesse “Up with hope down with dope” Jackson, Jeremiah “U.S. of KKKA” Wright, Father Flager (white but shamelessly imitates Jeremiah Wright et al.), and now another—Lowery. These “reverends” mimic Muhammad Ali or Snoop Dog, not Dr. King. They seek to advance no cause bigger than their own applause and laughter meters.

Lowery asks people to, “work for the day when blacks will not be asked to get back.”

That day arrived around 1965—44 years ago. The only people who have been asked to “get back” since then are whites and asians who have earned admission to selective universities, jobs, and promotions that they are denied because of affirmative action and minority set-asides.

“When yellow will be mellow” appears to be nothing but a cheap slur to achieve a rhyme that would enable Lowery to get a laugh at the expense of billions of asians. As far as class and intelligent debate is concerned, it ranks up there with rhyming “Petraeus” and “betray us.”

“When the red man can get ahead, man” is a baseless bit of racist clowning. I am part Cherokee. I know many others who are Native American as well. We are treated as whites. No one even knows we are part Indian unless they ask. The “red man” is not red, he is white. And he is free to leave the reservation. Some whites, like Ward Churchill, “got ahead, man” namely a six-figure income from a job as head of the ethnic studies department at the University of Colorado—by claiming they were “red” men. The Rocky Mountain News’s and The Denver Post’s genealogical investigations found Churchill had no Indian ancestors.

‘What is right’

The most egregious part of Lowery’s poem is “when white will embrace what is right.” In my article on Jeremiah Wright, I said that all of his grievances against whites are either ancient or imaginary. Same applies to Lowery, and apparently to the entire troupe of trash-talking, black clowns who call themselves “reverends.”

White embraced what is right when 635,000 whites died or were wounded, and millions more fought, liberating the slaves during the Civil War. They also embraced what is right when they passed the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and numerous other laws aimed at ending legal discrimination against blacks. They also embraced what is right when they decided the U.S. Supreme Court cases Shelley v. Kraemer, Brown v. Board of Education, Heart of Atlanta Motel v. U.S., and Loving v. Virginia.

When the subject is embracing what is right in black-white race relations, it is the black supporters of Wright, Lowery, et al. who need to start embracing the truth.

Obama picked him

After sitting in Wright’s church listening to anti-semitic and anti-white ranting for twenty years, Obama said he was not aware Wright had these feelings. Indeed, until Wright attacked Obama personally, Obama still did not denounce him. That tells you what Obama’s really about when it comes to Wright and white. As long as Wright was denouncing whites and Jews, Obama could “no more disown him than I can disown the black community.” But when Wright dared to comment adversely about Barack himself, under the bus he went.

Then, after all that happened with Wright and Flager, Obama picks yet another anti-white clown reverend—for the inauguration forchrissake!

Yeah, the Obama inauguration was a real historic occasion. It marked the first time the inauguration ceremony of a president was used to spout anti-white and anti-asian racist slurs, and the ironic, mocking burial of the inspirational dream espoused by another black man at the other end of the Mall 46 years ago.

Change we can believe in.

I appreciate informed, well-thought-out constructive criticism and suggestions. If there are any errors or omissions in my facts or logic, please tell me about them. If you are correct, I will fix the item in question. If you wish, I will give you credit. Where appropriate, I will apologize for the error. To date, I have been surprised at how few such corrections I have had to make.

Various observations about Barack Obama

I am a Libertarian. I almost never vote for a Republican or Democrat. When I did, it was about half and half. So I have no dog in the Democrat or Republican primaries. Nevertheless, Barack Obama has triggered some thoughts.


First, it seems to me that Barack Obama’s skin color, ancestry, and upbringing are irrelevant. I think he should be “judged by the content of his character, not the color of his skin,” the color of the skin of his ancestors, or what he experienced as a child.

He claims to agree with me on that in comments he made during the week of April 21, 2007.

The problem is he appears to be lying about that.

Playing his race card for all it’s worth

It appears to me that he is playing his race card for all it’s worth out of one side of his mouth (to get black votes) and saying it’s irrelevant out the other side (to get white and Latino votes).

Here are the facts about him and his ancestry and upbringing:


Barack Hussein Obama, Sr. Ph.D. (picture) from Harvard, native of Kenya (which has dissolved into bloody riots in early 2008) and government economist there, separated from Obama’s Jr.’s mother when Junior was two years old, divorced, killed in a car accident in Kenya in 1982—There is a report on the Internet that Barack’s father was 1/8 black and 7/8 Arab, that being the reason Obama has as Arab first and middle name. Can’t verify it.

In the fall of 2008, virtually everyone has been referring to Obama’s father as an immigrant. He was no such thing. He came to the U.S. to study, studied, knocked up 18-year old Ann Dunham whom he married then abandoned, and went back home to Kenya, perhaps in part to get beyond the courts that would have ordered him to pay child support. As far as I can tell, he never lived in America other than to study and never had any intention of immigrating to the U.S. or anywhere else. The media has apparently decided to call him an immigrant to make him closer to the normal American experience of enslavement or immigration being the way one’s ancestors got to the U.S. Obama, Sr. came closer to being acccurately described as a tourist than an immigrant.


Ann Dunham (picture), Wichita, KS native of mixed Northern European descent, descendant of slave owners, after divorce from Obama senior married Lolo Soetoro, an Indonesian; died in 1995 of ovarian cancer

Here’s a picture of his mother and father together.

