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Reader comments on The Unelected President novel

Posted by John Reed on

Mr.  Reed;

I have been reading your blogs for a couple of years now.  Recently, I purchased your novel 'The Unelected President'.

I couldn't put it down!

This book was a great moral booster for me, even though it is, of course, fiction.  I think there may be a (somewhat) parallel with the President elect Trump......if he keeps all of the establishment goons (from BOTH sides of the political fence!) away from him that is.  We'll see.

I have loaned out my first copy of 'The Unelected President', and will purchase another one soon.  I thoroughly enjoyed reading it!

Mike WardenSilverton, Colorado

“Finally, a president who says what he means and means what he says. I really enjoyed reading The Unelected President. Most of the nonfiction books that I have read are colored with streaks of yellow from my trusty highlighter. Your “How To” books contain many such highlights. I rarely highlight a book of fiction; however, The Unelected President is an exception.

“I appreciate the amount of research you committed to the book. It was an educational experience as well as a fun read. Being from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania I am all too familiar with the Black Panther Voter Intimidation case. As a constituent of Senator Pat Toomey I chuckled at your reference to the senator’s “Candy Desk”, however, I believe he would be more likely to store Pennsylvania made Hershey bars (my favorite) than Milky Way.

“The Impeachment Trial was my favorite chapter. It left me on an emotional roller coaster of anger and humor. I had a good laugh when President Medlock questioned in what war did the North Korean general win all those medals, while he was in the presence of American generals who were equally decorated.

“I enjoy surprise endings.

“I trust from the ending that we have not heard the last from the Medlock presidency. I’m glad that I purchased your fine book.”

Ray Pascali 

Do tell Jack his Unelected President is helping my husband and me get through this horrid Presidential campaign.  Each time each candidates disappoints, we fly to his entertaining book.  Thanks for sending it!

Name withheld because the couple are prominent

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