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Here is an email I received. If Mr. Franklin has a different version of the events in question, I encourage him to get in touch with me.

Dear Mr. Reed,

First of all, I am ashamed to write this email. Eight years ago while living in Jacksonville, Florida I saw a brief TV commercial from a man named Dan Franklin. The commercial started with a thirty-something man in an expensive business suit leaving a Learjet and walking up toward an expensive, exotic sports car. Then came the usual get-rich-quick pitch and seminar contact information.

Being both naive and bombarded with late night TV infomercials from people like Sheets and Dumbdotto, I figured why not give it a try. I attended his one day investment seminar where all the participants were told of his poverty-stricken roots....

We (the participants) were all told that we would receive a set of audio cassettes after the seminar highlighting all of the key facts. It turned out the seminar was old recycled garbage about how to find foreclosures and do a double closing. Dan Franklin himself was an arrogant, pompous jerk. We were given a cheap notebook in which to take notes. The audio cassettes were not available the day of the seminar. Mr. Franklin did give a contact address and phone number in Altamonte Springs, Florida. Written mail requests were unanswered, along with the telephone. So much for the cassettes. I was very fortunate that the seminar only cost me $179.00. I considered that an education in reality.
If I hear of any more of Dan Franklin's seminars here in Florida I will keep you informed and provide you with any material I might receive.
Thank you. Bernard Bellew

Franklin called me. I returned his call and asked for his response to Mr. Bellew. First he told me how many satisfied customers he had and the much smaller number of resolved complaints. But when I started typing that, he asked me not to reveal how many customers he had. OK He also told me he was a Christian businessman. I did not ask about his religion.

He said he just wanted me not to mention him at my site at all. When I declined to do that, he said, “I can drag you through the mud with legal fees.” I said, “That’s going on the Web site.” After making some comment about God not being in my heart, he hung up. For the record, I have never mentioned my religious beliefs at this Web site and I am not going to start now.

I think a simple relating of his side of the Bellew story would be better. I guess I’ll have to wait until his answers to my interrogatories for Franklin’s side of his dealings with Mr. Bellew.

If any other visitor to this site has any relevant information I would appreciate receiving it. Looks like I’m going to need it for my mud ride.