Childhood and education

Barack Hussein Obama, Jr. childhood and formal education:

Born in Honolulu and lived there until age six

Lived in Jakarta, Indonesia with mother and step-father from age 6 to age 10—briefly tried to claim he knew more about foreign policy than Hillary because he had “lived overseas.” Reminds me of the accusation that 1988 Democratic presidential nominee, former Massachusetts governor Michael Dukakis’s only foreign policy experience was having breakfast at the International House of Pancakes.

I have heard some reports that his Indonesian father was a Muslim and that Obama was enrolled in a Muslim Madrassa school when he lived in Jakarta. I do not know nor do I know if it means anything. A 4/21/08 Time magazine cover story on his mother said that Obama went to a Catholic school for a while then a public school. If it’s true that Obama attended a Muslim school, Obama needs to say what it means and does not mean. Americans have a right to question madrassa grads in view of the fact that the 19 9/11 highjackers were madrassa grads.

Lived in Honolulu from age 11 through graduation from high school at age 18

His high school was the Punahou School which is an exclusive school that now costs about $15,000 a year for tuition. Time magazine says he was on scholarship there.

During middle and high schools, he lived with his maternal (white) grandparents

His first two years of college were at Occidental College, a private liberal arts school in Los Angeles near Pasadena.

His last two years of undergraduate college were at Columbia University in Manhattan.

He got a law degree from Harvard at age 30.


Barack ain’t from da ’hood.

He is not black. He is gray (one black parent and one white parent). Or mayb tan (one brown parent and one white). Some call him Halfrican-Amercian, which is fair. Actually, there has long been a word for what he is. It is mulatto. According to Webster’s New Universal Unabridged Dictionary, mulatto means, “a person one of whose parents is a Negro and the other a Caucasian or white.”

It comes from the Spanish word for mule: mulo. A mule is half donkey and half horse. It’s always half and half because mules are sterile.

The media, and Barack himself, refuse to use the word mulatto. There is no indication it is pejorative. It is just a neutral, long-established word. Apparently, Obama and his media allies refuse to use it because it makes Obama sound exotic or different. That’s because he is exotic or different—even from other blacks. The were 40.2 million blacks in the U.S. in 2006—13.4% of the U.S. population. Best I can tell from the Internet is that about 10% of blacks are really mulattoes. Using his math skills, Obama has figured out that it’s better to tell 13.4% of the population that they are “your people” than 1.34% of the population.

He never lived with his black father that he would remember. He only laid eyes on his father once after age two. He lived with his white mother and her white relatives from age 2 to age 6. He lived with his Indonesian stepfather and his mother in Indonesia until age 10 when his mother went back to Indonesia while he moved in with her parents in Honolulu until he left for college.

Nature versus nurture

In the nurture-versus-nature debate, Democrats are absolutely nurture only. Well, they’re screwed on Obama’s blackness on that one. Obama was raised entirely by whites. Obama is only black (actually half) if you believe nature, that is, skin pigment and DNA, not nurture, is what matters most. Democrats can’t have it both ways. Nurture-wise, Obama is 100% white.

Starting at least at age 11 he had a privileged, rich kid’s education (on scholarship he says, which raises the question of whether it was an academic scholarship or an affirmative action one). As far as I can tell, he went to private schools starting at least at age 11 and remained in strictly private schools all the way through college and graduate school. I see no evidence he ever went to a public school in the U.S. He reportedly went by the name “Barry” then. So did his father when he was in the U.S.

He is not the descendant of slaves. Indeed, his mother and he are the descendents of slave owners in the Confederacy.

Too young to have experienced the civil rights movement

He is too young to have participated in the civil rights movement that arguably ended when the Civil Rights Act of 1964 became law. He was three years old then.

He grew up mostly in Hawaii, the most racially diverse state and one with no history of black slaves or even participation in the Civil War and attended a high school known, even in Hawaii, for its racial diversity.

To call Obama, Jr. “African-American” is, at best, incomplete. He appears to be Kenyan-Irish-German-English. African-Americans, unlike, say, Irish-Americans or Italian-Americans, have the name of a continent rather than a country before the hyphen because the slave traders and slave owners were uninterested in which African country the slaves came from and kept no records that would enable Americans of slave descent to trace their heritage to a particular country.

Obama, Jr., on the other hand, can trace his biological father’s country of origin effortlessly. So it is more appropriate to refer to him as Kenyan-American than African-American just as it is more appropriate to refer to President John F. Kennedy as Irish-American rather than European-American.

Selma, AL

My main problem with Obama, Jr. stems from his performance at a meeting of black civil rights march veterans in Selma, Alabama in 2007.

Here are some of the things he said in that speech.

My very existence might not have been possible had it not been for some of the folks here today. I mentioned at the Unity Breakfast that a lot of people been asking, well, you know, your father was from Africa, your mother, she’s a white woman from Kansas. I’m not sure that you have the same experience.

I do not understand what Obama, Jr.’s existence owes to Selma, AL civil rights marchers. His parents met when they were both students at the University of Hawaii in the late 1950s. Give the civil rights marchers all the credit they deserve for the changes they brought about in Selma and elsewhere in the American South. But I do not see how the 1965 Selma march had anything at all to do with the admission of a Kenyan to the University of Hawaii in the 1950s or to Obama, Jr.’s parents getting married and conceiving him in 1960.

