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Here is an email I got from Angela DeRocca:
Dear John, I truly appreciate your informative website which I found through the "Scam Busters on the Web" article in Newsweek. A few weeks ago I attended the Success Magazine Home Buyers Seminar here in San Diego. They charge $4,995 for their six days of training (3 days of classroom instruction and 3 days of field training) as well as their ongoing mentorship. OR you could opt for their starter program for $2,995 which doesn't include the 3 days of field training. This was a 2 for 1 deal if you purchased that evening. Their money-back guarantee consists of a nebulous "45-day performance policy" whereby if you follow specific steps (including reading the manual, making offers, and checking in with coaches) and haven't made a profit, they'll refund your money.

Anyway, needless to say, I just asked a few questions, collected my free airline ticket vouchers, and went home. A representative called me a few days later as a follow up. I told her the information sounded interesting but was overpriced. She then offered me a series of 9 training videos for $1,025 of the exact same 6 day training that would have cost me $5,000. Still too expensive for tapes, but at least you could stop, rewind, and watch them as many times as necessary. This actually sounded better than the live training. And their coaches would be a phone call away to answer questions. I still figured I could get this information from a reasonably-priced book or Learning Annex course.

BUT what attracted me to this $1,025 "partnership" is the fact that they will finance you 100% through their company Capital Resources or Fortune Financial System.

Angela DeRocco
4836 Utah Street
San Diego, CA 92116