And I tried to explain, you don’t understand. You see, my Grandfather was a cook to the British in Kenya. Grew up in a small village and all his life, that’s all he was — a cook and a house boy. And that’s what they called him, even when he was 60 years old. They called him a house boy. They wouldn’t call him by his last name.

What the heck does a grandfather working for a British family on Lake Victoria in Kenya, Africa in the early Twentieth Century have to do with the American civil rights movement? The grandfather was not a slave. He applied for a job and got it. And he was a “cook and a house boy.” In view of the fact that there are at least three meals a day to prepare and, back then, that required shopping for the food raw materials each day, it sounds like his grandfather was really a cook.

My mom worked as a waitress once. Does that enable me to claim brotherhood with Selma blacks? How about the fact that my Irish-American ancestors encountered turn-of-the-century signs that said “Help Wanted No Irish need apply” or “Irish and dogs keep off the grass?” Does that qualify me as a 1960s civil rights veteran?

Obama, Jr. then said,

Yet something happened back here in Selma, Alabama. Something happened in Birmingham that sent out what Bobby Kennedy called, “Ripples of hope all around the world.” Something happened when a bunch of women decided they were going to walk instead of ride the bus after a long day of doing somebody else’s laundry, looking after somebody else’s children. When men who had PhD’s decided that’s enough and we’re going to stand up for our dignity. That sent a shout across oceans so that my grandfather began to imagine something different for his son. His son, who grew up herding goats in a small village in Africa could suddenly set his sights a little higher and believe that maybe a black man in this world had a chance.

That’s a damned lie! Obama, Jr.’s grandfather was not inspired by the Selma events of 1965. The guy was 70 years old then. His son, Obama, Jr.’s father, could not possibly have been moved by those events until after he had divorced Junior’s mother.

It worried folks in the White House who said, “You know, we’re battling Communism. How are we going to win hearts and minds all across the world? If right here in our own country, John, we’re not observing the ideals set fort in our Constitution, we might be accused of being hypocrites.” So the Kennedy’s decided we’re going to do an air lift. We’re going to go to Africa and start bringing young Africans over to this country and give them scholarships to study so they can learn what a wonderful country America is.

This young man named Barack Obama [the presidential candidate’s father] got one of those tickets and came over to this country.

That’s another damned lie! Junior’s parents got married in 1960. John F. Kennedy was still running for President that year. Obama, Sr. had been a student at the University of Hawaii since sometime in the late 1950s. Whatever air lift the Kennedy’s did to bring Africans to American to study in U.S. colleges did not occur until some time after Kennedy was inaugurated in January of 1961. In other words, President Kennedy may have brought some other Africans to America to study, but he sure as hell did not bring Obama, Sr. here. Obama, Sr. was already here studying before Kennedy even announced his candidacy for President.

There was something stirring across the country because of what happened in Selma, Alabama, because some folks are willing to march across a bridge. So they got together and Barack Obama Jr. was born. So don’t tell me I don’t have a claim on Selma, Alabama. Don’t tell me I’m not coming home to Selma, Alabama.

Like I said above.

Those of you who read my book know. I went through some difficult times [growing up]

Poor little rich boy dodging falling coconuts in Hawaii.

…a prayer that carried our brothers and sisters over a bridge right here in Selma, Alabama.

“Our” brothers and sisters? The 1965 civil rights marchers may have been the brothers and sisters of some in the room in Selma in 2007, but they sure as heck were not Obama, Jr.’s brothers and sisters. 82nd cousins maybe.

I been here befoh.

I don’t see this in the speech on the Internet, but I heard the recording of it on the radio and TV. First off, he had not been to Selma before or “befoh.” Secondly, a man who was raised entirely by whites in Indonesia and Hawaii and educated at Occidental, Columbia, and Harvard does not normally talk like Uncle Remus. When he does, it’s as phony as a three-dollar bill.

In February, 2008, I saw him on TV saying “you all” in a speech. Where do you suppose he learned how to talk like that? Hawaii, Jakarta, Occidental College (in Pasadena), Columbia University (in Manhattan), Harvard Law School (in Cambridge, MA), Chicago—or did he learn it from Ebonics for Dummies?

Barack Obama is not black. He’s nouveau noir. As far as being black is concerned, he’s an arriviste or parvenu.

If a guy who was born and raised in Hawaii in the 1960s and 1970s is going to speak like an uneducated ethnic, in spite of his double Ivy League education, it should be the pidgin English used by young Hawaiian residents, e.g., “Howzit Brah? DC shaka but dis Selma mo’ bettah. Mahalo for letting da kine haole talk story. Yeah?,” not some Deep South slave dialect.

So don’t tell me I don’t have a claim on Selma, Alabama. Don’t tell me I’m not coming home to Selma, Alabama,

Actually, Barack, you don’t have a claim on Selma, Alabama and you are not coming home to Selma, Alabama. The only thing you have in common with Alabama is its last four letters. The only places you can ever “come home” to are Jakarta and Honolulu. Sorry about the fact that neither has many electoral votes.


You are a race hustler. You’re trying to passreverse passing at that.

Passing used to be a word that was applied to African-Americans who had some black ancestors but whose skin color was so light that they could make whites think they were 100% white. Now, for the first time I have ever heard of, we have a guy who’s trying to do it in the other direction. A kid with a white mom who was raised by white grandparents in the most race-neutral place in the world—Hawaii—and who never knew his foreign, black-skinned, biological father and who now would have us believe he is as much a black Selma, Alabaman as the people in that room.

As I said at the top, Obama, Jr.’s ancestry and upbringing are irrelevant. But the fact that he is trying to claim that black, American descendants of slaves are “his people” and that his birth itself was the result of civil rights marches and laws that happened after he was born is plain old-fashioned dishonesty.

So is his belated claim that he doesn’t want anyone to vote for him because he’s “black.” The hell he doesn’t! What was all this phony baloney in Selma about if he is not trying to falsely wrap himself in the American black experience to get black votes? Not to mention the fact that he regularly got 60% to 84% of the black vote in the primaries. What states would he have won if he had split the black vote equally with Hillary?

May we see his college applications to ascertain whether he played his race card for all it was worth to gain admission to Occidental, Columbia, and Harvard Law? What are the chances that he was eager to get the full name Barack Hussein Obama, Jr. on those applications, notwithstanding his claiming to be “Barry” before college and his aversion to mentioning his middle name now in the realm of presidential politics where middle names are generally prominent, e.g., John Fitzgerald Kennedy, Richard Milhous Nixon, Lyndon Baines Johnson, Hillary Rodham Clinton.

Tiger Woods’ approach to multi-racial ancestors

Champion PGA golfer Tiger Woods got it right when it comes to dealing with a mixed ancestry that includes blacks. Here’s what he said,

Woods made his remarks on “Oprah,” when he was asked if it bothered him to be called an African-American. “It does,” he said. “Growing up, I came up with this name: I’m a ‘Cablinasian.’” As in Caucasian-black-Indian-Asian. Woods has a black father (or to be precise, if I am interpreting Woods’ reported ancestry correctly, a half-black, one-quarter American Indian, one-quarter white father) and a Thai mother (or, with the same caveat, a half-Thai, half-Chinese mother). “I’m just who I am,” Woods told Oprah Winfrey, “whoever you see in front of you.”

But just “who I am” remained contested ground. According to Time magazine, Woods’ coming out as a Cablinasian caused “a mini-racial fire storm … Woods’ remarks infuriated many African Americans who … see him as a traitor … Some blacks saw Woods’ assertion of a multiracial identity as a sellout that could touch off an epidemic of ‘passing.’” Light-skinned Colin Powell, responding to Woods’ comments, “In America, which I love from the depths of my heart and soul, when you look like me, you’re black.”

Colin Powell and Barack Obama seem to be adopting the Ku Klux Klan approach to racial identity. That is, if you have one drop of black blood you’re all black. Powell and Obama ought to find a more honest, more logical, more scientifically-accurate guide—like Tiger Woods. The Nazis had a similar, actually less strict, rule for determining who was Jewish.

Trouble getting a cab in NYC

Obama reportedly says he knows what race he is every time he tries to get a cab in New York City. I surmise from that comment some cabs passed him by. Well, that happens to me in New York City, too. What, pray tell, race does that make me? Maybe white because they cab drivers who fail to stop for me in Manhattan sure aren’t white.

Obama did not comment on the race of the cab drivers who passed him by. I suspect they were almost all black or Middle Eastern Muslims. I doubt that Barack Hussein Obama would have trouble getting such people to stop for him because of his race.

Looking at one’s biological parents is the only valid way to determine one’s race. Looking at how hard it is to hail a cab in New York City is an absurd way to determine what race you are. A cab driver who ignored Obama may have needed to go to the bathroom. Obama whining about cab drivers in New York City is cheap race hustling.

Bill Cosby, Thomas Sowell, and other African-Americans have lamented the propensity of many blacks to focus on their victimhood. Obama’s whining about cab drivers and his speech in Selma were precisely what Cosby and Sowell said not to do. Obama’s message to blacks seems to be I’m a victim of the white man, too. There is much talk about Obama being the first black president. If he keeps up this kind of talk, he’ll also be the first president of any color who got that office by whining about being a victim.

I am Irish, German, Scots-Irish, and Cherokee. Mathematically, I am definitely a minority. But I’m not demanding a casino, wearing lederhosen or kilts, or speaking with a brogue. I have never tried to pass as any of them or tried to ingratiate myself with any of them. I have not turned to cocaine to deal with my identity crisis. Like Tiger Woods and Popeye, I am who I am. So is Obama and he needs to deal honestly with the fact that he simply does not deserve any street cred among ordinary black Americans.

Denying his mother

Maybe after a conversation with Woods, Obama will stop shortchanging his mother’s contribution to his existence and stop claiming a non-existent Selma contribution. When he describes himself as black or African-American, or remains silent when others do, he is telling—literally—a half truth. I am not religious, but Obama’s apparent position of denying the white part of his ancestry and upbringing reminds me of the Biblical story of the last supper where Jesus told Simon Peter that he would deny Jesus thrice before the cock crowed twice. If she were alive today, I wonder if Obama’s mother would not have asked the Biblical question, “Barack, why hast thou forsaken me?”

“Because I can get away with it, mom,” is apparently the answer. He proclaimed his half-and-half self black and got 96% of their votes and implicitly said he wanted no part of his white blood and apparently lost almost no white votes for doing that.

Obama wrote a book called Dreams from my Father—the Kenyan man he only met once after age two. No book about his mother, the white woman who raised him from birth to age ten, or his white grandparents who raised him from age eleven to college.

In terms of his ancestry, Barack Obama, Jr. is precisely as white as he is black. In terms of his upbringing, he is 100% white. So it is curious that he has now chosen to represent himself as a black guy. Is it to get the votes of blacks and whites who feel guilty about blacks? How about running on your merits as a person instead?

An unintended consequence of Obama emphasizing his black ancestry is he loses Latino votes. Apparently, by claiming to be a “minority,” Obama tells the other “minority” that he is one of the blacks competing with them for limited “minority” benefits and special preferences.

Many Americans would agree with Colin Powell that Obama has to choose black as his race because he looks black—at least to American whites. That blacks “own” Obama because he has 50% Kenyan blood the way they “own” Tiger Woods because he is 25% black. Everything is relative. I suspect in Kenya they think Obama looks white.

But even if you think he looks black, for him to choose what race to claim because of his looks is to renounce the goal of Martin Luther King Jr.’s “I Have a Dream” speech. Obama apparently thinks he’ll make out better at the polls if he is judged by the color of his skin than if he is judged by the “content of his character.” If he believes that, he should run for president of the NAACP instead of President of the United States.

Where does it say that mixed race persons must pick one of their ancestral races as an identity? Why can’t people who are partly black treat that part of them the way the rest of us treat our own mixed ancestries? I was interested to read the book Born Fighting to learn about my Scots-Irish heritage. I was interested to read books about the Cherokee Indian tribe to learn that part of my heritage. Why isn’t Obama as interested in the heritage he got from his mother and her parents who raised him as he is in the ancestry of the guy who abandoned him at age two? Does he regard his white heritage as somehow inferior to or less cool than his black heritage? Or less politically advantageous? Does he regard the white nurturing he got as irrelevant? Does he regard nature—mainly his Kenyan father—as all determining? If so, doesn’t that run contrary to the view that skin color and race are meaningless, that how you are raised, not ancestry, is the only factor that makes blacks and whites different?

Now that we have seen his pastor on TV, it appears to me that here is what happened with Obama. He is half Kenyan and half white. He has no male role model of such a breed of person. So instead of acting like a half black, half white guy should, he felt he had to chose one race or the other and model himself after men in that race. Furthermore, he concluded that whites would not accept him because of his skin color and black father. I would also add that they would always figure he was an affirmative-action quota filler, which he is, as is his wife. She has complained about being treated as a charity case by non-minorities at Princeton and Harvard Law School. He probably got the same treatment, especially when you consider that affirmative-action admits and affirmative action grades are charity.

So he decided to be a black guy, which he can never be because he is half white by birth and was brought up all white.

What Obama should have done was what almost all the whites in America have done. Forget about our mixed ethnic backgrounds and just be a man or a woman. To blacks, white people may all look the same. But they have fought many a war in Europe over the difference between Irish and English or German and Dutch and so forth. Whites in American have had to endure all sorts of discrimination involving Jews, Italians, Poles, and so forth. You hear less about it these days precisely because Americans of various European ethnic groups simply stopped worrying about such nonsense.

Obama is supposed to be smart. He may be but I have not seen any evidence of it. His resume is extremely thin for a man his age. If he is smart, he should have figured out for himself how to respond to those who would peg him as black or white and say, like Tiger Woods, I am what I am and live a life unguided by racial stereotypes, group norms, and grievances. The one thing I do know about his level of intelligence is that he has thus far been too dumb to figure that out.

‘The phenomenon’

Obama’s wife made a very funny speech about him in April of 2007. In it, she sarcastically said she refers to him as “The Phenomenon.” She then explains that she does not find him so phenomenal at things like making sure his dirty socks make it to the laundry hamper. Would that her husband took himself as unseriously as his wife takes him.

Obama has whined about his identity crisis because of his parents’ races and cited it as his excuse for snorting cocaine. Now he’s 46 and he still doesn’t seem to have figured out who he is: the black-like-you guy or the guy whose race is irrelevant to whether you should vote for him. He wants to lead the Free World, but he seems to be having trouble leading his own self to a distinct identity. In addition to consulting 32-year old Tiger Woods, who seems to be handling his potential identity crisis with aplomb, Obama should also consult his wife. She’s all black—but she does not seem to have any identity crisis from being married to a guy who is half white and half black. Maybe she could help him get over that as well.

Obama’s upbringing was really weird—his mom was really weird collecting third-world, Muslim husbands of color and not living with her son when he was ages 11 to 18—hardly ideal for relating to the experience of any Americans, let alone black Americans. But it’s not so weird that it disqualifies him from being elected President.

However, his misrepresenting or fudging his ancestry and/or upbringing, however, should be a disqualifying factor if he doesn’t knock it off.

Anyway, Obama can’t become the first black President. Bill Clinton already claimed that title by having it bestowed upon him by black author Toni Morrison. Hillary is now going for first black cleaning lady to become President according to references she made about “why do we always have to clean up after them” when speaking to an audience of black women in 2007. The only thing more ridiculous than Obama trying to pass as an average black-American is Hillary trying to to out-black Obama in Selma and at Al Sharpton’s pay-homage-to-me convention.

John T. Reed

Here is an email I got about this article on 6/21/07 and my response

Enjoyed the essay, as I enjoy most of your writings and teachings, as they generally provide a no-nonsense, common sense approach.

The one passage in this essay that I do take exception to is this one:

“Light-skinned Colin Powell, responding to Woods’ comments, “In America, which I love from the depths of my heart and soul, when you look like me, you’re black.”

Colin Powell and Barack Obama seem to be adopting the Ku Klux Klan approach to racial identity. That is, if you have one drop of black blood you’re all black. Powell and Obama ought to find a more honest, more logical, more scientifically-accurate guide—like Tiger Woods.”

While it would be great if we lived in a world this idealistic, Colin Powell’s statement is dead on, and not just in America. I too attended private school all my life and am ivy league educated. But tell that to the people who cross the street to avoid walking

past me, follow me in stores without speaking (so that I don’t steal anything), and tell me about layaway plans before I ask about any item in a store. I’ve been followed around stores by people who speak no English; someone told them to look out for people who look like me because they steal; they aren’t going to take the time to ask me my ethnic makeup. They see what they see, assume I’m black, therefore, I steal.

When others “find a more honest, more logical, more scientifically-accurate guide,” and their behavior mirrors that, then maybe I’ll change my opinion.

John T. Reed response:

I don’t doubt it, but these are extremely ignorant people you are talking about. My ethnic identity is not defined by others, especially ignorant others. It is defined by who my ancestors were. It is one thing to recognize that such people may conclude you are black and that you conform to some stereotype. It is another to, yourself, claim to be black when you are only half black. It is reverse passing and the fact that it sometimes happens through no efforts of your own doesn’t change the fact that when it is through efforts of your own, it is reverse passing which is disingenuous at best and dishonest at worst.

Here is an email I got on 9/9/07 and my response

Dear Mr. Reed, that was a very interesting article. However, I do disagree with you when you imply that Senator Obama should not try to identify with African-Americans. Who else can he identify with? Certainly not whites; the majority would not accept him as white. That’s just a fact of life here in the  USA. P.S. As an African-American woman I’d like to thank you for acknowledging Bill Clinton as our first Black President

John T. Reed response

Clinton is an amoral disgrace and a sociopath. I think the notion that this self-indulgent son of the Deep South who refused to send his daughter to public schools in predominantly-black Washington DC is considered a “black” in any way is absurd. Whenever it appears that his wife may fail to get him his “third term,” he attacks Obama, including on racial grounds. Former Clinton Advisor Dick Morris was asked if the Clintons are racist. “No,” he said, “but they will use race or anything else to make sure no one other than Hillary wins.” The real first black president would not do any such thing. Obama, on the other hand, has no qualms about using race to win.

The issue is not “whom to identify with” or who would “accept” Obama. Those are psychobabble terms that have no useful meaning.

He is what he is. The issue is whether he is trying to fudge who he is in order to get one racial group or another to vote for him—that is, trying to win by appealing to a type of racist vote. Blacks voting for Obama because his father was from Kenya is every bit as racist as whites voting against Obama because he father was from Kenya.

His father was more foreign than African-American. His mom was as white as my mom. Some of his maternal ancestors owned slaves. As far as identifying with or being accepted by some racial group, the guy is just totally out of luck. He can probably get himself elected president of the National Association of Half-Kenyan Half-White People With Indonesian Stepfathers, but good luck with the membership drive.

What he needs to do is forget race and treat the American electorate as what it is: 300 million unique individuals. When my wife and I got married 33 years ago, a bunch of my older Irish relatives at the reception got the band to play Irish songs. I was quite glad when my son got married in August, 2008 that no ethnic songs were played at the wedding by either set of relatives. The countries from which our ancestors came are ancient, irrelevant history. As far as Obama should be concerned, so are Selma and the Kennedy Administration.

If he is elected president, it should be because of his positions on Twenty-First Century Iraq and America, not on how few degrees of separation he can claim with Selma in 1965 or Nineteenth Century slavery in the U.S.


Stephen Colbert has a nightly “news” program called the Colbert Report (pronounced “colbear repore”). He coined the word “truthiness” to describe what his show strives for in contrast to the truth that non-Comedy Channel news programs claim to present. Watching Obama struggling to turn himself into a black guy makes me think that he would best be described not as black but as possessing some blackiness.

He also puts me in mind of an old analgesic commercial in which a man dressed in a doctor’s white coat says to the camera, “I’m not a doctor, but I play one on TV.”

Obama’s not a black guy, but he plays one on TV.

Is Obama John F. Kennedy?

As a result of endorsements by Ted and Caroline Kennedy and others and comments by the media, many have concluded that Obama is the second coming of John F. Kennedy. Let’s compare the two men.

John Fitzgerald Kennedy
Barrack Hussein Obama
Age on election day
Opponent’s age
Richard Nixon 47
John McCain 72
Graduate degree
Stanford Business School dropout
Harvard Law
Lived overseas
In 1937, Kennedy spent ten weeks driving with a friend through France, Italy, Germany, Holland and England. In late June 1938, Kennedy sailed with his father and his brother to spend July working with his father, U.S. Ambassador to England at the American embassy in London, and August with his family near Cannes. From February through September 1939, Kennedy toured Europe, the Soviet Union, the Balkans and the Middle East to gather background information for his Harvard senior thesis. He spent the last ten days of August in Czechoslovakia and Germany before returning to London on September 1, 1939, the day Germany invaded Poland and World War II began. On September 3, 1939, Kennedy, was in the Strangers Gallery of the House of Commons to hear speeches in support of the United Kingdom’s declaration of war on Germany. Kennedy was sent as his father’s representative to help with arrangements for American survivors of the SS Athenia at the end of September.
Lived in Jakarta, Indonesia with his mother and Indonesian step-father from age 6 to 10
First book
Why England Slept, best seller in 1940, when he was 23, about why England did not do more to prevent or prepare for World War II
Dreams from My Father autobiographical account of his troubled youth, published when he was 34; did not sell well until after his speech to the 2004 Democratic Convention at which time it was re-released and became a best seller—Obama only met his father once after age 2
Second book
Profiles in Courage won Pulitzer Prize and was made into a TV series in the mid-1960s; about politicians who risked or lost their careers because of taking an unpopular stance on principle
Audacity of Hope, 2006 best-seller statement of stump speech
Literary career
Both of Kennedy’s books succeeded mainly because of their content
Both of Obama’s books succeeded mainly because of his celebrity
Military service
PT boat commander, boat sunk by Japanese destroyer, Kennedy instrumental in keeping his men alive and getting himself and them rescued, awarded Purple Heart (for injuries incident to the destroyer slicing through his boat) and Navy and Marine Corps Medal (for saving the lives of his men)
Served as toy soldier in the Nutcracker in kindergarten (OK, I made that up. As far as I know, he actually has less military service than even that. I don’t think he ever even attended a college or university that would allow ROTC on campus.)
House of Representatives
3 terms
lost election to House of Representatives
U.S. Senate
elected to 2 terms—7 years experience when running for president
elected to one term—2 years experience when running for president
National government experience
13 years
2 years
State Senate
7 years
Raised by
Really rich whites
Rich whites
Non-government employment
Jesse Jackson/Al Shartpon-type activist and undistinguished civil rights lawyer
Speaking ability Gifted orator who coined phrases we still remember 45 years later like “Ask not what your country can do for you…” and “Ich bin ein Berliner.” Gifted orator who has never uttered anything but clichés like that he is against the “politics of fear” and in favor of the “politics of hope.” Can’t wait to hear his positions on God, motherhood, and apple pie. Speaking of Jesse Jackson, he was fond of the phrase “Up with hope. Down with dope.” Obama, the current most prolific user of the word “hope,” is nothing but an Ivy League version of Jesse Jackson.

There are more original turns of phrase in this article of mine on Obama than in every speech he ever made combined, and I am not running for president with access to professional speech writers and the highest office in the world at stake.

In her 2/23/08 Wall Street Journal column, former presidential speech writer Peggy Noonan said that if you look at a transcript of an Obama speech, there is nothing there. His oratorical skills are 100% in his face and voice and body language and 0% in his words. He is a mere actor reciting poorly written lines extremely well. He could probably make women faint if he read the phone book from the podium. In contrast, Noonan said that the speeches of Kennedy or Martin Luther King are interesting, provocative reading.

There is an old saying on Madison Avenue that captures what Obama is doing. (Madison Avenue is the NYC location of all the top advertising agencies.)

If you have something to say, say it. If you have nothing to say, sing it.

That is, products which have real value tell customers about their value. Products with no virtues, like soft drinks, use jingles. Obama does not sing per se, but his use of face, body language, and voice borders on singing. Many call him a rock star.

Cigarettes John F. Kennedy never smoked and once commented that none of his friends did either in spite of the fact that he never consciously picked his friends based on whether they smoked or not. In other words, if Kennedy and Obama were contemporaries, they would not be friends. Obama is the first cigarette smoker to seek the White House since General Dwight Eisenhower in 1952. He claims to have quit using cocaine, but can’t quit smoking. Interesting combination of claims.
Maturity I was a high school freshman Kennedy campaign volunteer in 1960 when he ran for president. By resume and demeanor, he seemed far more mature and worldly wise than his age then—44—and far more mature and experienced than Obama. By life experience, Obama seems to me to be about 26, not 46. Not only has he done almost nothing, he has done far, far less than the average American 46-year old.

On 2/9/08, I heard Obama make a Jefferson Day speech in Virginia. He promised to give away all of the life savings that my wife and I have accumulated, as well as the future incomes of my three sons to pay for an irresponsible list of giveaways from health insurance to tax cuts to world class education to free college and on and on. The guy is shameless about promising to spend other people’s money to buy votes. By his own admission when he ran for Senate and was asked if he were going to run for president, he has not done anything yet. Now the guy who has not done anything is promising to do everything—including all sorts of things that hundreds of others with far more experience have been unable to do for decades, like end our dependence on foreign oil.

He seems not to understand that he is running for president, not king or Santa Claus.

‘Empty vessel’

Many are calling him an “empty vessel.” Empty suit is more accurate. The phrase “empty vessel” is often used to describe person who have just arrived at infancy, or adulthood. Barack Obama will be 47 for chrissake! If you are still empty at that age, there is something seriously wrong with you.

He is a “fake it til you make it” imposter. Indeed, he seems to have deliberately avoided ever doing anything on the grounds that it might be criticized. He seem to have tried more than anything else not to have a record, from voting “present” to missing votes as an Illinois state senator to never writing an article for Harvard Law Review when he was president of it.

Racist support

If an election offers a choice of a black candidate and a white candidate, and a voter votes for the candidate who matches the voter’s skin color, that voter is racist. It doesn’t matter whether the voter in question is white or black.

An individual black voting for Obama does not necessarily mean he or she is doing so for racists reasons. But when more than 80% of blacks vote for a black candidate, and black turnout is unprecedentedly high, it does mean that a large percentage of them. maybe a majority, are voting for him because those voters are racists.

A double standard has evolved in America regarding racism by white versus racism by blacks. For example, there is a Black Caucus in Congress. A white congressman whose district is predominantly black tried to join the black caucus on behalf of his constituents. He was denied membership because of his skin color.

There is no White Caucus. Nor could there be such a caucus. The mere suggestion that there be one would be considered an outrage. Don’t hold your breath waiting for White History Month—although if another 12 million Mexicans come across the border they may institute White History Month to avoid our getting too down in the dumps about our minority status.

Affirmative action is reverse racism, but is accepted by many because of the double standard.

When it appeared that some white voters were lying to pollsters about supporting Obama then voting against him in the privacy of the voting booth, media pundits smelled racist scandal and commented gravely about it. But those same pundits talk about overwhelming black support for Obama and black population percentage in upcoming primaries as if it were the most natural and acceptable thing in the world for almost all blacks to vote for a fellow black.

Like I said, it’s a double standard. Blacks are allowed to behave in a racist manner. Apparently, Latinos are, too. But whites are not.

I know the explanation. It’s compensatory racism that is justified by generations of bad treatment. Bull! Two wrongs don’t make a right. That sort of mind-set is reminiscent of the Hatfield-McCoy feud or the goofy centuries-old feuds that are used to justify current misbehavior in Europe and the Middle East. Plus, we can retroactively apply current standards of morality or law to a zillion Eighteenth and Nineteenth Century practices other than slavery like child labor, minimum wage, murder, rape, divorce laws, and so forth. Black slaves were victims. But so were white child laborers, Nineteenth Century Latinos and Chinese who got paid less than minimum wage after adjustment for inflation, and millions of other Americans. The perps are dead. The victims are dead. The statutes of limitations have run out.

To find elections where one candidate gets more than 80% of the vote, you have to go back to the Soviet-Politburo or the elections in Iraq when Saddam Hussein was in charge. Maybe an election in Castro’s Cuba.

There are some implications of this. For one thing, Latinos who see blacks sticking together so tightly to elect one of their race seem to be feeling threatened and are themselves banding together to elect Hillary whom they perceive as friendly to Latinos—at least before Obama started attacking her for supporting her husband’s NAFTA law and she started backing away from NAFTA. If Obama were perceived as an American rather than a black, that would probably not happen. Similarly, whites have shown plenty of willingness to judge Obama as a man, not by his skin color, but the more he seems to be a president for blacks, the more likely whites are to think twice about supporting him. All voters want their candidate to represent their interests. If a candidate appears to be favoring the interest of voters other than the voter in question—like Obama seeming to see himself more as a black than an American—it is logical for voters to switch to another candidate.

I am astonished that, in 2008, any American voters are voting along racial lines. Based on the behavior of black voters, it is as if this were some election in the Deep South during Reconstruction.

Bill Clinton, the “first black president,” who chose a Harlem location for his post-presidential office, has to be pissed about 80+% of the black vote going against his wife. He also expressed the curry-favor-with-blacks thought that “we” should have done more to stop the genocide in Rwanda when he was president. Talk after you are out of office is cheap. And it should be noted that he shows no interest in suggesting that Hillary ought to be stopping the genocide in Darfur or Kenya now that she is seeking votes.

I must admit that I am thoroughly enjoying Obama’s defeats of Hillary Clinton. Bill and Hillary are about the most cynical, “we can get away with anything” couple I have ever heard of. It is heartwarming to see that maybe their sleazy act may no longer be welcome in America. I just wish Obama would leave the race card in the deck as he does it and that black voters would judge all the candidates “by the content of their character and not the color of their skin.”

Middle name Hussein

Barack Obama’s middle name is Hussein. In Arabic, Hussein means handsome one.

The Wikipedia article about Shia Islam says,

The seminal event in Shia history is the martyrdom in 680 CE of Ali’s son Hussein, who led an uprising against the “illegitimate” caliph (72 of Hussein’s followers were killed as well). For the Shia, Hussein came to symbolize resistance to tyranny.

I do not know what Obama’s parents had in mind when they named him that, or more likely when his father named him that. They are both long dead.

Furthermore, it matters little to me why the father chose that name—which was also his own middle name. But one group to whom it may matter is zillions of Muslims.

Barack Hussein Obama, Jr. is the biological son of a Muslim father, Barack Hussein Obama, Sr. He is also the stepson of an Indonesian Muslim father. And Obama, Jr. says he is a Christian. Most Americans are OK with all that.

But consider one of Obama’s promises. He said he would meet with Iranian President, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, implying that George W. Bush who refuses to was wrong to not meet with Ahmadinejad.

Iran in the headquarters of Shia Islam. In Muslim countries, it is a capital offense to try to convert a Muslim to another religion—especially Christianity, the religion of the Crusades—which was the Muslim Holocaust. It is also a capital offense for a Muslim to convert to Christianity. Capital offense means that the penalty for the offense is death.

I have trouble imagining President Barack Hussein Obama, Jr. being welcomed or even tolerated in the Muslim countries—especially in Iran where he promises to go and whose religious hero was named Hussein. Obama, Jr. son of a Muslim who converted to Christianity (United Church of Christ).

9/11 happened because Osama bin Laden was outraged that infidels—U.S. troops—were allowed to set up a base in Arabia, the same country where Mecca is located. Many people died because a Danish newspaper merely published a cartoon that depicted Mohamed. Imagine the outrage of the Muslim world if we elect as president a man named after one of their highest holy heroes—a man who switched from the Islam of his father to Christianity.

At the very least, it seems as though it might be a significant handicap for President Barack Hussein Obama to conduct any sort of happy relations with the Muslim world.